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    I would like to be the best grill gamer there is out there, I will use that xsplit account to make my stream the best grill gamer stream there is out there, with the dankest white boards and all.
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    I got my invite, downloaded and played, it's...I'm speechless.
  3. Yeah really enjoyed playing with you all, especially when we were all sighing over 1 person disconnecting
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    Was a good meet up today all, had tons of fun when we were actually in the game!
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    Will try my best and get all this done!
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    +1, I think this is a great idea, I am totally on board with this! Would love to see a lot more of these operations come to play, really brings out the crowd that we have behind us!
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    Keep em coming, the more good ones the better
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    So I am trying to find a picture of Gary Oldman to use for the infograph, anyone got any suggestions on which picture? @ixi_your_face
  9. So I sent my H100i to RMA, got a H100i GTX back instead, am very happy :D

    1. JoaoPRSousa



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    HDR selfies for all that high quality selfies
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    What kind of float is this?