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    York, England
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    Games, Computers, YouTube
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    Nothing majorly interesting here, however if you're interested please just ask.
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    I fix credit cards.


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    AMD Athlon II 965
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    ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
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    16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600hz
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 TI
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    Coolermaster CM690
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    M4 128gb SSD & WD 1TB Caviar Black
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    Corsair 800W
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    Iiyama 27" & 24" 73HDS
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    Fenrir Titan & 6 Various 120mm Fans
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    Razer Lycosa & Nostromo
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    Razer Mamba
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    Creative 6.1 Surround Sound
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    Windows 7
  1. I'm planning on upgrading my rig, as it's starting to become a little dated (namely CPU RAM and Mobo combination), however, once I take it apart, I know I don't want to put it back together in the existing case as it's too cramped in my opinion. My Current Setup is: Corsair 460X MSI Gaming 5 (Z97) & Intel I5 4690 MSI GTX 1080 Armor Antec 750W Non-Mod PSU 16GB DDR3 2 2.5" SSD's With the following cooling: 280mm Rad (EK) EK Supremacy Phobya Res 200mm EK D5 Pump 4 x 140mm Fans (2 For front rad, 2 for top exhaust) 1 x 120mm Fan (Rear) - All Fans are Corsair AF I think (I know, I should have got Static Pressure, but thankfully system runs plenty cool despite this error). I was wondering if anyone here has any potential suggestions for a decent case that kind of meets my wants, as I've probably missed some.. my requirements are: Is a "Large Mid Tower" or "Small Full Tower" Glass Panels, preferably all round but full side panel will do. Support for front & top radiators, preferably 420mm (3x140mm) Sufficient space for watercooling, with a vertical res. D5 is standalone, so I don't mind if that's "hidden" or not. ATX is preferred MB size. The key thing I'm after is a case that isn't a complete eyesore (appreciate that's subjective, examples of styling I like, Corsair 460X, Thermaltake View 71), but has to fit and support 2 full size rads with larger fans as I'm trying to keep the overall noise level down (Rig is due to be moved into the main living area). watercooling is currently flex tube but I am moving to full hard line set up with flex for drain system. No single item on my current set up is a "must keep" probably with exception to the D5 and the 1080. Case budget is pretty flexible but I'm not talking about 300+ Lian Li flexible Any suggestions / ideas welcome! Cheers.
  2. HawK86uk

    LF Dota 2 Regulars.

    Hey BaSka, I wouldn't say we're "pro's" but we're certainly not beginners. Level 114 with around 1500 games played. lol Don't use Dotabuff, just another site to add to my already long list of things to keep an eye on.
  3. HawK86uk

    LF Dota 2 Regulars.

    Hey Ladies & Gents, Looking for some chilled out Dota 2 players to join myself and a couple of friends for some games. We typically play Single Draft / Random Draft but throw in the ocassional other game type for fun. Preferably english speaking and we have a TS anyone is welcome to join too. Nothing too serious however, we're not wanting a rage-fest, just some fun games. Let me know if you're interested and my Steam ID is on my profile, feel free to add me if you're interested.
  4. Thanks everyone, glad to be here. Time to start trawling the games forums!
  5. Hey guys & gals, Thought I'd say Hi and introduce myself to all you wonderful people. With the new 1m Sub give-away, I thought I'd finally take the plunge to stop reading the forums and actually join. Little about me: I'm 27, forever playing on the PC (master race being master race this is a given). I like to think I know my way around most new-ish tech though lately I've been getting somewhat behind on the most recent releases. I play primarily DOTA 2 & Kerbal Space Program (using DMP with a ton of mods) and am an EVE bitter vet (Warsmiths Corporation - If you've ever had the pleasure) while hoping that Star Cit will cure my mmo itch. I work at a card processing company, my job being investigating and resolving issues that are raised by clients as essentially what could be considered first / second line support (I don't work on a helpdesk, thankfully). I live in the UK and have a Significat Other that I've been with for the better part of 10 years now. I'm honestly looking for a little community that's of a similar mind to myself and maybe wants to join in on the occassional game of DOTA 2. Random Question: Has LTT ever considered entering the already flooded market of Games Reviews? I ask as I've written a few guest articles on other sites and am quite suprised such a tech savy community isn't more actively requesting these when considering the quality of review that we see daily on hardware - It'd be a refreshing change from the tripe that is IGN or some such. Please by all means, say "Hi", feel free to add me on Steam and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
  6. Found LTT through your WaterCooling guide. Despite best attempts never been able to get enough cash together for WC rig but maybe one day... :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: Designing my own custom desk with the hopes that I'll have enough money to put a nice rig in it before long.