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  1. Hi forum. So need a bit of a quick answer. Long story short, I'm selling my monitor and someone approached me wanting to trade an EVGA 1070 for my monitor. This deal seems great to me as I can get a bump from my rx580 to a 1070 and then still sell my rx580 for the amount I wanted for my monitor. Upgrade and cash yay! However, they sent pictures of the 1070 and it has rust. The card runs fine (they sent videos of it running unigine), it's silent and nothing seems out of place aside to the rust. I'm not sure whether I should take the deal now or not? Could I clean the rust off? Or is it possible to get a replacement heatsink? What says you?
  2. im going to the SSD manager, if not Ill attempt installing on another drive. Thanks so much for the response, been trying to solve this for ages so I hope this helps.
  3. It is indeed the A400 model sir. How would I test if that is the issue without installing windows on a new drive?
  4. Greetings forum. Please help, I'm reaching the point that I might consider just buying a new pc at this point. So my problem is as follows. My computer freezes. Times are a bit random but it's every 30 min or so. Freezes up for a good 15 seconds where I can't do anything, the sound still works though. If I'm in a game, game and everything will freeze but I can still chat on discord. Even happens on occasion when I'm not in a game such as when im working on a word document. Weird I know. So this happened when I upgraded my pc. I got a new power supply (antec eag 550w gold standard), ssd (Kingston 480gb) and lastly graphics card (second hand gtx 1070 Asus dual OC). So I tried reinstalling windows, this helped but not a lot. It reduced the frequency of freezes. I then upgraded ALL, my drivers. No help. Reinstalled MOBO bios. No help. After this I tried running all the diagnostics I could. Hard drive sentinel came back with nothing. Malwarebytes, came back with nothing. Tried resetting the vbios on graphics card, again, nothing. Only thing I noticed was whenever it would freeze, the Gpu usage would drop to 0%. Now since this card was second hand and previously used for mining I thought maybe it was that and after trying to troubleshoot everything else my only thought is it has to he the gpu. So I replaced it. Bought a new xfx Rx590 fat boy. Placed it in pc, installed drivers and boom! It happened again. I don't know where to go now. What could be the problem at this point. Please help. I've also run Memtest now and no errors. Specs: I7 4790 Asrock z97 anniversary Hyperx 16gb (2x 8gb) Kingston 480gb ssd 3tb hdd Antec eag 550w gold psu Xfx rx590 gpu
  5. I'm back! So I ran memtest with both the sticks, 4 passes. First stick, after each pass says "RAM may be vulnerable to high frequency row hammer bit flips". The second stick is busy finishing its 4th pass and only returned the same message after 1st pass. Aside to that no errors. Could that be the problem?
  6. I will do this. Thanks a lot for all the help guys. I really appreciate it.
  7. I'll try memtest86 and DDU. Thanks lads.
  8. Friend told me it could be my ram? Is there a way to test this just in case?
  9. I did manually uninstall through control panel but wi use Uninstaller too.
  10. Gpu does drop to 0% when it freezes. Once pc comes back to it the gpu usage climbs back up. The psu is brand new, only like 3 months old.
  11. I will monitor Temps and let you know. What program would be best for monitoring all Temps such as on vrms if that's possible? I did update the bios somewhat recently but I can update again. Ill do that and let you know.
  12. Updated. Sorry about that. Cpu is not overheating by the way. Surely if it was overheating it would cut out completely or performance throttle a lot before then?
  13. Forgot to do this. Updated, sorry about that.