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    Owner of the world's only 760Ti Succ Edition
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    Reno Nevada                                                 
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    Electronics Engineering, hardware design, gaming, and DIY stuff
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    Just a garbage furfag who wastes his life away on telegram and youtube
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    PC Technician


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    Intel 8086k Delidded
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    Asus Z370i ITX
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    24GB DDR4 2400
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    AMD Vega FE
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    Evolv Shift
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    3 SSD (1TB NVME, 1TB SATA, 128GB SATA)
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    Corsair SF600
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    3x 1080p 144hz LG 24GM77
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    Custom Loop
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    Original IBM Model M
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    Logitech M100
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    5.1 surround Vintage JBL
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  1. So windows computers on the network show up with this for an icon on macOS



    I can't stop laughing ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryan_Vickers


      Well then I guess it's only fair Windows gets an "accurate" one for the mac too



      Honestly that's just a bit sad really.  For one thing, they're hardly perfect either.  For another thing, it's not like this is an ad campaign or something like that, this is something built into the OS.  Not super classy to disparage competitors in such a manner imo.  Just looks childish, which I think is backed up by the fact the icon is clearly a joke, given the depiction of what they seem to think a typical Windows machine is.

    3. iamdarkyoshi




      You can barely make it out when its on a 4K screen with decently large icons tbh


      1080p its not noticeable at all


      Its more of an easter egg to me IMO

    4. Ryan_Vickers


      You can easily tell what it is though.  I'm surprised you of all people would say that considering how you're always talking about how you run your 9K 3" phone at 100% scaling and read it from 20 ft away :P