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    Photography,Videography,INFOSEC,Informaation Technology,Gaming,Pets
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    Security Engineer/INFOSEC/Nerd/Geek/WhiteHat


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    Asrock Fatality
  • RAM
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    970 G1 (Gigabyte)
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    QNAP NAS 10TB Storage/Server
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    RoseWill 1000 Watt
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    Samsung 4k
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    Corsair H100i
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    Creative USB Soundcard
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    Linux/Windows 10

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  1. thedarkdad3

    Options and Options and Options!

    Hey everyone, First off, I hope you are having a great week if not I hope it gets better. Let's start here, I have been running a QNAP NAS for 9-years and it's been running rock solid. 4GB ram | Intel Core 2 Duo with 5x 3TB Drives @ 10TB usable space! Now it's time to reinvest expand my storage and move on to a new setup. I purchased an HP Gen10 Server it's running a XEON Silver CPU (1 Socket) (for now 16gb ram) but I can expand to 192gb. The array will be x8 12TB Helium Drives. The reason I opted to go with a traditional server this time around is it gives me options to scale up or down and to install many options for images -distros. Examples? Vmware esxi, Hyper V, Windows Server 2019, FREENAS, Unbuntu etc etc The parts are now coming in and I am just torn. Do I just do freenas? Do I install vmware and freeenas on top of it? Should I just do Hyperv? In short this holds alot of high res 4k movies and images from my GX85 and GH5 cameras along with 4k drone footage + dslr images and of course backups. Thoughts? EDIT: I forgot to add, please keep in mind i may or may not add a 32TB SAN (this will most likely happen) OLD NAS setup *NAS*=QNAP TS-509 Pro/RAID5/(5)Seagate 3TB @ 10.5 TB
  2. thedarkdad3

    h200i hardline watercooling

    the cables will be sleeved when I am done
  3. thedarkdad3

    h200i hardline watercooling

    This is also my first hardline attempt | build ever. all parts from ek. Purpose of build was a grab and go LAN PC that was light but packs a decent punch
  4. thedarkdad3

    h200i hardline watercooling

    I am slowly getting there. This has been a project for sure
  5. thedarkdad3

    h200i hardline watercooling

    Thanks for your help sir.
  6. thedarkdad3

    h200i hardline watercooling

  7. h200i hardline watercooling...anyone have any builds? or sample pictures of this case with hardline tubing? I tried google but i cannot find anything
  8. thedarkdad3


    thanks ^^
  9. thedarkdad3


    Anyone here have a constructive suggestions?
  10. thedarkdad3


    THe corsair 1000d doesnt support eATX and MATX I would have to buy a mITX on top of that it wouln't support my Evga GTX 1070 ftw + my elgato 4k capture card.. so the 1000D is out of the question.
  11. thedarkdad3


    If I had the time...I would.
  12. thedarkdad3


    Thought about it but I am horrible at like modding and all that cutting etc etc not to mention i dont even have half the tools needed
  13. thedarkdad3


    Oh my fault. Yeah I dont have a budget for the case. So "it's open" ideally would like to keep it under $1000
  14. thedarkdad3


    I should also add I already have watercooling parts for my main pc. So it needs to be watercooling friendly.