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  1. Power

    New 280 Strix stays on VGA led

    I'm usually on DVI, I tried VGA and HDMI but it's still stuck at the VGA_LED. I dont think the PSU would be the problem. Did any other gpu ever work in his system?
  2. Power

    New 280 Strix stays on VGA led

    Thanks for the help but I just got back from pulling the cmos battery out, reseating the gpu a couple of times again. The system boots with the iGPU, which I've been using for the month while the gpu was in RMA. I also tried using the included 2x6pin to 8pin PCI adapter instead of my PSU's 6+2pin PCI cable. My previous card had a 6+6pin instead of a 6+8pin power connector though. Still stuck on VGA led.
  3. So at the end of august, I rma'd the XFX Radeon HD 7950 because the fan was broken, the reseller sent me an ASUS 280 Strix as replacement after xfx didnt do anything with my card for a month. I installed the card, but the motherboard does not go past the VGA led. The power connectors are plugged in correctly, LEDs on the gpu confirm. The gpu's fans spin. I have already updated the bios, reset the motherboard setup to default optimized, I tried using another PCIE slot. What should I do? I find it very strange that the 280 does not boot, itsn't the 280 a rebranded 7950 after all? I also don't have another system to test the gpu in. System in sig.
  4. Power

    This is crazy, 1023 watt laser?

    Related? https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/secure-resources-and-funding-and-begin-construction-death-star-2016/wlfKzFkN
  5. Power

    Need to set this straight now!!!!

    the real and only pudding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-N_mW3WakU
  6. Power

    Help! i need to know something about the number 57

    The 57 variation of half life that never actually existed but used to hype everyone up. Kinda related to the real deal
  7. Power

    Help! i need to know something about the number 57

    George clooney, duh
  8. Power

    PC vs Mac

    Exactly, I cannot agree more. Rip in pieces steve jabs.
  9. Power

    EVGA Hadron Air - where to buy

    I LOVE THIS CAPS case* No seriously, someone had to make this console-beating case.
  10. Power

    Next Generation USB Connection Definition Underway

    Even smaller :mellow: Can't wait for actual design
  11. Power

    Good Antivirus?

    I don't have an active antivirus, I just scan with malwarebytes anti-malware every now and then.
  12. Power

    Best PS4 video today lol

    I liked this one a bit more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8OeIo-H0mQ Espescially how one guy just picks up a part from it
  13. Power

    Meet "badBIOS"

    help Anyways, I'm not sure about the genuine existence of it or whether this is a rumour spread by av companies.