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  1. (Mods- Idk if this should've gone in "Laptops" or here, so feel free to move the thread)


    I was at the beach a few days ago and some sand got under the shell of the bottom of my laptop, making a scratching noise every time i place it down on a hard surface. 


    I have a Retina Macbook Pro early 2013, and I'm looking for a T6 screwdriver that fits the screws on the bottom. Please don't suggest an iFixit kit, Im just looking for this one tool at a fairly low price (it can be crappy, as I only need it for this time)




  2. Curious, what would you have changed to make it more attractive?


    I forget what they were called, but a few years ago Blackberry released two new phones, one with a touchscreen and one with a mechanical input. I would have stayed with that strategy, and keep the touchscreen and keyboard away from each other. When typing on the mechanical keyboard, I can imagine that the phone will be really topheavy.

  3. Intro

    So this summer I've been making some money, and to celebrate, I decided to treat myself to an upgrade. Now, my budget was around $110, as I need the rest to last me the school year and save.


    I decided to buy a higher quality component, motherboard (Asus ROG series to be exact), on Ebay. Now, of course for an Asus Maximus motherboard to be priced at $100, there has to be something wrong with it. Well...


    The Problem

    The second PCI-E x16 slot has a bent pin near the locking mechanism. The picture is below, and was also on the ebay page that I found the product on.




    I've researched some other people with this problem, and they say to use a small pin to unbend it into place. Wouldn't something go wrong if that pin were to touch another pin? Is it possible to unbend it? Regardless, I really want to use this mobo for uprades in the future, like adding another r9 280x (thats why I bought a good mobo with two pci-e slots).


    Any help is appreciated.



  4. Does your friend use Steam Guard? If not, get him to set up. This should prevent people from logging it from an untrusted source. Unless they also have access to his email account.


    As for scanning, use free online scanning tools. The ones on your computer might already be compromised if you had the app prior to the infection. 


    Sounds like it could be a keylogger that might have gotten installed.


    Yes, he has the two step verification (email verify and verify on phone)


    Any free software to search for keyloggers, or does malwarebytes do that?

  5. Run a virus check, seems fishy.

    Ask him if hes clicked anything out of the ordinary recently because if he has, it may be a phish bot or something like that.


    He has malwarebytes... will that clear up anything malicious?


    EDIT: He's already scanned 3 times, nothing.

  6. Dear mods, this didn't really fall into any category that I could think of (more of a valve/steam market issue, not a game issue), so I'm placing it here. Feel free to move if you wish.


    SO. My friend has a damn good inventory, probably worth over $1k. The thing is, he logged in this morning and noticed that his Desert Eagle Blaze was missing from his inventory. So he checked his steam transactions, and it showed that it had been sold earlier for $1, but it was easily worth $20+. He didn't sell it, and was asleep while it happened. 


    I built his dank-ass PC, so he naturally asked me for help and was wondering if someone had used a Remote Access Tool (RAT as he called it) to access his PC and sell the skin. This seems odd, due to how there were far more valuable items than that $20 skin. He is absolutely positive that nobody in his house or friend group did it, and only he knows the password to his computer. 


    Seems odd doesn't it? Or has this happened before? A glitch maybe?




  7. holy shit. a 95$ butterfly. How are you not mad? I would spam Valve until they fix it.


    rip ez skinz i guess lol


    I mean yeah im pissed but I have a decent paying job so im more pissed at Valve for allowing people to do this shit everyday... like do something about people quickswapping lol

  8. Just got scammed on CSGo out of my $95 butterfly....


    I pressed accept AFTER the guy swapped flip knife case hardened for nothing  :mellow: Me being a dumbshit, sped through the "this is a gift" page, as i wanted to complete the trade before he changed his mind (I was making a solid $15 profit). Anyone know if this is recoverable?????


    The loss of money didn't make me mad, but it was the fact that evil people like this still steal like this right under Valve's nose, and nothing has been done to prevent it.

    Your prayers are always appreciated.

  9. Okay so the case arrived today, but i'm still waiting on my SSD, HDD, and power supply.


    I'm terrible with the camera, so these are the best three pics I grabbed from the 30 I took.

    (Album->>) http://imgur.com/a/dI8fM


    Because the PSU hasn't arrived yet, I had to post the system with a spare 500w Dynex I found laying around. The system works, but I cannot review the 450d's cable management to full extent until I finish the system. From my experience thus far, this definitely has to be one of the best cases I have worked with (out of 7 or so). Routing SATA, front panel connectors, and fan/CPU block cables has been fairly easy, although my motherboard made it difficult to connect the bottom front fan (cable was just long enough, but still had to stretch). So far the cables are mostly cable-tied down, and when I finish the system they will be replaced with zip-ties.


    The chassis is relatively light (15 pounds), for example compared to the Enthoo Pro (28 pounds). 


    When I finish the build, I'll finish my review and add pics of the cable management.