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  1. Eddprzz

    looking for a dac/amp for headphones 1k range

    if it makes you feel better I can change it and say it also has a balanced input. But I mean I also recommended the wa6 which is single ended u think that wudd b a better match?
  2. Eddprzz

    looking for a dac/amp for headphones 1k range

    dont worry also has 1/4 input
  3. Eddprzz

    looking for a dac/amp for headphones 1k range

    personally I would recommend the schiit bifrost uber dac with the cavali audio liquid carbon amp because it has a balanced input or the woo audio wa6 because the sound imo is very good on the tubes
  4. Eddprzz

    Gtx 980 ti

    Which 980 tis are using the reference design boards on them rather than an aftermarket ones like the Asus direct cu ii??
  5. Eddprzz

    How long does it take you to get to sleep?

    Yea I take like 10 mins I usually watch Asmr with iems and go to sleep pretty quick
  6. Eddprzz

    Moving out to university, what do I bring?

    microwave, condoms because sometimes u will get lucky, a safe to put ur valuables just in case mini fridge if ur school doesn't provide one and earphones for when ur walking to class unless ur lucky like I was and had people who lived on same floor who went to same classes as me and we walked together
  7. Eddprzz

    Project "The Devourer".

    I wouldn't recommend cougar fans kinda loud for my taste I wudd recommend like corsair fans or even noctua for case fans for positive pressure
  8. Eddprzz

    Are they good for recording Hip-Hop ?

    I have the beats I listen to music with but your recording music so u don't want overly to much bass when I hear let's say g unit their shit sounds like it was produced really good because it's balanced but let's say I hear it from an unknown artist like USG their songs have so much bass to the point where it's annoying go buy the audio technica a40x they have good bass and somewhat neutral sound good for recording
  9. Eddprzz

    best headphones for Trap music fan?

    depends on budget but if u had like 300 I recommend fidelio x2
  10. Eddprzz

    Good chair that doesn't look like a racing chair

    lol I have same chair I wudd also recommend this one.
  11. Eddprzz

    So I won Beats in a raffle...

    why don't u get a pair of iems I will recommend the gr07 from vsonic
  12. Eddprzz

    Sony XBA H1's

    I would recommend the gr07 from vsonic pretty good also comfort never tried Sony iem
  13. This is sad to even make a thread about this because people like what they like. I have a feeling someone below 20 made this
  14. Eddprzz

    High quality streaming mic for a reasonable price?

    get a mod mic it's cheap if u don't want to spend money to get a better sounding mic don't complain
  15. Eddprzz

    Anyone have impressions on the Audeze EL8's?

    well I have them all I have to say is relaxed sound bass is not punchy but tight IMO soundstage is alright and mids and highs are good I think decent headphone my one serious gripe is the fuckin cables suck ass I hate their new connectors