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  1. Kodak Branded Cryptocurrency Rig

    This is interesting; so it is a situation where you pay the upfront cost for the miner then it gets shipped TO Kodak to run it? And you get a cut of the mining from the first two years? That's not terrible if BTC stays valuable. Crowdfunding cryptocurrency mining. Slightly better or worse than leasing? dunno. but interesting nonetheless
  2. Kiosks in McDonalds were not an issue of automation, but one of minimum wage. I constantly wonder what people think is being made by all this automation if no one has jobs to BUY the stuff being made? Economics is self equalizing if allowed to operate. Any attempt to shoehorn it one direction or another will cause more headaches than it fixes. A universal basic income is a wonderful thought. And for some it would be wholly workable. For others it won't be. There can be no single fix because there is no single issue. UBI may be one cog in a future economy but we shouldn't be trying to force it or expecting an apocalypse when things advance differently than we want.
  3. That's not a question of automation it's a question of minimum wage. If people were allowed to work for what they are willing to work for and the economy was allowed to equalize itself without interference, AND if the money were sound rather than garbage, it wouldn't be an issue. Sound money makes lower paying jobs liveable, no minimum wage makes automation and adaptation increase efficiency and efficacy organically, and prices of everything drop. People don't realize how much impact government interference has in making the world we live in more expensive and the value we produce worth less and less. OT: Where does this 1.6B amount come from? is this based on Spotify's rates or a presumed rate from the plaintiffs?
  4. Then don't call it moral, call it ethical, naturally legal, reciprocal and universalizable, whatever it takes for you to wrap your head around the reality. Natural Law, Self-Ownership, Argumentation Ethics if you prefer. It is objective to all rational acting beings. Humans Specifically. For you to claim, argue, or attempt to redefine otherwise is a performative contradiction. discounting your assertion before you ever attempt to support it. If it is requested by the people it can be made voluntary with no ill effects. If it cannot you have agreed it is presumptive and coercive, ergo immoral. If it were at the request of the people the people could also OPT OUT with no ill effects. The fact that they can't belies your assertion. If it were requested by the people a plurality of providers would be able to provide service as close to perfect for the individuals in question competing for their citizenship. They all claim a monopoly on a population, a geography, and violence. Discounting your assertion. People request burgers, ergo it is OK for jackbooted McDonald's thugs to march thru town keeping the people in line and taking their tribute and handing out the burger dole day by day. THe people want burgers, violence, coercion, and taxes are the price they have to pay to be fed. If it is important, and necessary, and utile it can and SHOULD be provided morally. If it is not or cannot it should not be provided at all. I'm sorry not borne out? Are you claiming there is no moral, ethical, or effective differences between Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Theocratic Iran, and say... a liberal democracy like Sweden? Or a benevolent principality like Liechtenstein? or say a grand old republic? One system being less onerous than another doesn't make it moral vs immoral. It is the difference between murder and theft. Cultural form of governance? this is a hard and fast rule. No culture, no sway of age or ethnicity. The philosophy had to be elucidated but the laws and realities they describe are intrinsic to the human condition. You are apparently not picking up on anything I am talking about. The wild west wasn't lawless. That is the whole point. It was unGOVERNED, but it was far tamer than people think and rules were the norm.
  5. I'm not sure it's AMD's responsibility to develop code to support everyone else's hardware in a third party kernel. If anything, hopefully, this might get a dedicated Linux dev to put out a more robust piece of code that DOES do all that. But, I really don't think it is on AMD to do it for everyone else.
  6. I never said you couldn't have authority. I specifically made mention of acceptable FORMS of authority. Derived from self-ownership and natural law. I SPECIFIED presumptive, coercive, and involuntary as ubiquitous to statism and what makes it immoral. Those societies and cultures I mentioned reflect that absence of immorality. These additional instances reflect that. One of the many examples you have chosen to ignore in these last few posts? Heck even outside of state apparatuses. Polycentric law, anarchic society, heck even just LESSER intrusion and coercion like Liechtenstein is a good example. The Wild West wasn't nearly as wild as people believe, some Gold mining communities had what we would term holacratic governance. Tiwanaku, Harappa, Jericho, Çatalhöyük, Moresnet, Godhordh, Xeer. There are many others. And once again I am being PRECISE in my definitions. SPECIFICALLY what is and is not moral or statist.
  7. Government regulation is presumptive, coercive, and involuntary. Regulation in GENERAL need not be any of those things. The NFL doesn't hold a gun to the head of anyone who wants to play football and require them to play by their rules. And nothing stops you from playing football with whatever rules you wish with whatever people you wish. The government doesn't regulate what is on McDonald's menu but if you want a franchise you better believe they are gonna make sure you offer filet-o-fish and Big Macs. But you can go and make your MacDowell's and have your Big Mick with no sesame seeds and russian dressing if you want. ISO, UL, JEDEC, NCAA, NFL, IIHS none of these groups hold a gun to anyone's head to have and maintain a set of regulations. And to produce value and industry leading standards based on their regulations. And you apparently stopped reading early when I specifically state size makes no difference, the premises are what matter. Whether it is one person imposing his will on another, a thousand over a lone man, a head of state over a populace, or 51% over 49%.
