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  1. I am looking a 15 inch laptop that can run wow and league in 60 fps, Something similar in form to the razer blade, but not as expensive
  2. Hi there, i am looking for a new phone. I have a budjet of around 350 to 400 dollars off contract. Id prefer a phone with the latest/close to latest sowtware update. I am used to sony xperia s witch is a useless piece of shit in my opinion, with random crashes into it refusing to turn on for days. I could consider an iphone 5s/c if it falls into that price range, but no to other stuff from apple. Please post an amazon link if you can find one. <3 English is not my native language, correct any mistakes please
  3. Ive been looking at the se215 for a while but those horror stories with the cable makes me unsure if they will last long enough. Ive also been looking at the sennhiser momentum in ears but id prefer if the cable would go over the ear, like the se215. I also wonder if steelseries flux is good in comparison to the other earphones.
  4. Hello, i am currently looking for in-ear headphones for around 100 dollars. I usually listen to music such as Avicii or David Guetta, so id like a "warmer" sound signature. But they have to be durable because i manage in someway to break every headphones down by the connector, i am used to use http://www.siig.com/av-products/accessories-av/earphone/sonicbuds-noise-isolating-earphones-black.html, i have used 3 of them.