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  1. So last year I bought my one son a new laptop for school the other one used my traveling laptop and they worked great. I started to look into laptops to upgrade my other son and I find that I get caught up the second I see an Intel labtop I just dismiss it right away. I used to be an intel fan but now I just wonder if any anything I see is worth the money that is charged for it
  2. Norman

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    it was just intresting that it was on a facebook post and it's a tech thing if facebook is censoring
  3. Norman

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    it finally posted on a different computer
  4. So I had something happen today and I want to know if the states are being censored. Tweektown posted about people suing China for Covid-19 for some large amount of money. I posted that people should look at suing their president because his lack of action was what made it worse. I tired to post it and it failed and wouldn't post. What is everyone's thoughts on this it makes me scared.
  5. Is it just me or is float plane gotten bad in the last 2 days. Every time I click on a video it takes forever to play or just doesn't. I've got a great internet connection but I think their system might be overloaded.
  6. I just updated in window to get some Drivers seems to work for now. Had a hard time finding them as well.
  7. Just thought I would post about this if you have telus fibre look into 300 up 300 down for only 5 bucks more a month then 150 up 150 down and they also got gig internet for under $150 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7489723302
  8. A new power supply might cost a little now but if you wait you might fry your whole computer. For the most part power supplies are cheap.
  9. I built my computer over 5 years ago. I had to change graphics card because I bought a power color card. Other then that I switch to a bigger SSD. I don't game anymore so it works for me and I will never buy a pre built again
  10. Well figured it out took out an old graphics card that I had in there fixed it right up What a weird issue to have because of graphics card
  11. Built computer last year everything has worked great till last night. Windows restarted out of nowhere boot looped till diagnosis screen popped up did diagnosis nothing showed up wrong. Reformated hard drive loaded windows wouldn't launch windows after reinstall. Did that again tried a few things on you YouTube nothing made a difference. Finally grabbed a known good ssd. windows loaded no problem. Contacted SSD maker about RMA looked at the computer was back where it started. I dont know where to go now any help would be helpful
  12. would like to see one more set of bench marks for the high end intel see if it make difference
  13. Not Sure what you would like for advise. Hard to advise without budget and that being said it's hard to advise when you are on other side of world. I always recommend buying used but if not an option buy a theater in a box and upgrade it as you figure out what you want. One other thing if you are going to buy a theater in a box make sure it has a receiver without a DVD player built in they suck for upgradablity.
  14. I wouldn't use as monitor. I tried to use a 1080 32inch TV as monitor and I found the resolution was not enough. So going to a bigger screen with less resolution will make it unusable IMOP. I think that any thing bigger then 24" should be higher than 1080.
  15. it's a tech toy and could be used to explain to people that don't understand basic stuff. He is always looking for different video ideas thought I would throw it out there