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  1. I overlooked an easy solution: System Restore. It's fixed now.
  2. Cleaning it did not work. I really doubt that the PCI-e slot is dead or that the GPU is bricked; I am running my display with the video card right now, albeit sans official drivers. Is there any other course of action other than reinstalling Windows? I don't want to deal with reinstalling all of my programs.
  3. I did try to install the latest drivers after DDU. It didn't work. I will try to clean the PCIe slot now with isopropanol and/or canned air. I still suspect a software issue, but we'll see.
  4. My PC stopped recognizing my R9 280X. It doesn't show up in Windows device manager, and the AMD graphics driver installer does not detect it either. I am currently using the default Windows graphics drivers. Here's what happened: My wifi adapter was acting up. It would disappear from Device Manager and just show up as an unknown device. Restarting my PC temporarily fixed this. I decided to reinstall its drivers. While the installer was running, my computer suddenly restarted. By suddenly, I mean installer one second, mobo boot image the next. When Windows loaded up, my wifi adapter was working, but the default graphics driver was active. I tried opening Radeon settings to troubleshoot, but it said that no drivers were installed. Next, I downloaded AMD's latest GPU drivers, but on the install selection screen, only "Application Profiles" and "AMD Install Manager" were shown. I proceeded to uninstall the drivers via the driver installer, after which I attempted to install them again. I was greeted with the same screen. I downloaded the AMD chipset drivers just to be sure, but its installer showed the same options. The Internet suggested booting into safe mode and using Guru3D's driver clean tool. That didn't help at all. In Device Manager, my card does not show up; there is only an unknown device. I have 2 monitors; one uses HDMI and the other uses DVI. The DVI monitor is my secondary, and it does not display anything when the default graphics drivers are active. It does show my mobo's boot logo, however. My GPU is definitely still functioning, as the monitors were plugged into it through all of this, but it seems to be unrecognized by Windows. System info: Mobo: Gigabyte GA78LMT-USB3 rev 5 CPU: AMD FX-6300 RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill DDR3 GPU: AMD R9 280X PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 650W 80+ Gold SSD (C:): Samsung 850 EVO 250GB HDD (H:): WD Black 1TB Wifi Adapter: Edimax AC-1200 OS: Windows 10 Professional When I get home (around 22:00 UTC), I will try taking the graphics card out and putting it back in. If you need more info or clarification, please ask!
  5. On the weekends, my friends and I get together at one of their houses and have LAN parties. It really sucks lugging my 40+ pound PC around, so having a small PC that is decently powerful would be a godsend.
  6. I like the water cooler. The way the pump is set up and the white on black color scheme are great.
  7. One million subscribers. That's a lot of people. Congratulations on hitting that milestone, guys! I have been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a long time, and it has helped me make hardware decisions, informed me about tech news, and entertained me (along with wasting my time :-)). Keep up the outstanding content quality and production rate! Good luck to everyone who is entering the drawing!