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    Seattle, WA


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    msi x99a mpower
  • RAM
    16gb corsair vengeance ddr4
  • GPU
    evga 980ti hybrid
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    fractal define r5 (windowed) black
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    2x 250gb 850 evo in raid 0 (boot) 4tb WD black
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    evga supernova 850w
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    acer XB270HU
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    corsait h110i GTX
  • Keyboard
    corsair k95 rgb
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    corsair m65 rgb
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. i have already tried that tool (as stated in the original post)
  2. im 100% positive this question has been asked before, but ive run into a unique situation... a buddy of mine asked me if i could retrieve some old files off a hard drive fron his old macbook ( i dont know the model but its from around 2012 i believe) i told him id give it my best shot.... now, from all the other forum pages ive read when you plug the drive in a window should pop up telling you the drive is in the wrong format and windows would recommend you format the drive for use (as it would normally do with any other drive) but nothing pops up with this one... its like windows dosnt even acknowledge its existence, no extra drive in my computer, and the hard drive activity light stays lit. but when i boot up and go into boot options the drive is there.... am i dealing with a dead drive? is there some software i need for windows to recognize the drives existence (i have tried using HFSExplorer)? should i try booting into linux? would there be a tool i could use on my hirens disk or dlc boot disk? seems like im a little stuck.
  3. Hey guys I'm getting a bunch of older pc stuff and should have a few pcs worth of hardware.... Was thinking of setting up some server/networking stuff.... But I need ideas throw 'em at me... What should I do with all this hardware? Ps.... I'm totally new to doing anything network related
  4. sweet, i have a multimeter and have tested the psu (its fine) but havnt tried hwmonitor.
  5. just a quick question.... i have an x99 motherboard (msi mpower overclocking) and i cannot overclock my cpu for the life of me... i was wondering if there was any way i could test the power delivery on my mobo to make sure its doing what it should be doing and not giving my cpu the short end of the stick? thanks
  6. Thank you, I will try this when I get home from work tonight
  7. 980ti... Sorry thought I had mentioned..... Also I have been having this issue for a few days now and Im not the kind of person to leave my pc on, so yes I have rebooted.
  8. So nzxt just pushed out a release for their cam software that enables you to overclock your gpu through it. I got excited because I have the nzxt hue+ so their cam software is on my start-up list anyway I quickly went and uninstalled after burner and tried setting an overclock on cam.... I realized it was more unstable for some reason so I reinstalled after burner and ate the cam settings to default. Now when I try to overclock my gpu is stuck at 405mhz on core clock and on memory clock.... It won't even boost or anything.... Is there anything I should try before contacting evga?
  9. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to "MMO" mice but a lot of reviews online (i feel) are people just fan-boying over a certain company (*cough* Razer *cough*). While i really dont particularly care what company makes a product i do care about quality. Also i think there is a lot of missed potential in MMO mice, especially for those of us who are content creators. So i thought id make this thread, so that maybe some of you how own any MMO mice could give us pros and cons, opinions, or maybe just vote on which you would go with if you had a choice. I have been looking for a nice MMO mouse as of late and i think having a thread like this would help many others looking to purchase one in the near future.
  10. sweet, thank you. Everything works great, thanks for the help!
  11. also this is the idea im going off of everything seems theoretically fine, but i dont know if there are any hardware issues passed this point.
  12. standard mobo issue: too many usb 2.0 devices to install in the case, not enough usb 2.0 headers on mobo. really im just here to make sure i didnt waste my money on something i cant use... my 3 usb 2.0 devices are my corsair h110i gtx, nzxt hue+, and my standard usb ports on my case, but my mobo only has 2 usb 2.0 headers... im no tech wizard but from what i read elsewhere the standard headers on the motherboard support 2 usb inputs so that would mean if i plugged my case cables into one header and used a splitter to turn the 10 pin usb header into two 5 pin usb headers and connected the devices accordingly it should work right? to be clear both the hue+ and the h110i headers only take up a single 5 pin slot on their 10 pin connectors. here is the product i purchased:
  13. right i figured that out... i just have never kept a log of them