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  1. Probably my favourite quote... That's AMDs fault, not the consumers. Why should consumers get a worse product for the same price just because competition is a good thing. AMD should be making the competition for the consumers, not the consumers getting a worse product to keep competition alive.
  2. Recka

    980Ti at 21:9 1440p monitor

    Check 1440p benchmarks and see how they go at first, 21:9 is about 1/3 more pixels at about 4.8 million where as 16:9 1440p is just under 3.7 million. For reference 4k is about 8.3 million so if it does 1440p at 80+fps you're probably not going to be dipping below 60fps.
  3. Sounds like a CPU power issue... Might be a faulty 4/8pin connector on the PSU?
  4. Recka

    LoL VS. DotA 2?

    Prefer League, GF prefers DOTA. Both games are fun but when it comes down to it, LoL wins where DOTA fails. SHURIMA
  5. Recka

    Can you crossfire a 390x with a Fury x?

    My bad, not too up to date on AMD and I thought the 300 were still Hawaii, original point stands though!
  6. Recka

    Can you crossfire a 390x with a Fury x?

    Nope, crossfire requires same architecture family (390x is Hawaii and Fury X is Fiji).
  7. Recka

    One titan X or 2

    Sell the Titan X for like $700 (if you can) and use that to put towards 2 980ti's. 2x980ti's is about $1300 and 1 titan X to SLI will run you $999. Take out the $700 you made from the titan X and you've spent $600 on the upgrade. Plus you can get aftermarkets if you spend a bit more which OC better
  8. Recka

    Any benifits the furyX has over the 980 ti?

    Give it about 2-3 weeks before buying one because drivers MIGHT make it better. That said, it's the first generation of HBM so don't hold your breath for the greatest innovation known to man ever on this. HBM2.0 should (hopefully) be really good and there's rumours Nvidia are grabbing that tech, too since it's open.
  9. Idk why there's all the hate between Tek Syndicate and Jay in this thread... I love both (Subbed to both of them, Linus, Paul, Kyle and NCIX) and I don't see why this thread is divided between them. I can understand liking one and not the other it's just the "one or the other" attitude this thread seems to have which perplexes me. Also for the people saying he's a dick, sarcasm is a big part of his humour but if you don't like that then that's fair and I can't say I really blame you.
  10. Recka

    Online IDE for C++

    Why not go a portable local IDE? Not relying on cloud/internet and no installing
  11. Recka

    PC ultra 1440p vs Ps4 HELP

    The biggest difference with 60fps isn't the looks (yes, it DEFINITELY does look better and more fluid) but with the feel. When you are playing on a PC at 60fps, the difference is unreal.
  12. Recka

    Do you OC your VRAM and Core? (Poll)

    CPU, GPU, RAM, VRAM and Monitor all overclocked! I can't wait to see a 980ti with core and VRAM OCd to go up against a Fury X with only core OCd...
  13. Recka

    LFG CS:GO Asia/Aussy Player

    I'll add when I get home tonight, won't be free until Sunday night though.
  14. Recka

    LFG CS:GO Asia/Aussy Player

    I mean I'm unranked and only have 50 hours played but monday/tuesday nights I'm generally free...