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  1. So basically the 11 pro isn't worth the extra money? And I could just buy an 18W fast charger on the internet and it works with the 11? Although I do really like the Midnight green color of the pro.
  2. First of all, thanks for the replies. a headphone jack is a big plus. Otherwise an adapter will work just fine. Too big are note’s and pro max and ultra’s. But that’s where the bigger batteries and better camera’s are. Maybe I’ll wait till the OnePlus 8 reviews are out. Or until the pixel 5 details are out. I’m afraid I’m a flagship snob
  3. Hi, I do realize that this forum gets swamped with topics like this. whether it's for new phones, laptops, video cards or CPU's... Or basically anything electronic. At the moment I am using my Iphone 8. I have noticed my battery slowly degrading. From having 50-60% charge at the end of the day that I once enjoyed. To it dying at the end of a work day. So I could replace the battery or I could buy a new phone. Which I actually want to do. Because hey, its nice to treat yourself sometimes and I actually want a new phone. Getting a new Iphone would be ideal. Since i know how everything works, I keep any saved files, I could keep using AppleCarplay since Android Auto doesn't work in my country (I need to download it through APKmirror and do that everytime they update it.) and I pretty much only have positive experiences with Apple's phones so far. I haven't touched android in years... I switched over at the iphone 5s which was around 2013. So I have no idea how it's evolved. But there are many android phones and i'm not sure if 'just' going for Samsungs S20 range would be the best choice for the amount of money. So I want to ask for help. Which phones are worth their money, or justify their big price point. I don't want to spend money on a phone only to discover later that there was a 'better' phone available at the time, similarly priced. I don't want to spend 1500 euro's on a phone. The regular iphone 11 goes for 900 euro. Which I want to make my max of my budget. And for that amount of money there are a lot of phones available. Things I want from a phone. Preferably a headphone jack, which is wishful thinking. Or atleast a way of to plug in earbuds through an adapter. Ability to make good photo's. Good battery life. Good screen. Nothing too big.
  4. Well I looked at the Pixel 2, and just the camera (according to the topic below) would be it's only strong point. Besides that it is more expensive then the Razerphone, I would rather have better battery life then the best camera. So it's a no for the pixel 2. I haven't looked at the LG v30 yet, didn't even knew LG was still making phones.. if that is a good thing.
  5. So I could use some advise on buying a new phone. At this moment I still use my Iphone 5s, never saw the need to upgrade it, It worked great. Untill some time ago when the battery started to have problems. I barely use my phone and it is almost empty at the end of the day. Also the screen feels like it is letting loose of the rest of the body, whenever I press on the screen I can hear it moving. So I want a new phone, now I just need some good advise on which one. I understand that big phones are a thing now so I will get a bigger phone, in dimensions, then the 5s. But I prefer to keep the phone manageable in my hand. Obviously I looked at the new Iphones and I guess they are good options, I know some people don't like them because lately they haven't innovated enough. I guess jumping from a 5s to a 8 would be improvement enough? My eye also fell on the Razerphone and One plus 5T. I have some positive and negative points for both of these phones but I just want to know what people suggest that actually keep up with the phone market.
  6. Thanks, I was already looking at Audio-Technica. Heard they were very good indeed. And couldn't really decide if Audio-Technica or Sennheiser would be serious 'contenders'. That said I don't know how good those headsets are, considering they brands make professional audio gear. (which tells me the sound and built quality are most likely good, but are they good for gaming? Most likely stupid question ) I first was pointed towards the Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X but that 300 dollars, so yeah. I would like to have a mic on the headset
  7. As the title suggests I'm looking for a new headset. Currently I own a Razer Megalodon and after years of use it's going a bit... well it's slowly dying I guess. Now I have searched the forum a bit, some topics don't have any responces, some have some suggestions but I still don't know which headset to choose. There are, after all, al ot of brands with a lot of different types of headsets. Now something I would like to make sure the new headset has, is great audio quality. I have some Sennheiser earbuds, actually I had 2. the first were the CX 5.00i, the cable was damaged (the copper threads were comming out of the cable insulation.) and apparently wasn't part of the warranty (within the first year after I bought them). The second pair of Sennheiser earbuds were the Momentum ones. I must say that the CX had a better bass to them but the momentum were a lot 'clearer' to listen to. Lets just say the difference was very noticeable and while I missed the bass in the beginning. I have come to love the Momentum earbuds as well. So my first thought was to check out Sennheiser's offer on headsets. And again, a lot of different types of headsets. So after reading some comparisons, and top 10 lists of headsets. I still have no idea which headset would be a good choice. Are there people here who could give me some advice and recommendations. I'm looking for: great audio quality, build quality and comfort. Preferable nothing to 'gamey' looking. Note about the Razer Megalodon: It does have a 2.0 and 7.1 mode, but I barely touched the 7.1 mode. (Even though it could be helpful in games.
  8. Would that explain the not functioning pump? (when it's connected) Or the fans going even faster then they already were. I have managed to set some settings in the Bios (in the fan setup) to be custom. I have gotten the fans a bit slower but still fairly high rpm and high noise. And the pump still doesn't work when it's connected. also just had my first cpu overheating error.
  9. Hi, So I completed my new build and I am installing everything I need atm. But I do have a problem with some bios settings. My fans just keep going at max speed, I've tried some different settings in the bios. I tried the qfan (something like that) and adjusted everything to manual. Because the standard, even silent are still a bit loud. That said I don't really understand all the different settings and option in the bios so I would rather not just go and find it out for myself, just to make sure I don't break anything. (Considering it almost took me 2 months to build this pc. I had some trouble with a few EKWB products.) Some specs: CPU: Core i7 6900K (might not be that relevant.) Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V extreme (u3.1) Videocard: 2x gtx 1080 MSI Custom loop with 2 extra thick radiators, one with just four fans and the other with 8 fans. One pair of 4 fans on the CPU connector, the pump isn't connected to the motherboard. It only works then, If I connect it to the CPU_opt it won't work and all the other fans are going at full speed. The standard fans in the case ( four in total that I also have connected to a fan controller on the MB) don't work either. The other fans on the radiator have been connected to the fan controllers on the motherboard which were available. I am sure I am doing something wrong, either in some setup or wrongly connected fans. Any one can help me? Or give me a rundown of how the setup the bios proper?
  10. I'm interested in the new AOC, has there been any new info on quality or a review of some kind? From what i've heard the AOC is conpareble to the LG 21:9 but a lot cheaper, Antoine know if that true?
  11. I might aswell respond here, instead of making a new topic, since if people are going to recommend some good Gsync monitors then my question is also awnsered. I'm also looking for a new monitor and don't know what i'm after. I have nvidia cards so Gsync would be a plus an I mostly play rpg's so I won't need that quick of a response time either. I would like a monitor with great color quality though, just because ;p
  12. Wow 1 million subs, didn't know LTT was that big. I haven't been watching LTT videos for that a long time but I'm glad I am now. Great reviews of product and great advice. I believe I even started watching LTT for the pc build guide videos, you guys made it possible for me to build my own pc, so thank you. ( I know there are a lot of guides out there, but watching a video and actually seeing someone build a pc instead of reading some text gives a better idea of what to do and how to do it.)