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    ChrisxParkinson reacted to Ichi in Is a 60Hz monitor good enough for a Gigabyte 1070 g1 gaming?   
    If you're playing on 1080p you can consider 144Hz.
    1440p then you're fine with 60Hz.
    Just give that rig the monitor it deserves.
    1080p 60Hz is a waste.
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    ChrisxParkinson got a reaction from KezzaMcFezza in PC randomly black screens randomly then fans shut off but power LED still om   
    Yea that's the plan... I actually bought a warranty on the mobo for 20 bucks so if it's that at least I'm covered 
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    ChrisxParkinson got a reaction from Kiyuubi in NEED HELP *** buddy is having problems with fresh windows 7 install   
    not a helpful answer, also thats probably not the case at all. 
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    ChrisxParkinson got a reaction from Alvee in Will Intel Core I3 4130 @3.4ghz Bottleneck with R9 280x ?   
    Ya you should be fine, like maybe in a couple of years you will need an upgrade but in most modern games it will be fine.
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    ChrisxParkinson reacted to EChondo in EA plans a "fundamental shift" in how it makes games, says CEO   
    1. Stop forcing Origin(optional)
    2. Get rid of Battlelog
    3. Release FINISHED games
    4. Stop cramming DLC down our throats
    Until you fix those four things, I'm not buying your games, ever. Last one was BF3. I don't care how good Hardline is, or Mirror's Edge 2. You and Ubisoft have made your beds and you will lie in it until you change the sheets.
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    ChrisxParkinson reacted to Legion in EA plans a "fundamental shift" in how it makes games, says CEO   
    We will see EA, at this rate you shouldn't worry Ubisoft seems to want your spot as the worst company of the year.
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    ChrisxParkinson reacted to AdamIsaacLang in EA plans a "fundamental shift" in how it makes games, says CEO   
    Too bad they won't kill Origin.
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    ChrisxParkinson reacted to 33 Vinyle in 4690k or 8350   
    Advice coming from a 8320 owner.
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    ChrisxParkinson reacted to Terminashunator in I won the PC!   
    I was shocked, to say the least. THANK YOU!