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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus x370 RoG
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    16 GB G.Skill Flare X
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    GTX 1080 ti ftw
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  1. The mod for raytracing implementation in minecraft looks way better than the official version lol... and it doesn't even need rtx
  2. Think 4g is good enough until we have a better alternative (overall). Should really work on making wifi more readily available and seamless to switch between...
  3. I think nvidia just doesn't like to make too many price drops on their products and just release more models instead. Forces techtubers like ltt or gamers nexus to do a review on it and benchmark it for more press.
  4. Seems like nvidia's strategy is to release cards priced as high as possible (or unreasonably so). Wait for AMD to release or try to respond to. Then respond back with either a more reasonably priced version or release higher performing versions so the public eye will react like "Amazing! It's finally a good value. Time to buy!".
  5. I can look straight ahead but I can still read things that are not at the center, and the camera doesn't track and record where the eyes are watching.
  6. Even if they have cameras can monitor the entire 360 degrees around the employees, this is a no. Never know what the employee can see
  7. I just bought the dell S2719DGF. It is surprisingly amazing for a TN panel. I hardly notice it's a TN unless im right under the monitor and looking up at it. It can also OC to 155hz but by default it's at 144hz
  8. I'd be interested if it came with youtube premium included no extra cost.
  9. Think they were comparing price points there, i was confused too and then they did the comparison between 3800x and 9900k which im sure the 3700x performs similarly to the 3800x
  10. Its bc turing is built to support dx12/vulkan (i think its more compute heavy?) better than pascal on a hardware level
  11. Id rather they have a foldable keyboard than an onscreen one like that
  12. I wonder if you could run multiple pcs or VMs and view ads all day.