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    COMPUTERS . cellphones and cars
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    I'm a kid. Who likes computers. And dreaming to have an high end rig. and learning how to mod i dreamed to be a good modder like others and finish my builds . I'm a student in PISD. Here at Davao,Philippine's. Loves to watch Linus tech tips and ncix tech tips


  • CPU
    i5 4670k
  • Motherboard
    msi gd-65 gaming
  • RAM
    avexir blitz 4x4gb gaming edition 1600
  • GPU
    gtx 770
  • Case
    cooler master HAF 932
  • Storage
    wd blue 500gb+1tb
  • PSU
    corsair hx1000w
  • Display(s)
    lg ips 234v
  • Cooling
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    generic keyboard (delux)
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    generic mouse
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  1. this is my updates of the layout of my design. the corner radius of the design is 6mm i think and maybe i should do 10mm . If you have suggestions of the design pls comment down bellow any help that i will get will be much appreciated
  2. the silicon tubes arrived two different sellers but the same brand what they sent me. still the same silicon still loose
  3. Hello this are my updates of the configures that you can do with the case. My product are aimed for Pc lovers that who likes small cases but want less hassle or problems
  4. Can someone help me with motherboard layout files ? i'm having a hard time with the measurements especially with the I/O mount. In addition pcie,gpu mounts , fan mounts , hdd & ssd and psu layout file will be appreciated
  5. im still finding the right guy actually and i need it cheap. i contacted protocase but its kinda expensive for me sadly
  6. yeah kinda mad about it but ohhh well. ill still wait for 1-4weeks for the silicon tubes to arrive
  7. btw does anyone here knows a manufacturer that could help me build computer cases. im planning to start my own business. im looking for cheap and trusted manufacturer
  8. its petg and acrylic. i was testing the silicon tube on how will it react for the both of it but still useless
  9. I already ordered 2pcs from different manufacturers but it will take at least 15days till it get here. Ill try the sanding procedure first and see what happens. So far this is the update all fail because of tubing and measuring problems
  10. what grid do you recommend ? is there a chemical that i can use for this that could react to the silicon
  11. yeah but i just dont understand this silicone tube is from the manufacturer it self
  12. this is from the manufacturer i have the PETG tube and the acrylic one same story its not that "fit" i think it has a diameter of 9.5 something. i do have an extra from other manufacturer but its so tight i wont go all the way
  13. So im having trouble with this silicon tube is this normal? It says it has a d10mm but i think its 9.5 something there is a gap from the inner dimension of the tube and the silicon as a result of having a finished worked of the last pic.