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  1. I had a 760 before I had SLI 980s, and while it wasn't a enjoyable gaming experience, it was "playable" so a 970 would probably be fine
  2. You won't be able to max out crysis 3 with a 970, but it'll be perfectly fine
  3. Why would they say that it supports radiators that size if the fans won't fit lol And to answer your question, yes, you will have PLENTY of space.
  4. Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it impossible to have transparent doubleshot keycaps?
  5. Btw you should do @anyone'sname if you want them to get notifications. Or quote them. Anyways, a liquid cooler with a fx 6300 does not make any sense whatsoever. Ditch that SSD and get at least a 128gb one, get 8gbs of 1600mhz / 1866mhz ram, and get a locked i5 / B85 or H97 motherboard with a 212 evo edit : oops, quoted someone accidently, sry
  6. hope this comes out soon :lol:
  7. Since you have tested that fan personally, how's the static pressure and the noise? Considering replacing the af140s on my rad
  8. This is exactly what I needed for my K70
  9. I did say 1440p+ though, and the reason I said that instead of 4k was just in case he had a 21:9 monitors (which was highly unlikely, but that was the reason)
  10. For anyone who's considering the MSI X99s SLI Plus, this might help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CXb6J4fZ50&list=UU9Tn-atYOt8qZP-oqui7bhw
  11. How about the Aerocool Dead Silence 140mm fans? They seem to be very well reviewed everywhere
  12. I'm sorry for saying this, but how about Intel, Nvidia, and AMD B)
  13. That's why I said turn down some AA, because if he's playing at 4k he'll probably have to turn it down if he doesn't want to run out of Vram.
  14. Unless you're on 1440p+, you'll probably be fine with 3gb for a while if you're willing to turn down a bit of AA.
  15. I personally think you should SLI (because 780 Ti SLI will still be much more powerful than the potential 980Ti / 990), and no, it doesn't have to be the same model but I think it looks more uniform when you do.
  16. Basically everyone on this forum knows about this already lol
  17. Pretty sure the Enthoo Primo is also under $250, they're (I think) superior to both of these cases. But if it were between these two I would choose the 750D
  18. I don't understand. Why are you asking now and not when you'll actually buy it? By then, there will probably be something better and that question will be useless.