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  1. I specifically bought an galaxy S9+ because no iPhone has a finger print scanner, and no iPhone has a headphone jack, and no iPhone has a back button. One of those 3 probably could have sold me on an XS
  2. Now 2019 Still not a single 3840x2400 display on the market
  3. This lawsuit is entirely frivolous and has no more merit than the Samsung curved corner law suit and the Sony 1080p Killzone lawsuit
  4. Emulators do not come with bios because providing that would be illegal. They have no Sony code in them. The current ps3 emulator requires you to download the firmware from Sony's website, which Sony freely allows you to do
  5. DVI-D contains the HDMI Signal. I'm currently using a DVI to HDMI cable for my display and it even passes audio through,
  6. If it hasn't been made clear already. putting an xbox one disk in a PC will not do anything as the PC doesn't know what to do with it. It isn't illegal to take a PS2 disk and play PS2 games with PCSX2. Just like it isn't illegal to put a sony CD in a phillips CD player and listen to the song. Emulators do not infringe on any patents as they are made without any OEM trademark software.
  7. I haven't seen it yet but my sleuthing lead me to the ASUS M2N32-SLI being the board. Still want to know what CPU
  8. So that's the Phenom II cooler and an ASUS board with DIMM slots above the CPU. Really weird
  9. Yeah it's not really me looking for a pc I have two a buddy saw this on a Facebook group for 150$ but the guy doesn't know what it is. I'm just curious cause I love terrible old hardware Personally I think it's a really terrible 2012 system with an fx 4100 and a 6770 or some other junk
  10. anyone can tell me what case this is It's on a sell group and the guy has no idea what he has
  11. If this turns out to be true my 3570k and 4670k are gonna get killed
  12. This is the answer OP Super sampling renders at the games higher resolution mode and outputs from the console at 1080p
  13. Right now benches show unless you have something more than a 1060/1070 and even then you have little reason to upgrade over any core i5 after first gen especially not ryzen which while cool trades punches with a 2500k in games
  14. Consoles do not throttle OP what games were you playing specifically? Lots of Ps3 and a few PS4 games have some unstable performance profiles
  15. If they bring back The Fixer I will be so happy Zen launch was desperately missing some of the fixer
  16. Yeah the ps4p relies on the displays scalar just like the Ps3 before it only outputted 480p 720p 1080p/i, Microsoft has always had a much wider video out support with 720 768 800 810 900 1050 1080 & more resolutions supported on 360
  17. I dropped my PC about 18" out of a chair while cleaning it. 3570k & ndh14. Good thing I don't have this new cheapo hardware I guess.
  18. sold my fury days before the crash. so happy. back to 560ti sli
  19. the frame rate issues are much smaller than you think. they haven't been majority improved but the game is great either way
  20. @leelaa14 the first game is the best. one of the best 360 games period OP Metal gear Solid SurVive is probably the closest to it. we'll hear About it at e3
  21. because the TDP is probably onlymarginally higher
  22. YES no spoilers 10 episode season TV 14 runs Saturdays at 10 on adult swim.episode 4 next
  23. where do we talk about how incredible the new samurai jack season has been so far?
  24. Translate to or or Highest tier products are never worth it.