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    Glasgow, Scotland, UK
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    Mechanical Electronic Systems Engineering


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    Core i7 4700HQ
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    GTX 880M
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    SSD : 256GB SanDisk / HDD: 1TB Toshiba
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    Built In
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    17.3" / 1920x1080
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    Built In
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    Built In
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    Logitech G602
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    Sennheiser M2IEG Momentum In Ear
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    Windows 8.1 / Ubuntu 10.4
  1. KaRiM_BoNd

    Apacer AS330 Panther Giveaway

    Replacing the 250gb hdd from my linux laptop, would be a much needed upgrade, as for why people need SSDs, in my opinion the blazing fast boot times are enough, but you also get silent and cool operation and lower overall power consumption. And for people with laptops it's a great feeling not to worry about destroying your HDD if you accidentally hit or drop the device Can't wait till we can go all solid state and HDDs become a thing of the past, in personal machines at least .
  2. Hi guys, hope you're all doing ok So I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones for my Galaxy Note 3, and honestly I'm lost... At first I thought about the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear, but at £90, it's a bit too much for my budget I found the Sennheiser CX 5.00G (you might notice a trend here ) for £60, but the reviews i found were either 5 starts and their awesome or 1 star and it sounds horrible and broke after two months Now I'm looking for something with volume control and a reliable plug, I think the right angled ones are better than the straight ones... Many of the straight connection break quickly if you throw your phone in your pocket and walk a lot and up the stairs (which I do) For the music I listen to, it's mostly alternative rock and occasionally some top 40 punk stuff (stupid I know, but it keeps me moving on those long walks) So what do you guys think?? Is the CX 5.00 good enough, should I save more money and get the momentums OR do you have different suggestions that will knock my socks off??
  3. KaRiM_BoNd

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    GIMME A BEAR CLAW!! Nice video as usual BTW
  4. KaRiM_BoNd

    To be able to mount a monitor on the wall, do you have to...

    You can get a mount that clips on the back of the desk (if your desk has an overhead from the back) This would give you the space you need, and you don't have to drill the wall for it although it might be expensive, i have no knowledge of the prices
  5. KaRiM_BoNd


    Good job on that review Linus!, I really like the premium design of the M8, and since I like to listen to music, those boom sound speakers are a BIG plus! Share the link guys!, we want the second phone!!
  6. KaRiM_BoNd

    Laptop Problems .. Slow & Hot

    If I do find a hole ... Is there a way to fix it and not just buying a new one?? buying such parts is not an available option where I live
  7. KaRiM_BoNd

    Laptop Problems .. Slow & Hot

    The hard drive is brand new .. I would have bought an SSD, but the only one I can find locally is a 60GB one for 180$ .. And I can't buy online because they don't ship to where I live :( Thanks anyway
  8. KaRiM_BoNd

    Laptop Problems .. Slow & Hot

    Well ... That's no good news, first the GPU and CPU Heatsinks are connected (basically they're one large heatsink) .. Second, ebay and any other similar sites don't ship to where I live .. And I don't think I'll find a store that sells them :( At least now I know what's wrong with it Thanks for your help
  9. KaRiM_BoNd

    Laptop Problems .. Slow & Hot

    I don't think so .. Very basic BIOS with not much customisation ... But won't that make it even slower??! Not right now .. But the heatsink does have some stains (discoloration from original copper color) on it and on some corners some kind of a green residue Does that mean the heatsink is faulty or something?? BTW I do live near the beach .. Very humid environment
  10. KaRiM_BoNd

    Laptop Problems .. Slow & Hot

    I did .. 3 times just to make sure i did not put too much or too little ... No change whatsoever!! I tried cleaning it multiple times and there's no problem with the fan ... Re-Applying thermal paste did nothing at all
  11. KaRiM_BoNd

    Laptop Problems .. Slow & Hot

    So my father bought me this laptop as a "Gaming" laptop .. And since day one it's slow and overheats over nothing at all The Specs are in the attachments ... I know it's not that powerful .. But it's dead beat slow!! .. It takes +10 min. To boot up, it lags all the time, If I try to run even a video more than 480p the fan starts growling and the temperatures go way up If I try to run a game (World of Warcraft mostly) on the lowest settings it goes up to 90c and although it tells me I got 80+FPS it feels more like 3 FPS I cleaned it multiple times from the dust .. But still no change whatsoever If someone can help, I would really appreciate it
  12. KaRiM_BoNd

    My LAN rig built for the summer :)

    Looking nice ... As for the GPU is getting blocked ... You can mount the HDD instead of the SSD and ghetto mount the SSD anywhere, maybe in the 5.25" bay or above the I/O unless the H60 takes all the space But I gotta say, cable management must be a nightmare in there!
  13. KaRiM_BoNd

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Back when I had a PC, the case had ventilation holes in the top and I got a bottom mounted PSU with its fan facing up ... I was cleaning a laptop on the same desk and the case was on the floor next to me and I dropped a screw ... It fell down the ventilation holes to the PSU struggled with the fan a bit then hit the PCB .. It was not pretty
  14. As the title suggests .. what was the first LinusTechTips you watched and brought you to subscribe and keep watching for me it was the XFX girl interview and then i saw the 24GB of RAM testing in the recommended videos and then got hooked Now your turn :)
  15. As the title suggests, this is a Petition started by GSM Arena to Android phone manufacturers to create a high-end Smartphones but in a mid - size package because not everyone can hold a Galaxy S4 or Note 2 and use it comfortably but we also want the same horsepower that drives these devices So here it is, please help by signing the petition LINK