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  1. Well, guess I got nothing else to lose. Thank you very much for all the help you gave. Thank you thank you. Ill update this topic when I reinstall.
  2. Okay sadly that has done nothing. I tried a transfer between my server computer and my main one (this one aka the problematic one) and I got full 1000. So it isnt the cable, it isnt the nic. I tried downloading speedtest and I got 250 instead of 180ish but still not full speed. The confusion is real. At this point I might just switch to linux.........
  3. Oh forgot to add sadly your recommendations didnt help
  4. This happened after I moved. Same router though (edge router) and same switch though. Also oddly enough it lets me do two instances at "full" speed... Although Im not sure if that tells me anything
  5. Im running version 1903, just updated it 2 hours ago trying to figure out this problem. Ill try cleaning my DNS and reseeting my TCP/IP stack and report back but sadly I am not hopeful. Really dont want to reinstall windows though
  6. Hello, I am having some weird Ethernet problems on windows 10. I have a one 1gig download speed. My other desktop gets the full 1000 down. But my main desktop doesn't. My main desktop gets 150 down sometimes 180 down. Ive tried changing the cables and Ive tried changing the ethernet ports. Nothing. I got confused so I got my laptop out and to see if it is the cable and the laptop gets the full 1000 down. So I thought maybe its windows? So I installed mint on a flash drive and booted into it. BANG full 1000 down. So it isnt my hardware? So whats up? Ive tried uninstalling my intel Ethernet drivers and reinstalling them and nothing changes. Any ideas?
  7. Hello! So I'm not really sure if this is a networking problem/question or a storage problem/question (Its likely both actually) I have an odd problem. So I am using a 1 Gigabyte connection on all my important devices. My desktop using 1 gigabyte and my "NAS/Media Server" (Aka A 2010 Mac Mini). When I transfer files I only get 30-40 mbs a second while transferring files from my desktop to my Mac Mini. What I think is the problem is that Im transferring to USB 2.0 mass storage devices which has a speed cap of like 480 megabytes per second I believe. So those 30-40 mbs I was getting now make sense. So I tried to find ways to increase those speeds, the obvious solution would be to add USB 3.0, doesn't seem like I can on that mac mini. So I'm stuck. How can I get faster mass storage? The only thing I can think of is to remove the optical drive and replace it with a 8tb hard drive or something but thats not cheap and then I can't use my usb hard drives. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. I want to win so I can give it to my friends little brother that needs a computer.
  9. Hello so I have a ASUS Z87-EXPERT motherboard with the wireless card built in, I have a Nighthawk router that is located in my family room. My Desktop is a floor up on the other side of the house (so there are like 4 walls my router needs to pass through to get to my room. I also have a NVidia Shield and I want to use it to stream games from my desktop to my living room but because of the range it lags, etc. So I was thinking of getting a TP-LINK Archer T8E AC1750 Dual Band Wireless PCI Express Adapter ( http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RL4A314?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 ). Will that help or is it just a waste of money?
  10. So I want to buy a pair of wireless headphones for my TV. Any ideas? i have 120$ to spend. I was looking at the Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock and the Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphone, Black
  11. So I have saved up a fair bit of money and I want to start 4k gaming, I have 1 970 and I was going to buy a new one so I can run them in SLI. Questions: Number 1: is it worth the money? Number 2: Will two 970's in SLI be enough power to game in 4k? Number 3: Whats a good (cheap but not crap) 4k monitor?
  12. Thanks for your help also what 970 do you think is the best. I was going to go for the Gigabyte 970 but if there is a best ones from a different band I'm all ears.
  13. i7 4770k 3.5 GHz 16 GB of DDR3 Ram Asus z87 expert Motherboard 1 SSD 240 GB, 2 1 TB HHD's, and 1 3TB HHD and a 750 watt PSU What I would like to know is if you guys think think that my computer would be okay with using another 970 for SLI usage. Thanks.
  14. I just want everyone to know that I truly LOVE pie. Thats it thank you for reading Goodbye