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  1. Mmm... so thicc.... I like it. BUt such a high TDP. I want that LED to be able to go from light blue all the way to an angry red based on temperature with a breathing effect that speeds up as it gets hotter. I want my cooler to get winded.
  2. Router WAN ports

    The signal coming in from the ISP and what is going to the router are different. Depending on the setup. The modem is taking signal from twisted pair, coax, or fiber and turning it into standard ethernet signal. If there is actual bad voltage coming in over the WAN port it is a bad modem, unless it is either a combination modem/router from the ISP, or a bespoke system like FTTH where the entire copper circuit is in the house. EDIT: if you have too much power on the line from the pole or bad wiring going BACK to the ISP it will burn out the modem, not the router.
  3. Router WAN ports

    That assumes what the damage is. We do not know if its the chip, the port, a fuse, a cap, any number of possible failure points. Too much voltage coming in on low voltage wires is but one possibility. One which should actually be caught by the ISP tech. The modem would have to be pumping out that power. What kind of ISP is it? cable, DSL, fixed wireless, fiber, etc?
  4. Router WAN ports

    I meant constant traffic could cause it to overheat. We've had issue where routers got burned out when malware was hammering the router from multiple machines
  5. Router WAN ports

    Are they actually burning out? have you inspected the contacts for corrosion? could be the actual chip burning out from having to resend packets too often
  6. How far will a 1g tube of liquid metal go?

    about as far as you can throw it I would assume..... It does depend a lot on the surface area you are trying to cover and your frugality of application. You should be able to get multiple CPUs done quite easily
  7. What problems have there been and what ranting and raving? Are there not snide remarks when this happens to banks? While I personally wasn't very snide in my delivery my comment on scrubbing tapes before moving them could easily have been delivered in a snide manner. And I wouldn't say it is expected with banks, I doubt many people would use most banks if they were told it was expected that their personal or account information would be set free in the wilds from time to time. It is a massive failing, bank or not. And once again, has not had an analogous occurrence in crypto. Only with exchanges, which are more akin to these banks than to crypto itself.
  8. Honestly I just don't like long titles and commonwealth is huge. In my OP i said I didn't know whether the bank was part of the government or not, commonwealth being a word denoting being part and parcel with some nation, but it being part of the british empire where that ideal is as often as not a selling point worthy of using the word even if its a private institution gave me pause. Pedantry is appreciated and respected. Change was made. EDIT: My original title was going to be "Commonwelath bank of australia "loses" records of over 20 millions accounts, 12 million customers"
  9. I admit I may be going way too far on pedantry. I tend to do so. It gets me into a lot of trouble online. Or at least starts a lot of heated debates. But, i find it important to drill down on these things, whether I am in the right or not, so that others who come along later get a better and more accurate picture of what was discussed. If i did misread your original commentary I do apologize. But having said that I am continuing the argument simply because I can and I find these kinds of things morbidly interesting. "Like they do with BitCoin" "Swear black and blue" "security and transparency" "then when that fails" You are speaking of people in these threads reacting differently, to these types of news stories, regarding crypto. And specifically BitCoin and its blockchain. Which is inaccurate. Not on how people react, but the factual events. It's conflation on both sides, but your conflation is furthering THEIR conflation. Anyone who would see the failures of the exchanges as some kind of reflection of the technology putting it in need of defending is as wrong as those who would use those examples as some kind of argument against those technologies.
  10. Hence my contention that when decommissioning such sites the tapes should be scrubbed first. It takes all of two seconds.
  11. then you may wanna go back and either cite some example of what you are talking about or be more specific. Because it sounds a lot like you are saying that the "security and transparency" of "BitCoin" (i think you meant the blockchain) has had occasions of failure. Of those specific selling points. Which is inaccurate.
  12. The only failures have been exchanges, not BitCoin. Not blockchain.
  13. Bitcoin != exchanges. any more than investing in a company is the same as the NYSE third party apps on your phone is not an inherent black mark against banks or paypal that you may also have on your phone. Even if they are malicious and try to steal your info. They are two separate entities, one of which is innocent in the debacle.
  14. Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/commonwealth-bank-of-australia-financial-data-breach-20-million-accounts/ The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has lost the records of over 20 million accounts, over 12 millions customers, when a subcontractor lost two magnetic data storage tapes containing the records in 2016. Now by lost they don't necessarily mean THEY don't still have all this information, but that others may now be in possession of said information. I didn't think anyone even still used magnetic tape. If they were meant to be destroyed anyway why weren't they scrubbed before moving? It takes 2 seconds. One magnet... all it takes. Even other archival media, other institutions, other data types, more care should be taken to secure or destroy the data before any attempt to move it or access for third parties is allowed. I'm not sure I like an institution like this not making such a breach known much sooner. I'm not sure if its a government institution, or a private one under charter, or what. Depending on their operations is that enough data to compromise accounts? Allow for identity theft? All data security starts as physical security. How many other institutions may operate similarly? May allow deprecated technology to be handled in a less secure manner than is prudent? We can take some solace in knowing most people wouldn't even know what these tapes were or how they could be accessed. But security by obscurity is no real security.
  15. Doesn't have to be dead to pay respects. That stance he's taken is deserving