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  1. tinverse

    Unity Engine is coming to Linux?

    Well that's a very broad statement. I fully agree that fragmentation does not help the Linux community and there are issues with drivers sometimes, but for many tasks I would take Linux over windows any day of the week. Operating systems are tools and just like any tool, pick the best one for the job. Personally I have found Linux to be much more stable than Windows
  2. From my understanding this has nothing to do with what US companies want to do. This has everything to do with what the US government is forcing companies to do. All of these US based companies are losing large amounts of money from this. For me, I am really curious about the future implications of all of this. I know Huawei is more closely linked to the Chinese government than other manufacturers, but almost all phones are designed or built in china. Are you safe if you buy LG or Apple? What about ASUS; Taiwan is under Chinese influence too. Does this have implications for other Chinese phone manufacturers such as onePlus?
  3. tinverse

    Liquid Metal gone wrong

    I thought this was relevant based on the recent videos of liquid metal cooling in the LTT videos and that Louis has had a relationship with LTT in the past. Louis was working on a Titan X and found the soldering to be garbage. But the people in the comments realize it's shunt modded. For those that don't know, someone is using liquid metal to purposely short a resistor in order to bypass the voltage cap for the card.
  4. tinverse


    The razor blade. The stealth just seems like it would take to much space.
  5. tinverse

    Why do Xbox's suck up so much bandwidth?

    How would I go about changing the DNS to google?
  6. tinverse

    Why do Xbox's suck up so much bandwidth?

    speedtest.net: 1.7/0.60 Mbps ping: 21 speedof.me: 90/40 kbps without Netflix: Speedtest.net: 18/11 Mbps ping: 18 speedof.me: 13/7.54 Mbps I understand there will be an impact...but that seems like more than it should be right?
  7. tinverse

    How do I go about making my own server?

    I know it's been a while, but I wanted to give a update since some people followed this. I found some old servers through government surplus sites. But, I think I may have been getting a little ahead of myself. I talked to some friends who work at data centers with servers they run out of their homes. I think a server will be to loud for my needs right now. I am currently learning to write C++ and I think I can do basic/medium complexity stuff fairly well. I found someone who's willing to give me their old PC (with decent specs surprisingly) for free. So I'm going to try and hook up my current computer to it with synergy that Luke talked about on the channel. I'll just run some server stuff in the background on it and see how it goes. Although if anyone wants to give me opinions on distributions, that would be helpful. I'm torn between debian and red hat right now. I currently use mint, but want to move away from it. (even if it does have the best color scheme)
  8. live in an apartment with 2 other people and I've noticed that whenever my roommates use the xbox 360 with the internet, particularly in our apartment that the internet is pretty much unusable on any other computer in the apartment. I know it's possible to fix this by setting a limit to the Xbox's IP's bandwidth usage or give priority to other computers. I just don't understand why the Xbox is so bad about hogging bandwidth. We can have every computer in the apartment streaming music, Netflix, surfing the net, or gaming and not have a problem, but the second the Xbox enters the equation everyone else's bandwidth goes bad and you can't load YouTube at 420p fast enough to avoid buffering on one other computer. I just don't understand what is happening that slows down the connection so much. I wonder if streaming off chrome cast would be a better solution?
  9. tinverse

    How do I go about making my own server?

    Ideally it would be nice to keep it up 24/7 so I can host things on it that can be accessed whenever my friends want to use them. It wouldn't need to support much traffic.
  10. I'm working on a degree in computer science and I want to build my own server, or I think I want to anyways. I bought a domain to play around with a while ago and it seems like I really need a server of some sort to actually do anything with it. So if I were to look into buying a server and building one, what do I need? I want to be able to host things like IRC, teamspeak, and game servers. Nothing serious with the games stuff. Just small games like terraria. Also to work on and host my own website. I'm really just trying to mess around with all this stuff in my spare time. I was thinking I could just buy some older server parts from ebay and set something up, is that actually an option or is it much more complicated than that? If so, why? What all do I need?
  11. tinverse

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I want it because It's a better computer than my current computer.
  12. tinverse

    Looking at new phones

    I currently have an upgrade when I renew my contract with Verizon (US) and have no clue what's out there. I currently have a Sam sung Galaxy S4 and had an iPhone 4s before this. I really loved the iPhone 4s, but I feel like the 4s is the best model apple ever made. While I'm sure there are nice features in the newer phones, I feel like the simplicity that they once had isn't really a thing anymore. I'm thinking it doesn't make sense to go iPhone since I'm not a big fan of a lot of their newer features and use spotify. Honestly, iMessage is the biggest selling point to me. On my galaxy S4, I hate that there isn't a forward facing speaker. That's honestly a deal breaker at this point. Another problem is the battery. In the two years I've owned this phone I've had to replace the battery 7-8 times. They just go bad so quickly. The battery life is probably my number one priority in a new phone. I also don't need quick charging. I just plug in my phone when I go to sleep and then unplug it when I wake up. So im interested in iPhone since it's better at power management and it has has iMessage. I'm interested in android because there's more variety and freedom, but I don't really know what's out there. I'm gone from pretty much 8 am till 12 pm every day and a battery that only lasts 8 hours is worthless to me. One last thing is memory. Apples pricing based on memory with the inability to upgrade is ludicrous. I need a phone with at least 32 GB of memory, and I'm leaning towards 64 GB since this is going to last 2 years, or a phone that I can upgrade the memory in. Does anyone have suggestions or recommenations?
  13. I found out about you through Woody when you went on Painkiller Already. Woody used to do a thing called tech Tuesday where he would explain a random tech thing and I loved it. But he canned it. But now I have this channel which is so much better. Sometimes I have to go do research, but hey, I'm learning more now. Loving the channel and I can't see myself going anywhere soon.