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  1. My Predator 15 That supports GSync Enabled Monitors, NOT it's OWN-Native Monitor, reboots every time for NVdia drivers updates. This really inconvenient for me as I didn't have to face this problem as that Had Intel HD graphics enabled. I understand that the reinstallation process for NVdia drivers is usually is like this where the Intel HD graphics is disabled, but is there a way to bypass this restart process once every week to update the drivers?
  2. I want to change my shitty LITEON OEM raid 0 256GB SSD with a single FASTER & RELIABLE drive in my Predator 15 Laptop with same capacity or more. Use case : - As system & boot drive - Heavy Gaming & Productivity (From Programming, CAD to Photo & video editing) - Frequent Downloads ranging from relatively low file sizes to 60 - 80 GB+ - Need to be Fast & EVEN MORE SO, Reliable What would be the best Bang for the Buck NVME m.2 SSD under Such criteria?
  3. So what does these 100 - 100 mean? As you can guess, never used crystal disk info.
  4. But is it as slow as 30-40/50% of read speed?
  5. *Sigh* I don't know man, I was thinking the same at first about longevity. But 1. It came with the Laptop, so I don't know if I couldn't do anything about it in the first place 2. I don't know if this Predator 15 supports NVMe m.2, 3. All the OEM software were in these drives put in a way that as long as I don't install a fresh copy of windows on it, their drives & other software would be there, even after resets. 4. I don't know what OEM Raid is, or how to undo it, or How do I copy all the data from such a drive to single bigger SSD as I was told by their customer service that some of the drivers which can't be found on their support website "MIGHT" be able to retrieve them after Calling the customer care & then them looking it up, if such drivers were available. Btw, it's 128X2, 256 GB in total, not 120.
  6. I bought this Predator 15 (Full Spec bellow) in April this year from NewEgg & have been a heavy user on it doing lots of Heavy Gaming & some productivity works. I ran the Crytal Disk Mark on the OEM RAID 0 SSD I use as my system, boot drive & Gaming & such. The SSD themselves are from Kingston while I saw in some sites their Predator 15 ones were from Samsung. Regardless, After I ran the benchmark multiple times using different sized files, I found that the write speed is about 30 - 40% of the read speed, except for 4K where it's the opposite (Given in the attached photos). Am I doing the Benchmark wrong? or Is it the same with all m.2 Kingston SSDs? or Have I ruined my SDDs? Spec : Predator 15 G9-593-765Q CPU : 7700HQ GPU : GTX 1070 RAM : 16GB DDR4 Storage : SSD : 2 X m.2 128 GB (256 GB in total) Kingston on OEM Raid 0 HDD : 1TB 7200rpm
  7. After fixing my laptop, realized the guys who "fixed it" messed up the thermal pads, including tearing, misplacement, dirt & so on. I put them back correctly as best as I could, but was thinking, should I change them? And if so, what is the thickness and is there any preferred brand or model of pads for gaming laptops? Specs : CPU : 7700HQ GPU : GTX 1070 RAM : 16 GB
  8. Thinking about changing my thermal paste, was thinking If I should consider this new pad instead for my laptop? Specs : CPU : 7700HQ GPU : GTX 1070 RAM : 16 GB
  9. Hey Guys, I bought this Acer Predator 15 from NewEgg a few months back and shipped it to my country through a third party. The adapter of the laptop was damaged and stopped working after a lightning strike hit the surrounding area while the laptop was charging (There is no ground connection in this house) . I couldn't find any genuine replacement for the adapter from Acer in my country and had to use & still using an adapter, with similar specs but, that is meant for another laptop. Recently, while doing some heavy, long gaming sessions of Witcher 3 & GTA V, I realized that the charging connection was being disconnected, repeatedly, for a few seconds due to some reason and I, later, found spark/melting marks in the pins of the adapter that connects to the power cables that goes in the power outlet. Could it be due to some overvolting issue or something else? Or should I be worried and change my adapter and buy one similar to the one that came with my laptop. IF so, where can I find the one from the brand "Chicony", as shown in Pic 1 (this one came with my laptop), as the ones I found in Acer Store (as shown in the link) and other Online retailers weren't of this Brand. The Pin type is shown in Pic 2 & 3. The Specs, in case anyone was wondering, are : AC in : 100-240v ~ 3.5A 50-60Hz DC out : 19.5v - 11.8A 230W Link To the one from Acer Store US : https://us-store.acer.com/230w-adapter-with-power-cord?___store=usa_en
  10. Yea, the manufacturer isn't an option in my country, could only find desktop components in their website and only the display connector in a third party website.
  11. Hey guys. So while cleaning today, those paper (thin) ribbon cables connecting the Keyboard & Power Button to the MB, in my laptop broke. First the blue thing on the head that was supposed to help you connect the thing came off, tried to reconnect them but didn't work. Then, as I tried to re-insert the cables without the blue thing, the pins on the heads had bent or were half broken but still worked. As I had to connect and disconnect them a few times to fix some problem with my fan, one connector had half of the pins on its tip fall out and the other had them cut/broken from rest of the cable, just bellow the tip. So my question is, just to be sure, as stated in the topic name, can I change these cables with something with same number of pins? PS. I'm from outside the US, in country with no Amazon, PayPal or shitty, if any, common manufacturer supports.
  12. Hey guys. I had to send my Predator 15 for servicing and they had to open up the thing including the cooler. But that means the thermal paste on both the Cooler and CPU+GPU was exposed for at least 30 mins to a few hrs. My questions to you, 1. Does the thermal paste needed to be reapplied under these situations? 2. Is the electronic display cleaning liquid/spray a valid replacement for isopropyl alcohol or any other thermal paste removing product? NOTE : I live in a country where high end thermal solutions are few and far between including thermal paste. There are only one or two thermal paste products available to the consumers, the quality of which may not be the same (could be lower quality) as the one that came with my Predator 15.
  13. Asus X550LN Cpu : i5 4200u GPU : GT 840m RAM : 8 GB Used for long gaming sessions from 2014, after 30 mins of performance use temp goes to 90° + So my notebook CPU has been throttling for over a couple of years now and thought might undervolt just a little so that the temp might go down and can use it for long sessions of browsing and videos. Used intel XTU to go under -.05 V and was doing fine, but then Stupidly jumped it to -.1 V without thinking, PC rebooted instantly and got stuck doing the windows logo loading, as shown in the photo. Can used the X drive cmd from boot troubleshooting but can't reset windows. And I need the files on the C drives as well. Can I reset the voltage anyway without installing a fresh windows, is it possible at all?
  14. No too many MSI with a 1070 in my budget in US or in my Country though
  15. Asus Link : https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1TS-001A-004H0 Acer Link : https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834315892&cm_re=Acer_Predator_15_G9-593-_-34-315-892-_-Product Which one to buy?