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  1. teh

    LMG Space

    Love hearing about the business side of things Linus (one of the things that makes WAN show enjoyable for me). Waiting on that autobiography!
  2. Its back (with the last 2min 30sec chopped off). Begs the question tho.... why didnt they want to talk about linus ?, hope everythings okay
  3. Legend, thanks! Wasnt on twitch archive which was odd.
  4. What are your existing specs? Case, HDD, SSD, PSU might be salvageable.
  5. Wow already removed off the 'Our Team' page at LMG. So long mate.
  6. Was a good run, got my refund (so kudos on that). Will wait and see what comes next
  7. Why do i want a new ssd, because my current one has '57344 bad sectors'
  8. teh

    Roccat Giveaway

    I'd have to go the Kiro, I prefer the sleek design and I'd like more buttons than my current mouse Thanks
  9. I just swapped my parents off ADSL1 to 100mbps Cable. Problem is I cant use the great adsl router anymore and signal from the isp provided one is horrendous (Ive spent so many hours trying to get bridging mode working with 3 different routers, no dice). So to stop my parents complaining and because it's so much easier to set up and diagnose i'd love to get them a set of Ubiquiti Networks Unifi Access points. http://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-Enterprise-3-Pack-UAP-3/dp/B00HXT8RDI/ref=sr_1_11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1449385942&sr=1-11&keywords=unifi (one of my mates has them with the same cable router so I know it works, and works well...reaaaaal well.) Merry Christmas guys!
  10. Would have liked to see a costs breakdown table at the end, but overall well done LTT crew (and austin)
  11. Is someone at the office editing on a sunday? Damn son.
  12. We currently have a rental house and the desk my brother has (built in to the wall) has no spots for cable routing, so its all hideously coming down the front. This would fit behind the monitor nicely and cut down on 80% of those cables.
  13. If you DONT have vessel you can watch the new ep here: https://www.vessel.com/videos/W92D8e7Fb But for vessel users..... dont know where ep 5 is EDIT: It's up
  14. Aria headset for sure. Looks really nice and elegant