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  1. Blown capacitor on gpu

    yeah I was looking at the wrong set of notations on the PCB. It's possible that the GPU cannot get fan speed information so its throttling before it gets hotter like it was running with no fan at all. You may have to get a custom BIOS or force a specific speed via something like TRIXX to keep it from throttling before it reaches the actual throttle temp.
  2. Blown capacitor on gpu

    Is that a cap or a resistor?
  3. Windows static screen

    My bad, yeah the last couple of weeks my PC has been going nuts too. But it was after installing the updates necessary to GET the FCU. One person suggested removing .Net wherever possible and redoing a fresh install of the FCU via the media creation tool.
  4. Windows static screen

    does it have the most recent nVidia and intel drivers installed? Is it running windows 10?
  5. Gaming performance low on PUBG?

    Entirely to be expected. When 1.0 comes out you should see a drastic improvement to framerates and frametimes. But in general PUBG is currently very CPU and network bound. You could probably be running entirely at ultra and see no drop in FPS from High.
  6. Google doesn't build. The reason they are in so few markets is because they have only been going where there is ample dark fiber. Fiber lines laid by other infrastructure providers or ISPs that are currently unused and that they can cheaply lease. They then get the customers to help subsidize pushing fiber to the home or the node for their internet. I especially like how if you pay for the hardware getting pushed to your house you can get free internet, slower, but free. And if you want full speed you just start paying. Getting as many people as possible to pony up for the "last mile" infrastructure makes it easier for everyone to benefit from it. If and when Google starts running their own fiber backbone you will see competition really heat up as Google has the resources needed to push into contested and densely populated areas without worrying about AT&T or Comcast being butt-hurt. More competition is always better. And getting the government further and further from the battlefield will let US benefit from it rather than the connected few.
  7. I don't think he is working competitively. I think for Intel and RTG to get things rolling as fast as possible having Raja move over gives them a powerful and easy to work with liaison inside Intel to make sure the AMD tech gets implemented quickly and effectively. I wonder if a small cadre of other AMD engineers may go over to Intel for 6 months to a year to make sure it all goes smoothly. Although this really only works for me if Navi is indeed finalized. If not, if Raja abandoned his ground up architecture, I see it as being a less amicable and mutual situation. But, if AMD thinks it can make enough on the deal, or gain access to something we on the outside have missed it may have been worth the risk to move Raja now rather than later.
  8. It seems to me the most logical reasoning and the one requiring the least amount of jumps is that Navi is internally complete. So Raja no longer has to be there to oversee it, and they need someone to grease the rails for the new Radeon GPU Intel APUs that are now in the works. I won't say this was always the plan but I believe it was an amicably and mutually arrived upon decision that put Raja in the place he would be most beneficial. To AMD and Intel.
  9. I thought Raja's DNA wasn't in the whole die till Navi. I'm not sure why he would be penalized for having to finish up other peoples' projects. I wonder more if Navi is finalized internally and he has an opportunity elsewhere Maybe he is greasing the rails to get radeon into Intel APUs https://wccftech.com/exclusive-raja-koduri-will-seeking-new-horizons-intel/
  10. One of the Co-Creators of Greenpeace did an interview on Stefan Molyneux's podcast talking about how he no longer supports his own organization as he has come to realize they caused far more damage to the environment than they fixed by opposing nuclear power and how they now are blatantly hypocritical in doing things like running diesel boats in their at-sea protests of fossil fuels/whaling/industry/capitalism.
  11. Player unknown battlegrounds

    Yeah that could play it. Even as unoptimized as it is you could probably get medium settings and a good 50-60 steady frames. Once its optimized you could probably bump everything but the textures up to high. It ISN'T optimized though so be prepared for a lot of random FPS drops and weirdness.
  12. That's still entirely circumstantial. No matter what data someone puts into some random computer the activities on that computer cannot be absolutely linked to you personally. And after the equifax breach it's going to be FIELD DAY for duplicate and spoof accounts. a name and a DOB was enough to tentatively link some account with some person, but now you are going to have millions of SSNs, financial histories, dates, and addresses floating around. Unless you can get a live webcam image of the PC in use and prove its not a mask you are going to have a hard time linking any machine to any person in any legal sense.
  13. No Display on DVI After POST

    If it went down after a windows update did you try running DDU and installing the GPU drivers fresh from AMD? Windows may be overwriting something important with an older file
  14. No Display on DVI After POST

    hmm. we had an issue like this with an older plasma screen via HDMI. it wound up being... I think the GPU Scaling setting? It just killed the picture. Screen went black, nothing would bring it back up. Had to plug in a different monitor via VGA and reset all the graphics settings to get the plasma back up.
  15. No Display on DVI After POST

    The newer GPU may be expecting more communication at that res. try booting into safe mode and see if the lower res keeps the monitor active