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Everything posted by iamdarkyoshi

  1. guys help my computer is running hot idk what to do


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    2. Schnoz


      Make sure to have adequate fire protection and be near a fire alarm to ensure that the smoke emitted from the exhaust does not ignite any surrounding material.



      In actual advice, maybe strap two fast-spinning 80/92 fans on the edges of the 480s near the fans. I have this one 80 mm fan that draws 12 volts at 0.72 amps.

    3. CUDAcores89


      you should call the computer on your network "the space heater"

    4. iamdarkyoshi


      I've got its name set as the    h e a t w a v e

  2. iamdarkyoshi

    Win 7 Pro Service Pack 1 update failing

    I can't say I've ever had a BIOS issue cause this, might be worth giving it an update to the latest BIOS and running SFC /scannow using the command prompt. Other than that, might just be stuck. Could try the media creation tool from microsoft if you want to upgrade to windows 10, it'll work off your win7 key
  3. Screenshot_Settings_20190213-012745.thumb.png.0c26644a01dd678629952639d21a4303.png


    No I have nothing wrong, everything is fine


    Honestly kinda surprised telegram's only 3.7GB lol

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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Just excel so pleas don't hurt me for this graph.

      on the left GB download and x-axis time (approximately 2 weeks.) and statistic resets itself every day:



    3. Spotty


      Hmm, maybe it's an issue with the scaling on my end?



    4. iamdarkyoshi
  4. iamdarkyoshi

    The My Little Pony Mega Thread

    I used to watch. Stopped after like season 3. Its not that I stopped liking it, its more a case of I don't really watch TV or movies anymore, I've been sucked into youtube...
  5. Tempted to sell my secondary rig locally and use the cash to buy something different, not really feelin' 4770K and 1070...


    :big thonk:

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    2. iamdarkyoshi


      I mean the board in question is a good 300$ alone, its one of those snsv ITX Z87 boards with the VRM riser card

    3. givingtnt


      ooooo yeaaahhh those are sick

      I kinda want one, but I have too many expansions for such a tiny pc xD

    4. Schnoz


      My Ryzen 2600 is stable at 4.5 on this cheap af B350 mini ATX board and I'm happy. Mobos don't entirely determine stability.

  6. @manikyath



    It seemed to me that an arc started from a broken solder joint, the remains of the terminal move when you bend the mains lead

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    2. iamdarkyoshi


      They don't have the clearance for that on the 45w bricks, they're just too compact.


      Chicony was the OEM of this charger

    3. Jtalk4456


      dell is being sucked into a vortex


    4. manikyath


      a slightly modified quote from JC's avatar: "the sux vortex."

  7. Sub 100$ chromebook challenge:


    Its on!


    Got myself a used C720 with a touchscreen and 4GB of RAM. After swapping the screen with an IPS replacement, its a very usable machine. I'm still under 100$ total


    I'm honestly moving "non crap screen" to the top of my list of hardware requirements on laptops now, second being an SSD.


    Going to be using this as my MAIN computer for a week, we'll see how it goes.

  8. 43:40

    This guy has such a knack for making up words


  9. For those on windows 10


    Open the standard calculator. Not the scientific one.


    Top row of buttons is misaligned. You're welcome.

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    2. iamdarkyoshi
    3. manikyath


      so.. i couldnt even spot it.. and then i dragged it larger and smaller, the top row aligns on pixels differently than the others.


      also, this is what happens when you fire your test team.

    4. Schnoz




  10. IMG_20190129_174232_923.thumb.jpg.3e8ac64520636f1c115655b9ff5c1562.jpg

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    2. DildorTheDecent


      Haha lmao.


      Love Google Gravity.

    3. iamdarkyoshi
    4. Schnoz


      Oh, I must have sneezed on it.

  11. iamdarkyoshi

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I once ran a 1080Ti in a ddr based athlon The bottleneck was just awe inspiring Also, more pre-computer stuff:
  12. @colonel_mortis would be the one to ask Trying to get IPS to implement stuff like an auto macOS dark theme is like pulling teeth...
  13. Would probably require support from Invision, our forums's software. In which case, the answer is most likely... no
  14. The LED in my pump has stopped working


    Wonder what could have caused that


    1. Syntaxvgm


      Because it was WEAK! 

    2. iamdarkyoshi


      At 22V, the pump still is weak lol

  15. iamdarkyoshi

    Moderators on the forum

    Pretty sure this one's been compromised by the dragon of the crunch. BAN AT ONCE!!
  16. iamdarkyoshi

    Moderators on the forum

  17. iamdarkyoshi

    PSU fan with plastic cover?

    Its a baffle, designed to change how the air flows through the hot parts in the power supply. Without it, air would take the path of least resistance and not go through the hot stuff.
  18. iamdarkyoshi

    Moderators on the forum

  19. iamdarkyoshi

    2016-18 MacBook Pros are suffering from "Flexgate"

    Or after you beat the everliving hell out of them
  20. iamdarkyoshi

    Windows 10 theme changed its color

    I mean Activating windows is as easy as using the windows 7 key off an old laptop... It ain't a crack if an unmodified OS lets you use it
  21. iamdarkyoshi

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Pretty much sums it up. I can customize it how I like it with custom roms, UI tweaks, and I can use apps from other sources, like Block This!
  22. iamdarkyoshi

    Moderators on the forum

  23. iamdarkyoshi

    Is Snapdragon 636 considered archaic?

    I've got the mi max 2 and the 625 is actually fine for me. It'll handle 4k and 1440p60 video playback, and phone responsiveness is good. I wouldn't buy the max 3 until custom roms surface though. MIUI is garbage.
  24. iamdarkyoshi

    [Build Log] Name: [TBD] F.T.: i9 - Vega FE - Custom WC

    Evolv shift can't fit them. In fact, it can barely fit two 120mm rads. They can't be any larger than a standard AIO
  25. iamdarkyoshi

    [Build Log] Name: [TBD] F.T.: i9 - Vega FE - Custom WC

    I'm gonna do it with two 120mm rads lol