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  1. My God the grammar and spelling in that article. I'm confused as to how they get lots of other consoles playing unless the add-on does the emulation and just interfaces for controllers and AV. As for the free jailbreak, I don't have any of the classic consoles yet, does it have a USB port or something to allow you to hack and add roms or do you have to tear it open? Hmm... so it appears Nintendo must be using some generic emulation platform? Other similar mini consoles exist that are the same setup?
  2. Bethesda blocks resale of used game

    A reseller defrauding a buyer is already covered by numerous laws, and requires no input from bethesda. So far as I know there is no warranty for software unless and until a EULA is agreed to so there is no warranty at all with a "new" game. If this all boils down to how terms are defined, fine and dandy, lets get a bunch of people together to agree on what terms have what definitions with regards to games. We have tons of acronyms already. NIB, NOoB, NWT, NWOT, Seller Refurbished, manufacturer refurbished, used, open box, now we could add original cellophane, unwrapped, REwrapped, all under the "New" header. Bethesda must be either really bored or in REALLY dire straits if this is what their legal team is doing with their time.
  3. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    That wasn't me saying it is ineffective. I linked you to where they support that claim with statistical analysis. It cannot detect prostate cancer before palpable growths are evident. There are methods, now, that can. And if physically scanning the prostate is how we wish to buttress the other methods an automated and more in-depth method is needed. FACT: DRE cannot detect prostate cancer before palpable growths are present. FACT: Not all prostate cancer will present a palpable growth before metastasis or other complications. FACT: DRE Cannot detect growths analogous to typical palpable growths that are in the anterior portion of the prostate Foundational and routine cancer screening is super important. All the more important is that the screening methods available and promoted are the best available. And DRE is sitting on our laurels. EDIT: Anyone who would take what I am saying here to dictate how they interact with their doctor wasn't going to have a DRE anyway, they will have latched onto something herbal from facebook to cure all their ills. But maybe a few people will ask their doctor for other screening options in addition to DRE and catch aggressive prostate cancer before it gets to that point because of it. DRE is still useful in the niche of cancers that are not caught by other screening methods before they become palpable in the posterior prostate. And in that percent of a percent of cases DRE is still quite valuable. Unfortunately it will, more and more often as time goes on, ONLY be useful in those cases where the cancer was not caught by screenings meant to catch it earlier and where the eventual growth IS in the posterior prostate.
  4. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    Even a non-malignant tumor in the prostate will cause mechanical issues with urination and sexual processes. And as prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent catching it early is important. Especially to prevent the need to completely remove the prostate. And since you can have malignant prostate cancer before a palpable growth is evident the earlier it is found the better. EDIT: Necrosis, Sepsis, and brown recluse bites are "natural" as well. Medicine is all about intervening in natural processes to exert our influence in changing them into ones we prefer over nature.
  5. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    You wouldn't rather catch cancer while its still benign? Before it gets malignant or metastasizes? DRE is unable to catch cancer that early. It is an inferior methodology, we need better. There will be better, eventually. I think my tongue-in-cheek suggestion COULD well do it. But would be ridiculous to try.
  6. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    I was never talking about PSA testing, and my earlier suggestion for a replacement for DRE was merely a better and automated exam of the prostate structure. The problem is DRE cannot catch cancer early because early cancer does not cause growths or palpable changes in the prostate. And cannot detect cancer in the anterior portions of the prostate at all. A deeper and more effective scan is necessary. There are already tests that can catch the cancer by the time it reaches the point where its palpable. Many, less accurate, tests can catch it long before that time. DRE is begging to be replaced. Someone needs to find the avenue to provide it and do so.
  7. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    PSA testing is very iffy. One of the newer, and more effective, tests doesn't look at the amount but the structure of the protein. Source: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/screening-for-prostate-cancer (last updated Jun.2018) EDIT: And if you notice I was suggesting eschewing DRE AND PSA testing in favor of a sexbot that could directly scan the entire prostate more effectively than either.
  8. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    Yeah the problem is its being detected after its enlarged or developing growths, there are other tests that can catch it MUCH sooner. EDIT: By your own criteria DRE fails as a cancer test. Check the source I linked below
  9. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    It's not effective, its been shown many other practices are more effective at detecting prostate cancer earlier. If you are going to argue to keep sticking other peoples' parts in peoples' recta for lesser results why not allow other methods that would remove that ingress and automate a more effective vector?
  10. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    a prostate exam is a prostate exam. On top of the "digital tactile examination" being invasive and uncomfortable, its also been said its horribly ineffective compared to other means. So why not change it to something enjoyable and more effective?
  11. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    You assume an automated prostate exam is just a machine doing what a human finger would do. break the paradigm, think outside the box. Obviously it would be a sex bot that would cath you during intense pleasure and vibrate the prostate directly to "ultrasound" its dimensions and structures. Boom you'll have men lining up for it. Heck they'll want their insurance to cover monthly prostate exams. Although recent research suggests the old school exam is not really very effective. compared to other less... tactile... avenues.
  12. Mmm... so thicc.... I like it. BUt such a high TDP. I want that LED to be able to go from light blue all the way to an angry red based on temperature with a breathing effect that speeds up as it gets hotter. I want my cooler to get winded.
  13. Router WAN ports

    The signal coming in from the ISP and what is going to the router are different. Depending on the setup. The modem is taking signal from twisted pair, coax, or fiber and turning it into standard ethernet signal. If there is actual bad voltage coming in over the WAN port it is a bad modem, unless it is either a combination modem/router from the ISP, or a bespoke system like FTTH where the entire copper circuit is in the house. EDIT: if you have too much power on the line from the pole or bad wiring going BACK to the ISP it will burn out the modem, not the router.
  14. Router WAN ports

    That assumes what the damage is. We do not know if its the chip, the port, a fuse, a cap, any number of possible failure points. Too much voltage coming in on low voltage wires is but one possibility. One which should actually be caught by the ISP tech. The modem would have to be pumping out that power. What kind of ISP is it? cable, DSL, fixed wireless, fiber, etc?
  15. Router WAN ports

    I meant constant traffic could cause it to overheat. We've had issue where routers got burned out when malware was hammering the router from multiple machines