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    Owner of the world's only 760Ti Succ Edition
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    Reno Nevada                                                 
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    Electronics Engineering, hardware design, gaming, and DIY stuff
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    Just a garbage furfag who wastes his life away on telegram and youtube
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    PC Technician


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    Intel 8086k Delidded
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    Asus Z370i ITX
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    24GB DDR4 2400
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    AMD Vega FE
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    Evolv Shift
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    3 SSD (1TB NVME, 1TB SATA, 128GB SATA)
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    Corsair SF600
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    3x 1080p 144hz LG 24GM77
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    Custom Loop
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    Original IBM Model M
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    Logitech M100
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    5.1 surround Vintage JBL
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  1. In case you don't know, addressable LEDs on motherboards are just using the WS2812B LED's standard, and WS2812B LED tape is very cheap.


    This cost me about 3$:


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. CircleTech


      @firelighter487 Oh yes, like RGB is a priority to facebook and googles servers

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      it should be, in increases fps by 15% and sql querys per second by 15000

    4. Schnoz


      Make it flicker on and off at a high rate to give people seizures!

      Post it as a gif lol