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  1. It's a much better card, no worries there. The problem consists in the fact that any card you get (theoretically) now will drop even more in price since the 3000 series ought to be released in late summer-ish. Obviously you did get your card and need to get through this buyers' remorse. Don't worry $180 is not a total rip-off. So if one wants to really really play right now - get a 590, sure. Otherwise I'd wait and snatch a super-series 2060 card in half a year (as an example).
  2. That's the thing though, Android by itself has some customization, limited by stuff the phone provider wants, but still much better than iOS. Haven't felt the itch to play arought with it yet, likely will only happen once I have a few days off in the future. Not any time soon though Would be need to experience something new on an old device.
  3. Never had the time to get into tinkering with a custom ROM, though there's a Galaxy S3 lying around in a drawer. Perhaps this summer. What's your experience with a non-custom vs custom on the same device? Battery, camera, audio output?
  4. Would you not consider 3-4 years as a decent amount of life out a piece of electronics you carry around and use intensively for such a long time? No breaks, never left on the shelf, nearly never forgotten before going on holiday, etc.
  5. Judging from how much RAM my phone has and how much is generally left unused - 4GB ought to be enough. My usage hasn't changed much in the last 3-4 years.
  6. There's BLU BL70 or something like that also launched this year. Same features, less expensive. Though don't expect the same sleek-ness, I guess.
  7. https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_xcover_fieldpro-9937.php https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_xcover_pro-10001.php It's as if these are just cookie-cutter phones. But they're not! All the hallmarks phones with a long life ahead of them! There's barely any hype about this great step forward from Samsung. And here I was thinking i'd have to stick with my LG V20 for years and years. Nope! Once this falls to 300-ish, id definitely grab either of these models.
  8. Something similar happened to Tod Cutler's channel
  9. Hopefully, if all goes well, I'm be getting a barely used 8TB WD Red tomorrow for $180.

    1. FIXXX


      Got it!


      Not a Red label, a white one. 

  10. Trying to pair the headphones to the laptop, drivers all up-to-date. When searching for new devices - these appear as in the image below. Tried power cycling the headphones, and resetting them via the app and via the hardware method (volume +, -, and noise cancelling for 10 seconds). No luck. Any ideas?
  11. Dracula (2020) is utter garbage. Not even sure who would read that screenplay and thought it good.

  12. How come kids animation back before the 2000s was so much more normal? Most of it now looks like a fever dream of a crazy person with access to an animating studio.

    1. handymanshandle


      I miss rational color palettes in... damn near everything animated. Now everything has to be insanely bright and conflicting and it’s extremely annoying.

    2. FIXXX


      It's downright child abuse, or nearly that. It simply cannot be good for their brains to be assaulted by all that.

  13. WoW. The best dps essence is gated behind grinding PvP battlegrounds. Are Blizzard for real? Just bailed on a battlegroup slated to last 45 minutes. Really?! Anything longer than 15 minutes starts to feel like a slog to me.

  14. In night shots, Nilfgaardian armor can be overlooked. But in daylight .. Jesus. It's a shitshow. 

  15. Probably means extend someone else's network with your access point, and use said extended network for your access?
  16. Seems to me that out of all the components, in my experience, the Monitor is worth the most money in terms of perceptive value.

    Spend as much as you can on it.

  17. Cannot wait for patch 8.3 of WoW.

    Will pirate Borderlands 3 and give it a try. Will buy it on Steam once it finally releases there, obviously. Borderlands games have very good replay-ability. 

  18. Status update:

    R7 1700 3.8Ghz at 1.31v seems to be stable. Encoding for over an hour at 80% or more load.

    Temps 65-66.

    Had to raise voltage to 1.31v 2 times since having the odd restart after a sufficient load.

    1. FIXXX


      Ballz. Increased to 1.32v

      Temps at 70 now.

  19. I keep seeing "fake news" bandied around. 
    Maybe I'm missing something - but is that not just .... lying? 

  20. I've seen so many benchmarks done with this game and even tried the game itself. Sorry It was utterly uninteresting. Probably too old for Doom/Serious Sam-type games.
  21. Not like i'm planning to play games. Just want to be able to have all the photos and videos offline along with most of the music i'd like to listen to as most music streaming services don't support my location and even if I do start using a lesser service - it sucks up lots of mobile bandwidth over just a few days.
  22. Got a 256 one for $27.99. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072HRDM55/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  23. I will very much enjoy watching the playthrough of Death Stranding.


    Thank you, youtube.

    1. dizmo


      Really? I don't think I could watch it, it looks boring as fuck.

      I might play it, but even then, unlikely.

    2. FIXXX


      I'm the type of guy that downloads playthroughs of console exclusives, and not only. And watches that stuff like tv shows. Proper good stuff, imo.

  24. Focus Assist in Windows 10 is surprisingly underappreciated but very useful!

  25. EMCUTTD34 shows -$2, plus the $4.99 for shipping totals at $57.98, for me.