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  1. Sadly this is not the issue. The problem is still occurring. Think I'm going to upgrade to the EVGA SuperNova P2 850W
  2. I believe I found the solution to this problem. My PC was plugged into a plug socket board which connected to another surge protected socket board. I had a total of 10 plugs in. I removed the standard plug socket board. Now I have just 1 surge protected socket board which has a total of 4 plugs (PC, Monitor, Speakers, Router). Prior to doing this, I encountered crashes when running the Heaven benchmark software with tessellation on extreme. I ran the benchmark twice after changing out the socket board, and it ran without any crashes.
  3. I have a CXM750 PSU in my rig for the past 2 years with no problems. Yesterday I installed the MSI GTX 970 GPU (stock settings). It tends to run most games very well. However in The Witcher 3 I experience crashes. Event viewer stated that the source of the critical error was Kernal-power. I could not find more meaningful information, so I disabled automatic restart on system failure. The game ran flawlessly for approx 1 hour, and then it crashes again. This time I received an error message. "Power supply surges detected during the previous power on. ASUS Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power". What should I do to run The Witcher 3 without getting crashes?
  4. I recently got the MSI GTX 970 for pretty cheap (£209.99) during the Prime sale. Am I required to change the primary graphics adapter to PCIE in the BIOS, and remove the Intel graphics drivers? Also, do the GPU drivers download automatically after boot, or do I need to do manual install?
  5. I am building a new computer and have purchased a 250GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD. I have windows 7 installed on my iMac bootcamp partition and would like to save myself the hastle of reinstalling Windows and programs etc on my new rig. I have seen guides for cloning a HDD to SSD, but since I would be essentially cloning a partition created by bootcamp, could the data migration get messed up? Which cable should I use for this process, since I can't really use a sata? Is there any recommended software I should use for this process, or is the default Samsung software ok for this job?
  6. I have got the enthoo luxe case and I'm a little confused about the pwm hub. As I understand it, the pwm hub will controll all of my fans to regulate the speed. So I would need to plug the 4 pin cable from the pwm hub into the cpu fan header on the mobo and just leave the 12v sata disconnected from the psu? That leaves me wondering about the 212 evo fan, the fan cable is short, so I don't think that it will reach the pwm hub, also the hub seems to only support 3 pin fan connecters (the 212 evo fan is a 4 pin). So im guessing the cpu cooler fan will just plug into another header on the mobo? Would this mean that the heatsink fan would run at full speed all the time?
  7. Im going to be building the following: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/PYYMmG Since I will be using the Noctua in dual fan mode, Noctua states that the NH-D15 should be used with standard height RAM (up to 32mm). I really like the Gskill sniper series, but the modules are 42mm. Therefore, should I look at other RAM, such as Corsair Vengeance low profile?
  8. Would I also need a CPU cooler for a build like this?
  9. I apologise for the essay. Im quite picky! I’m a tech enthusiast that would love to be able to find the perfect PC build for my budget within my currency. I have researched a number of videos and websites, but I can’t find the perfect rig I’m looking for. Help me out if you can! I have set a budget of €1000 for the PC and €500 euro for peripherals such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse etc. (I’m willing to reallocate the €1500 budget if needs be). I am looking to spend my money wisely and smartly, but I would like to get the best of what the market has to offer to date, which would have great value for the performance. I would also love if my components had a good warranty or had great reviews, so that it would be operable for many years to come. My general PC day may consist of running the latest games at 1440p for multiple hours while capturing gameplay to the hard drive. I may also have other applications open at the same time, such as Firefox with multiple tabs opened, Sony Vegas, or Photoshop. Many of the PC builds that I would have seen online within my budget would be to support overclocking. I don’t ever plan on overclocking. Therefore my CPU doesn’t need to be a ‘K’ model. I have researched some Xeon CPU’s which are cheaper than i7’s and offer the same performance, the reason being is that the Xeon is cheaper because it is just a locked i7 w/o integrated graphics, I will be buying a dedicated graphics card, So why would I buy an i7 which I would paying for dedicated graphics? Would this be the best option? Also since I do light video editing, I don’t think I will avail of hyper-threading that much, would I be better of spending my money on an i5 as opposed to an i7/Xeon just for hyper-threading? I would like to have a motherboard which allows for upgradability, but since I don’t plan on ever overclocking. There is no need for me to buy a motherboard which supports OC chips. I find it hard to pick a motherboard here since I want to be able to add/upgrade components, but I don’t ever plan on overclocking. I don’t know too much about GPU’s, but I would like a card that supports 1440p. I would like my GPUs fans to be quite under load. I would also like my GPU to support SLI for future upgrading. I would like to have a 240GB or greater SSD that would allow me to have a fast OS boot time, while also loading my favourite games quickly. I would love a HDD which I can rely on such as a Western Digital or Seagate. I read/write to read quite a lot, so I think I may need a 1.5TB or greater drive. I would like to get an 8GB memory kit or greater … I have seen many gaming build videos that include 16GB memory builds, but I don’t I would need anything higher than 8GB for my requirements? I would like a case which would have a side panel, so that I could see inside with lighting. I would like the case to have a good review for airflow. I would like the case to have a front slot for a cd drive. A white or black case would be good. Again, since I’m not overclocking, I believe I do not need a top of the range CPU cooler? Would I even need to buy thermal paste? Outside of the computer build, if I’m going to get a high end graphics card, which supports 1440p, I should get a monitor that supports 4K? I know that 4K monitors are expensive, but what’s the point of buying a GPU that allows for 1440p when I can’t avail of the graphics on my monitor? Also, is there a point in me wasting my money on a 144hz monitor? The PC should be worth my needs, there is no need to go over budget for resources which I will never use/avail of. I would appreciate any build suggestions that you guys may have for my needs. Thanks.