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  1. The design on both cards is pretty cool, but why did they release both versions when they are more or less the same...
  2. I´m wondering what the big difference between Win 8 and Win 8.1 is. And when is Win9 coming out?
  3. I´m playing StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Master League Terran on EU if you were wondering
  4. Hi there, I´m getting a new system and i consider buying a new Operating System. Does it still make sense to invest into Windows 7 or is Windows 8.1 the better choice right now? I am using my PC mostly for gaming and I heard that quite some people have ingame problems with Win 8.1, is that correct? Thanks in advance
  5. When i saw the unboxing on the parking lot in this video it was kind of nostalgic. I cant really belive I´m following you for basically since the beginning of time. Please keep it up guys, you are amazing! Huge thanks to your support for this community!
  6. PcPartPicker seems to be quite a nice page This is what i picked for now: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/2Hh2jX But most likely with the GTX960 or GTX970 next month. Do you think that my 600W PSU is enough for that build?
  7. Thanks for the fast replies! @Mateyyy I agree with you that the Z97 is a better choice. I wasnt fully looking into Motherboards so far. Thanks! @Megazero I would like to stick with Nvidia but a Video Card for 445€ is a little bit too expensive for my budget. Thinking about the GTX 770 (maximum). The rest of the system looks very good. Thanks! One question thought. Why i5-4690k over the i7-4790? I know 8 threats dont bring a big advantage gaming wise but its never a bad thing right?
  8. Hey there, I want to upgrade my gaming Pc this year. There are several parts I would like to continue to use from my current Pc: - OCZ 600W PSU - 2x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1333 - 250GB sata Harddrive The following parts are the ones i consider to buy: - Intel i5-4690k OR Intel i7-4790 (depends on the total rig price) - ASUS Z87-C - Gigabyte GTX 760 WindForce x3 (or wait for GTX 960) - WD Black 1TB 6Gb/s - Intel SSD 120GB - NZXT H440 white w/ window - BeQuiet! ShadowRock 2 This would make about 800€ in total which is about the maximum of my budget considering some Software i want to buy and an external DVD-drive (~30€) My questions are following: 1st.: Is this the best setup I can get for this budget considering current performance-price ratio and upgradeability in the future? 2nd.: Does it make sense to wait for the new GTX 960 (around october/november this year)? 3rd.: Should i stay with my current 8GB-1333 RAM and maybe add another set for a total of 16GB or should i upgrade to 8GB with higher Mhz speed? Thanks for the answers in advance! If you have any questions, let me know. (& sorry for my poor english)