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  1. Planning out a build for a friend and I'm looking at the intel processors and it seems they've all gone way up in prices. I purchased my 4790k for $335 (CAN) a year ago and now it's $500 (CAN) on newegg, amazon and NCIX. That's crazy! Any idea if they will go back down to a normal level at some point or.. ?
  2. Kova. I've been searching for a good lightweight ambi shaped mouse. didn't like the g303's shape
  3. 8000$ + per month, that's like 100k per year. pretty freaking good salary. I don't think there's much threat here, just a random goofy video and some guy having ego trip.
  4. the g502 is pretty big and apparently has the best sensor money can buy
  5. Thanks for the tips, will do! The audio is amazing for my taste, I was just wondering if I was missing out on even more awesome. I'm happy though!
  6. I don't know much about this stuff, but the HD598 being 50 ohm aren't THAT difficult to drive, and the volume I find is very sufficient for my listening needs. I just have money to throw out the window and wondering if investing in a DAC is worthwhile. Or does having a DAC automatically mean you NEED an amp too?
  7. Looking to improve my audio experience potientially. Would it be worthwhile to spend 100-200$ on an external DAC for the HD598? I play video games and I like music. Suggestions? thanks for helping!
  8. try clearing cookies cache all that crazy stuff.
  9. That is not the case, my friend is using a BenQ 144 hz and I'm using an ASUS VG248QE 144hz. Different port, same cable. The bottom DVI-I port seems to have added input lag.
  10. I know on paper it is exactly this. But after testing it repeatetly with different games, I am very convinced I feel the quite significant difference in responsiveness. Anyone else willing to test this out? Swear to god there's a difference, even though on paper there shouldn't be one.
  11. Now my friend and I both have the exact same video card (MSI GTX 970). We both have 144 hz monitors. When we plug into the top DVI-D port, it feels responsive and "normal". When we plug into the bottom DVI-I port, the mouse / aim feels floaty in cs:go. I don't think that's placebo, but on paper, they should be the same since DVI-I port is DVI-D + DVI-A. I think the bottom DVI-I port has more input lag than the top DVI-D port. Are we crazy / dreaming / hallucinating / etc? We've been playing competitive FPS games for years. edit: we made sure that it's running at 144 hz on the bottom DVI-I port as well.
  12. I suggest qck mouse mat g502 is heavier than the g402, but the 502's sensor is "better". G402 is more "FPS oriented" though, so up to you. I went with the g402 and I'm quite happy. Middle mouse button click has trouble clicking but that's after a year of intense use.
  13. Woops, I just quickly looked at the listed specs of your "current system" and thought that was what you were going to buy.. my bad