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  1. Us Canadians can pre-order it from NCIX at the low low price of $1200 plus taxes! Will be selling my Swift I have now and upgrade to the IPS. Wish I could keep both though. Preorder - http://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-pg279q-rog-swift-27in-2b-119675.htm?affiliateid=7474144
  2. Is it just me, or does Vessel's quality look like shit compared to Youtube?
  3. Username - StevenWongo https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  4. It says 4TB's but theirs no way. I have about 450GB of data on it and anything media related goes to my 3TB hard drive so I think Samsung Magician is a bit high. EDIT: Yeah, now Samsung Magician is saying 5.13TB's so if I just did 1TB of data in 5 minutes I'm impressed.
  5. I'm looking at possibly selling my drive. Most likely locally so I can't even use the forums Classifieds as I'm not to sure on how I feel about shipping out an SSD. I'm just not sure what I should value it at. Anyone have an ideas on what it's worth?
  6. Could he not have put tape in the PCI slots, and RAM slots to kind of create a barrier from paint getting it? Like fold the sticky sides together, then stick them in the slots?
  7. Hi there! I was wondering if anyone in the BC/AB/SK region (else where is fine but shipping can start getting expensive) did cable sleeving at all for PSUs? I'm looking to get mine done, and possibly do it myself, or outsource it to someone from here. Thanks!
  8. @Abyssic 9/10. Like the overall setup of it. Nice job. Rigs in my profile.
  9. If the Macbook w/ Retina was cheaper I'd buy it in a heart beat. Other wise I can get a much beefier laptop with less pixels for less.
  10. Basically what they did, is they waited until they needed more NZXT stuff in the store to order so they waited until they had a big enough shipment. I was told because it was oversea's shipping, they don't get tracking ID's where I'm still wondering how they know it's in California. But it's been a damn shit show.
  11. I ordered a NZXT H440 from Memory Express on March 14th, 2014. I was given a ETA of 2 weeks for when I would receive my case. Today is April 25th, and I still have yet to see the case. Throughout my communications with Memory Express my case actually only got order through them on April 9th and has been in transit since and it has to come oversea's. Then on Tuesday when I was talking to my purchaser, again he told me in was in California. I'm quite tired of all of this from them and I really want to just cancel my special order and place a order with NCIX for the H440 which they've had come in stock about 3-4 times since I ordered with Memory Express. Seeing that this is Linus' forum, a lot of NCIX fan boys will arise I'm sure and say I should have ordered with them in the first place, but Memory Express has a location to me locally and I didn't want to pay for shipping fee's. But I've learned my lesson and that I should order from somewhere like NCIX if Memory Express doesn't have certain items I want.
  12. Entering! https://www.facebook.com/StevenBenWongJr/posts/4307567427143 https://twitter.com/StevenWongo/status/343662639630655489