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    My room.


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    Phenom II x3 705e unlocked to x4 OC to 2.8
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    M5A78L-M LX PLUS
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    8GB PNY 1333 MHz
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    MSI GTX 560ti
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    Custom case
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    WD 320GB Blue, Hitachi 500 GB
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    Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W
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    ASUS VS238H, Gateway FPD2275W
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    Hyper 212+
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    Old Mac Keyboard
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    Wireless Microsoft Mouse

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  1. Your mic isnt getting a good ground signal until you touch your case?
  2. There are many options for case lighting. There are convenient precut and ready to plug in solutions, as well as ones where you buy a roll of LEDs and cut and solder to the appropriate lengths. I know Bitfenix makes some of the easy ones but I don't know how much they cost. I personally went the DIY route because I wanted the light to go in certain directions and light up the entirety of my case for as cheap as possible. I got mine from Hitlights. There are also many different colors to choose from no matter what route you choose.
  3. Hey guys, I got one of those artscow $1 mousepads a while back since I never had an actual mousepad. Now, the problem is that I feel like it's a bit too small for me. The thought of a larger mousepad occurred to me, but I don't want to shell out for that right now and I don't really like how they would look on my desk. My solution to it would be wrapping they keyboard tray in felt or some cloth material similar to a mousepad to get a nice look and a large surface for my mouse. Do you guys think this idea would work or are there possible problems with this? Voice your opinions.
  4. umm..... I don't even....

  5. Split Second. I got sucked in by the hype and then it wasn't really what I was expecting at all. Paid full price for it and it was half off a few weeks later.
  6. BgG286

    Good racing game?

    Assetto Corsa, Race On, try and get Richard Burns Rally.
  7. Yesterday, Woke up Ate breakfast Watched some youtube videos Browsed the forums Made a custom bracket to mount brakes on my road bike Repaired mychron mount for my kart Went dealer to dealer looking for cars Played SimCity (I am really enjoying it now that I don't have to worry about losing stuff) Watched more Youtube Sleep
  8. Ok, I guess I'll use that for now, thanks.
  9. I'd rather not, I'm trying to wean myself off of "acquired" things...
  10. For now thats useful for me. Have you used it before?
  11. Can you guys recommend any good free video editing software? I'm just looking to splice videos together. Maybe down the line I'll try doing some other things with it. I'm looking for something completely free, not just a trial. Thanks.
  12. Currently a junior in high school. To prepare for tests, I don't really study at all for most of my classes. For AP tests, and what would be finals, etc. I study A LOT. I don't usually do my homework though.
  13. Quick, how much would you charge to speed up a computer, aka clean remove viruses, bloatwar3e etc.

    1. _ASSASSIN_


      bloatwar3e? anyways, $50 if they aren't tech literate ;) maybe $100 if they are stupid

  14. He told me he has all of that. I'm pretty sure they're worse than mine, but still, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't budge no matter how hard I insist he get a new monitor.
  15. I wish I could get a more accurate description, but he doesn't even know how heavy his workload is going to be. Ill tell you what he told me. He told me he is working on his Solidworks certification soon, he is currently a senior in high school, and he plans to go to college and focus mainly on these fields. For simplicity's sake, lets just say on a scale of 1-5, 5 being professional with workstation grade components, lets just say it would be a 3. I'm sorry if I'm making this too complicated, he didn't really help me out much with the information. Here is exactly what is on the paper he gave me when I asked him what his requirements are for it... "Travel to school, home "small" Solidworks, AutoCAD, Rhino3D, Fast. Budget $1200 Lots of storage." Again, I'm really sorry if I'm making this difficult.