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  1. No Display on DVI After POST

    If it went down after a windows update did you try running DDU and installing the GPU drivers fresh from AMD? Windows may be overwriting something important with an older file
  2. No Display on DVI After POST

    hmm. we had an issue like this with an older plasma screen via HDMI. it wound up being... I think the GPU Scaling setting? It just killed the picture. Screen went black, nothing would bring it back up. Had to plug in a different monitor via VGA and reset all the graphics settings to get the plasma back up.
  3. No Display on DVI After POST

    The newer GPU may be expecting more communication at that res. try booting into safe mode and see if the lower res keeps the monitor active
  4. No Display on DVI After POST

    That's an old model. What resolution is windows set to when its connected to DVI?
  5. No Display on DVI After POST

    you have the monitor model number?
  6. No Display on DVI After POST

    Is it DVI on both ends or DVI to HDMI?
  7. Terrible performance with high specs

    AI Suite.... fast becoming the BANE of my existence.
  8. Can I move a Coaxial Cable Modem from 1 room to another?

    If you're lucky that's how it's set up. Or, even better, they ran a dedicated drop to it. But it could just be a smattering of splitters all over the house. Technically the modem can work anywhere on your trunk. But the signal degrades the more splits there are between it and the node. If you have a panel, or splitters, you can rearrange things to give the modem good signal anywhere in the house. If they did a dedicated drop for the modem you will have to run new cable thru your attic or around the outside of the house to get it where it needs to be. As for the cables themselves there is nothing special about the coax, as long as it is... RG6? Quad shield RG6 using compression fittings is the standard for digital signal. As long as its good quality coax on that spec you can run cable wherever you like
  9. Most HP AIO Printers use SMBv1 also. We already have a ton of PC's that can no longer be scanned to over a network. And HP is not planning on updating consumer level machines to use SMBv2/3
  10. This is some awesome news. But they better find a way to use wood tar or something for it or we'll never hear the end of it from the oil is evil crowd.
  11. Get better fps

    Isn't it just the newest MacBook PRO that has that GPU?
  12. Get better fps

    I'm not sure any MacBook ever really had a gaming capable GPU. Biggest effect would probably be in halving the resolution.
  13. Those 99th percentile numbers are what are most interesting to me. Even where they didn't win straight up on avg FPS they had smoother and more stable delivery. I would really like to see why this is and what happens when both teams are properly optimized for. And would the 11GB on the 1080Ti be what gives it an edge at the top end in 4k but the beefier GPU horsepower on the AMD card keeps the minimums more competitive?
  14. Marines test 3D printed drones in the Middle East

    I don't mean a nail. I mean like barrels and trigger assemblies. Soon as they realized the only thing the government has issue with is the receiver they went whole hog. You can print yourself an AR receiver that looks like a P90, M1A, Tavor, or heck straight up sleeper hunting rifle.
  15. Marines test 3D printed drones in the Middle East

    That was 5 years ago. There are designs floating around now that use off the shelf, unregulated parts, where necessary, and give you an awesome looking, long lasting, firearm. Old tech and trying to mimic the exact proportions and dimensions of established weapons was a bad idea. As soon as they started designing FOR THE MATERIAL, they figured it out fast.