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  1. Jacknif

    Asus VX238 pink tint

  2. Jacknif

    Asus VX238 pink tint

  3. Jacknif

    Asus VX238 pink tint

    Oh well, I guess so. Will try to open it again and who knows, but whatever I got a 24" ViewSonic Display from Christmas and I don't really need 2 screens anyhow. Anybody who had this issue ?
  4. Jacknif

    Asus VX238 pink tint

    Well, It was already doing this on my dad's computer, I tried using different cables, different outlets but nothing does it, it comes from the screen itself apparently.
  5. Jacknif

    Asus VX238 pink tint

    I plugged the screen after 2 days of non use and it still does this, but it was after unplugging it, opening it and plugging/unplugging all the flat cables inside, did nothing but I believe the issue is a malfunctioning cable(s) inside the screen itself, will try it again. My graphic card is working just fine, as I have 2 screens and the Asus is the only faulty one. Also can't replace it, the warranty is over sadly.
  6. Jacknif

    Asus VX238 pink tint

    Hello ! My dad bought an awesome Asus VX238 2-3 years ago and after a year and a half, a pink tint appeared on the right of the screen, so he just put in aside and didn't bother with it. But recently I tried it out and it worked like a charm... for a few days then the tint came back, and it's not the HMDI cable. I'm thinking : It's either the power cord or the screen just overheats. Here's a pic that I found online : http://imgur.com/G9rlKjz that's exactly my issue. Thanks in advance !
  7. Back on the forum after a year.


    Damn I missed this website.

    1. TheRandomness
    2. Jacknif


      Lol thx, didn't know you could answer to people's status directly ! 

  8. Jacknif

    Galaxy S2 GPS : How to fix it ?

    Well guess i'll have to sell my body for a new phone ! lol
  9. Jacknif

    Galaxy S2 GPS : How to fix it ?

    I don't think so since everyone else that have a S2 seems to have the same problem and if that would a hardware's problem the antenna wouldn't work at all, and sometimes it does (for 10minutes if not moving..)
  10. Hello ! I finally changed my old crappy Samsung ACE for a (already used for 3~ years) Galaxy S II which is working awesomely well, BUT (there is always a but) the GPS on it is working like pure crap and since i am using GPS all the time, this doesn't help at all. I rooted my phone, installed Faster Fix, GPS Test, clear cache (etc...) but nothing work. Thanks for reading
  11. Jacknif

    Is Crysis 3 any good?

    Story : Omg aliens yeah let's shoot them ! A little more complicated than that but you get my point Graphics : Amazing Gameplay : Uuh, nice i guess ?
  12. Holy fridge it's awesome ! That 4K Burgers tho i prefer vegetables
  13. Jacknif

    What to do with old hardware when you upgrade?

    Sell it or save it for making another PC
  14. Jacknif

    AMD 7870 Blackscreen

  15. Jacknif

    AMD 7870 Blackscreen

    Would love to but i am poor a student