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  1. Definitely the razer blade stealth for work on the move
  2. Adolf Hitler CPU : i5-6600K (4.3 GHz ) GPU : ASUS TURBO GTX 970 RAM : 1x 8GB RAM SCORE : 6.9 HIGH and READY
  3. I just want to know what PSU wattage should I get for : i5 4690K ( Will be overclocked ) 2x GTX 970 ASUS TURBO ( Blower Style ) overclocked in SLI Additional info : I'll have 1 SSD and 1HDD and 6 120mmx120mm fans of which 2 have LEDs
  4. I would like to point out the PSU. I mean my buddy has one from the same brand and it works wonders. But i mean PSU doesnt really matter as long as it isnt as those bundled with crappy cases. And the looks dont really matter cause you wont be looking at it. The true meaning of that PSU is that it is silent. I want one like that because my Raider PSU makes ton of noise.
  5. You make nice vids. Also you help me speak English better.