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  1. lieudusty

    Was iOS 7 icons created using Microsoft Office?

    Apple secretly uses Microsoft products behind the doors
  2. lieudusty

    non US citizens have no rights to privacy

    The second I read that I thought of Linus and Slick taking a shot at EA like they do on every single livestream.
  3. lieudusty

    Is this Slick at work?

    Sounds a lot like Slick lol
  4. lieudusty

    Just new here

    Welcome to the forum! This place is very friendly and you'll get a response probably in any time of the day. Enjoy your stay!
  5. lieudusty

    The Forums Story by Samdb

    Great story! :P
  6. I've started to get an interest in computers at a young age, probably around 5 or so. I took a trip to visit my grandparents and my uncle lived near by so we visited him too. When I got there I saw him upgrading something in some computer. It looked really interesting but I didn't know anything about computers. So later on I often watched Youtube videos on computers and Googled facts about them.
  7. lieudusty

    Benefits of SSD

    I demand to see that story!
  8. lieudusty

    How long do you stare inside your computer?

    Mostly never because its on the ground and I have things that cover up both sides of the case so just the front and top are visible
  9. lieudusty

    Benefits of SSD

    Thanks for the response in great detail!
  10. lieudusty

    Benefits of SSD

    Hi! I'm looking into buying the new Samsung EVO SSD. I've never owned an SSD before so I'm just wondering, is there a noticeable performance difference when using the computer besides a faster boot up? Any response is appreciated thanks! EDIT: Can anybody recommend a certain SSD? I'm looking for one from about $100 - $150.
  11. lieudusty

    Windows 8 Professional Product Key Information :(

    Aww I was looking forward to see who won the giveaway :(
  12. lieudusty

    Windows 8 Professional Product Key Information :(

    I don't have a legit copy of Windows 8 and I'd love to have a legit version! :)
  13. lieudusty

    How long is your computer running everyday?

    Most of the times overnight, but sometimes I turn it off :P
  14. lieudusty

    What’s the worst part of your rig?

    The fact that I don't have an SSD :/