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  1. Talking about unnecessary consumerism... Just save your money
  2. It's not very uncommon for laptop CPU's to reach high temperatures. My i7 sometimes reaches 100C, but that's under load Maybe the readings are off OP, but I'd contact HP to be sure
  3. Same with me. Have been using micro usb for three years now and not a single time has it crapped out on me, even if I try to forcefully plug it in the wrong way around (which I do quite often) Mini usb is large, bulky and it limits phone thinness
  4. You're not born in the wrong era, if you can't find any good modern music you're not looking hard enough 70's/80's/90's also had shit music streaming through the radio. Hell, the beatles used to be deemed shitty by anyone who was above the age of 22
  5. This is pretty old news, I can remember this being in the news about a year ago or so I don't see why so many people hate micro usb. Probably because Linus hates it? I think it's a good move to be honest. Apple is alright because they carry micro-usb/lightning port dongles
  6. Clearly have no idea what you are talking about Also apple has been pulling off colours on stuff for years with their ipods Having tech in flashy colours is no one's invention
  7. The 1200$ is only in Australia... It's 850 for me here in merrican $ It looks pretty good I think. Don't care too much about the processor inside and all other internal hardware since it's pretty much all fast enough now iOS 7 looks good but I still think that Android is ahead on a lot of things The camera is great and the fingerprint scanner is nice as well, though of course a password is still more secure But would I make the jump if I had a 5? Probably not but that's to be expected now of Apple, every new gen is a small improvement Also I hope they dealt with the scuffing issue.. The 5C looks pretty nice as well
  8. The thing is that the shocks are more or less orthogonal to the lens The fan of the graphics card is at a heavy angle, so only the middle is in focus instead of the entire card If the fan was to be filmed from the top, it would be entirely in focus Haha, I'm nothing special
  9. It depends If the camera is facing the object in focus orthogonally and if the unimportant background is out of focus, then yes If the camera is facing the object in focus at an angle so that the object is just slightly in focus, then no Let me clarify A photo I shot: The shocks are entirely in focus because I wanted to show those entirely The photo in the OP is also good. The photo is about the PCIe card, and it's entirely in focus Example of bad blurry photo (though it's actually video, but whatever) I want to see the entire shroud and fan, not just the hub
  10. http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/2012/05/16/apertures-photography-cheat-sheet-when-to-go-small-and-when-to-go-wide/ Dunno if the same goes for videocameras, but I agree that it's annoying Luckily it's not that often
  11. I'm gonna keep this short: it's not gonna happen Don't dump all your hopes on this idea
  12. The lighting is nice, the background is nice, the structure is nice The name is terrible, the live calling is terrible and the razer branding is absolutely horrible I liked the live stream best when it was in Linus's garage I understand that you want to move on but this is too corporate and organized for a Linus live stream to me That said, I never watch live anyway because I'm fast asleep
  13. True, but it's not a company that deserves any respect imho
  14. I completely agree on Siemens Locomotives, CNC machinery, dishwashers, phones, electric toothbrushes Like wtf