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  1. It's always the ass holes who want small government isn't it? "Obama care is big government messing with people'still personal choices! Now hand me 20 bucks so you can watch porn you sex trafficking child molester!". Part of me would like for them to create a register of people who unlocked the porn so we can see all these legislator's names plastered all over it. As for porn being too accessible, well, educate the children in sex Ed and teach them that porn is not a relationship replacement. But of course teaching kid's sex Ed is probably evil in those old fart's eyes.
  2. That is exactly why cards are not selling well. I thought about getting a 1080 but I couldn't justify forking out 800 euros for a marginal improvement over my 980 ti. Reselling my 980 ti would've net me about 350 euros at the time. That would mean 550 euros for a marginal improvement. I have a friend that has a 970 and plays athe 1080p. He feels like he needs nothing else. It certainly doesn't justify the price. Value. That is why NVidia is selling less than they intended. They are lacking value.
  3. This seems like a cheaper surface. If I was considering to buyou surface I would definitely consider this.
  4. You are absolutely right. but it's cost and bureaucracy. I used my 980 ti at ESA for computing tasks for a couple of days because a new computer takes forever to be cleared. Back in Portugal, my 980 ti had more power than my uni's "supercomputer" that thing was built in the 90s and they couldn'the replace it easily due to the high costs. I am sure this will be a huge boon for them.
  5. I am going to go out on a limb and say that main distributing companies like Ubisoft are the lead cause of diminishing downloads. Piracy does fuck all compared to when a company releases a game broken af like Batman or The Division.
  6. Is it just me that thinks the penalty is out? how about treating cheats like real sports treat sopping? 43k and possible jail time seems harsh for basically cheating. it would be like sending the entire Russian Athletics team to jail. Just ban the Dorchester that arevent cheating from competitions and keep banning their acounts in game. Anything else is completely disproportionate.
  7. Game runs fine at 4k for me. and mind you, they use a "test" version of the cry engine. Not the full one. imho they should port the entire game to a proper engine like frostbyte or unreal 4. Game is OK but lack of vehicles or other elements take the game down together with some idiotic design decisions that make the supposed end game (the faction wars) completely useless and unplayable to me. corridor shooter maps are a dumb idea and why not use domination there I have no clue. Still, I have played over 400 hours and I have fun. I am currently on a hiatus (command modern air and naval operations ftw) but I will be back son enough.
  8. and training, and an airforce, and cruise missiles and a bunch of other stuff the professional military has that normal people don't. But sure, an AR 15 is going to kick down that government even though they can kill them from 20 Km high using a drone firing hellfire missiles. Why do these topics always reach a point where a gun nut will come and talk on how the people in Europe cannot fight their government because of the lack of guns? it is tiring really.
  9. What a lot of people fail to realise as well is that we are creating these tools that can get misused by a policeman checking on his ex or by future government body that wants to install a dictatorship. Problem with this information is that once it is out there, it is out there. there is no going back from it. How long till a less than scrupulous government (let's say le pen in france) stats using these tools to prevent opposition members to gain political traction by exposing everything about them? You are giving away to those in power a very effective mean for them to keep their power.
  10. Looks like you had some awesome fun I managed to get my gf to go on a road bikE with me and we went about 5 miles for scones. She liked it which is good. Meanwhile I started to do about 25 miles 3x week (idealy)
  11. I built a perpetual motion machine once. But I made the mistake of putting it down during the night and I never saw it again... Seriously though, those magnet driven machines are not perpetual movement. They are interesting but as others have said, they generate heat therefore there are energy losses.
  12. EA acting decent, Trump is president... the world is about to end...
  13. That is actually a good point. Maybe they will outsell previous generations I was doing the maths considering the introduction of the PS4 pro as anot her console but it is not. the standard ps4 is going to continue to be sold. And the Xbox 1 S which has even tempted me due to the cheap 4k bluray reader. So let's see. However, the PC market continues to grow fast and since PCs are in a good spot right now (it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to outperform a PS4 or an xbone) and sony released the ps4 pro to prevent more people to join the PC gaming community which means they are getting worried about it. We will see. I will leave you with this so you don'the think I am unfair. I also have issues against Origin and windows' store because of EA's and microsoft anti consumer tactics and general pricing.