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    High school student as of 2017


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    i7 6700k 4.9Ghz
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    dominator platinum 4x8Gb
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    gtx 1080
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    512gb m.2
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    modular 1000w
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    corsair k90 rgb brown
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    5.1 speaker w/ amp
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  1. After trying to reset to factory defaults, I still cannot get my copy of PfSense to function properly. It works for the times that the DNS server is up, but it only takes a moment for it to trip, this is wildly unpredictable and I don't understand what's causing it. Especially after a reset like that.. What steps can I take to troubleshoot this? I don't have it connected to a switch anymore, only a connection to my desktop across the home. It is directly connected to the modem. I'm trying to use this as a home router to learn more about IT stuffs.
  2. Not sure, it's not possible for it to go inside the casing right? edit- yeah it must've
  3. When connecting the SATA cable into the drive , this happened [see photo for reference]. I've nothing small enough to pinch the pins into place, is it still revivable? I have some important data on it.
  4. alexly123

    Word Clock

    So with two devices you simply connect their word inputs and outputs? Otherwise it is best (or required) to use a master clock?
  5. alexly123

    Word Clock

    I'm referring to what I've seen named "word clocks", I've also heard "master clock" around that topic (??). I'm fairly confused about this concept. I've done light researching and can tell it's not the most easy information to find. So I figured I could get some help here What is it and its purpose? Why would I need or want it? How does it work and how would I set it up? Edit: On this Image what Is that switch referring to? Thanks! -Alex
  6. alexly123

    Center speaker

    Well quick question: would I output the positive of the left or right channel then the negative of the other to the speaker form the amp? Since the output is in a 3.5mm jack that is stereo does that mean both channels are the same? So I just choose one?
  7. alexly123

    Center speaker

    Any place to start? I have no idea what I should get for that
  8. alexly123

    Center speaker

    I definitely wouldn't call my self anyone good with audio stuffs. I have a center speaker, and two bookshelf speakers. The bookshelf speakers are self powered, they are fine. But the center speaker isn't: my sound blaster x7 limited edition has a output for a center channel through a 3.5mm jack. The center speaker takes two banana plugs in. How do I connect these properly while powering the center channel?
  9. Because I have only a few games on that drive and most of my programs I want at a faster speed. I wont be using those drives for long
  10. Why will I still loose speed?
  11. Well I don't want to strife them I want to add the drive to the end, so once I'm out of the nvme storage ill go to the ssd
  12. To start, I have a 2tb and 1tb hard drive. Not full but partially used. I have a Samsung 950 PRO series NVME drive (500gb). For my OS and all, it's near full. I'm looking to buy another SSD, but I want to combine it with my NVME drive to make a single drive. I'm planning to later use those two hard drives for another use, so in the end I'll have a single drive made up of those two SSDs. How can I achieve this without loosing any of my data from my NVME drive? I'm afraid to copy everything over and all. If I cant do that, how can I use that SSD as a second drive most effectively? Meaning, having some programs in that drive and files there while still having it as easily accessible as possible. I don't want to have to go to that drive and deal with the two so separately, that would get annoying.
  13. The Razer Blade Stealth is for me! Thank you guys! Been watching you since 25,000
  14. My dad works on the computer a lot. I wanna suprise him with something that will make his workstation much more usable. http://www.amazon.com/PA248Q-1920x1200-DisplayPort-Ergonomic-Back-lit/dp/B008DWH00K/ref=sr_1_19?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1449811258&sr=1-19&keywords=Ips&refinements=p_36%3A-30000
  15. Ok, thanks! I've got that down, but anyone have ideas on proper parts for a server?