  8. Regulation != Government. Regulation is perfectly fine. I don't care what vice it is you are harping on today. The state has no place to impose itself on the voluntary actions of peaceful individuals. all legitimate claims for damages and torts are handled directly and succinctly thru property rights and contract. Regulation for standards and disclosure are well and good, but not imposed at the point of a gun. I don't care about the SIZE. I care about its PREMISES and FOUNDATIONS. I have a very wide, yet precise, definition of regulation. I have a very narrow and specific definition of MORAL and VALID human action. which the state fails. I don't care if its the feds, your municipal government, or one lone mafiosi coercively meddling in your affairs, they are all immoral. a Chief != government any more than a CEO, manager, or property owner equals a government. LEADERSHIP is not RULERSHIP. If it is coercive, presumptive, and monopolistic it is statist governance, I don't even require geographical boundaries to label it as such. VOLUNTARY governance can and has existed even inside statist systems, heck I mentioned one of them earlier. If there is a chief that holds you to task, presumes over your rights, and refuses you peaceably leaving or exercising your innate human rights they are just as evil as our federal republic or a despotic marxist regime. How do you define successful? I personally consider the Brehons pretty successful, Harappa and other Indus civilization societies, Iceland, I cannot remember the name of the city in the middle east that was stateless for over a millenia but when I DO find it I will PM a link to you, there were many in Africa and Southeast Asia, I just haven't read up on as many of them as I have the Irish and Indus. And you should really read thru the entirety of the articles if you are going to double down on misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the terms involved.
  9. Counseling, rehab, and therapy can and do exist without the government. Before the government decided to hobble our medical industry and put fraternal organizations on their heels people had access to all that kind of support without NEED of state assistance, and charity/religious/philanthropic organizations were available to those who needed it. https://tomwoods.com/ep-53-before-the-welfare-state/ https://mises.org/library/welfare-welfare-state I'm not saying people who need help shouldn't get it. I am saying the state is an immoral and ineffectual vector for providing such assistance. You want examples of the state failing gloriously? War on drugs, war on poverty, military-industrial complex, our healthcare costs, the rapid decline of healthcare providers (these last two get covered well in the above media links), every idiotic military campaign of the last century, our education system, Housing bubble, banking collapse, the great depression, dot com bubble, the postal service, state imposed or supported monopoly or industry cronyism a la the railroads or ferries, eugenics programs, etc. etc.
  10. No I'm not, and who says you can't have leaders and rules? People can and will have societies, cultures, associations, organizations, and leadership without the presumption of violence and monopolism. Heck even voluntary governance can exist. Every individual effects the community in everything they do, from being productive, acting on the market, refusing to act on the market, respecting or infringing other's property rights, etc. You do not get a net benefit by aggressing against one man's property rights to support or effect change where no crime has occurred. If you want historical examples of stateless societies I can dig them up. From the handful of middle and near eastern stateless societies, the Brehon Irish, there were a few in SE Asia, etc. Whether your criteria is polycentric law, voluntary association, respect for natural law, or simply a lack of presumption over person or geography there have been plenty of successful and long lived societies without coercive governance. We have voluntary association and regulation even NOW in a statist system. You think they wouldn't or couldn't exist without a presumptive statist system? There's a lot of literature on the subject. BitNATION is an interesting take on making a decentralized non-statist government apparatus, A Spontaneous Order, the Mises University has lots of good freely available literature and videos. https://mises.org/library/private-law-emerald-isle https://mises.org/library/lets-abolish-government https://mises.org/library/law-without-state https://mises.org/library/medieval-iceland-and-absence-government
  11. Who says you can't get groups involved? Communities can come together voluntarily. Voluntary is superior, coercive is inferior, no matter whether you call it government or not. People need to be responsible. People who are in need of help, should be helped. There is great worth and accomplishment in providing such help. There is no worth, no accomplishment, and no moral achievement in using the state to meet such a need. The belief that government is necessary is the greatest lie ever indoctrinated into youth via the state's own school systems.
  12. Yes it is GREAT to look after those who need looking after. Voluntarily, personally, not via coercion and state fiat. People can become alcoholics or get hooked on tobacco the solution isn't prohibition nor prison.
  13. That's a call for personal responsibility and counseling not getting the government involved in policing personal choices.
  14. Even if its a pay to win mechanic that only makes them dicks, it shouldn't be illegal. Getting the government in on this is some of the worst group think that can occur. A loot box is no different than a pack of baseball cards, an MTG/PCG booster, a popcap toy dispenser, or a raffle. Are all churches going to be shuttered for being gambling dens for having raffles? People need to take some personal responsibility and stop trying to get the government to usurp our self-ownership
  15. America's drinking age being 21 goes back to prohibition and America's penchant for being a buzzkill in general, the states decide their own drinking age but the feds pegged federal funding for highways to the drinking age being 21 because of the risk of drinking and driving in younger demographics. 99% of all legislation is complete BS