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    Lauen reacted to HKZeroFive in AMD Reorganises GPU Divison - Forms 'Radeon Technologies Group'   
    Yep, from people opening cases and getting fucked over with blue skins.
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    Lauen got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in Tesla Model - X got priced first car will come out on sept 29   
    gullwing doors? I see no such thing here? 
    EDIT: nevermind I saw the Tesla page for it, wow 
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    Lauen reacted to othertomperson in A New Company Called Alphabet Now Owns Google   
    So what you're saying is that Google has been reorganised into the First Galactic Empire?
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    Lauen reacted to Tedster in panels wont go on fractal design   
    Well if you swap them over then of course they won't exactly fit?
    I hadn't read it properly, I just assumed they knew
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    Lauen got a reaction from Tedster in panels wont go on fractal design   
    Looks like you have the wrong sidepanel on there, the R4 came with a ventilated motherboard sidepanel or a windowed, and that one is none of those. Anyway, I had the same problem, I measured the case and found it to be crooked, and I just bendt it straight again.
    EDIT: Just realized that the OP did say that they swapped them over, derp.
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    Lauen reacted to NuroKnight in Zenfone 2 bootloader unlocked   
    All of my friends have it, and they have not had any of those problems. And regarding the phone being hot, that happens with every phone, it's gonna get warm if you use it too much.
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    Lauen reacted to Aniallation in Zenfone 2 bootloader unlocked   
    My and my dad's OPO have no issue with the touchscreen or heat.
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    Lauen got a reaction from kirashi in ASUS ProArt PA238QR Review   
    I've got the regular PA238Q, and I love it. too bad my secondary monitor is an ASUS VN248H which has a very different look (even when I try to match it to my PA238Q), I now want another ProArt to have matching displays. nice review!
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    Lauen got a reaction from kirashi in ASUS ProArt PA238QR Review   
    yeah they're amazing for getting into the world of accurate IPS displays
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    Lauen reacted to xtroria in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    HE-400i will sound slightly better than K712, it'll also have better bass
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    Lauen reacted to xtroria in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    You may "use headphone professioinally" but you lack the common knowledge of audio in the first place
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    Lauen reacted to xtroria in Do I need a soundcard?   
    Buy a syba dac
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    Lauen reacted to creatip123 in Looking for TOTL (Top of the Line) Headphone Suggestions   
    Oh, but it totally is.
    You're gonna get arrested by the A.E.A. Audiophile Enforcement Agency. They gonna take you and your 2 grand headphone to their secret base, tie you to a chair, plug the headphone to a 10 grand amp + 5 grand interconnect cables, and force you to listen to 32/192 songs nonstop. The only way for them to let you go is when you scream in agony, 'okay your system is light years better than mine....I swear, on my mother's grave, I won't plug my 2 grand headphone on my onboard, ever again....'. You gotta sign the contract in blood, and put under their surveillance for at least a year....
    *okay, who put vodka in my coffee...??
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    Lauen reacted to Pomfinator in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    As far as I can tell the R70x is incredibly dry.  Nothing really stands out about it, guess that's a good thing in some people's eyes.  But whatever, the AD1000x is a my go-to for mids.  Hmmm classical on AT open-backs...glorious, I don't do it enough heh.
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    Lauen reacted to ym1453 in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    I have been using the m70x for two weeks now and I have to say they have very clear and detailed mids however they are a little too bright and a little lean in the bass.
    If the r70x is the open back version of that than they will be amazing headphones but I haven't tried that to confirm that.
    The alpha dogs however are just phenomenal and are now in 500$ end of life sale price.
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    Lauen reacted to Fluffinator in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    I think you would thoroughly enjoy the HE-400i aswell, at $500 that's what I would pick, planers are great.
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    Lauen reacted to MyInnerFred in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    My vote goes to the HE-500, it's tuned to a more neutral sound while the HE-400 is colored instead.
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    Lauen reacted to SSL in Looking for highly detailed headphones   
    Also I believe audio technica cans are known for good mids, such as the AD1000X.
    Top kek.
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    Lauen reacted to Sanctuary2808 in A revolution in mid-tower cases - the Defcon One   
    Looks nice, hail Hydra!
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    Lauen got a reaction from 4eks1s in I want to have nice pc but will it explode ? who knows   
    Yeah looks like it'll work just fine
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    Lauen reacted to SSL in Sennheiser 598 + x-fi fatality Plat. good combo for better overall sound?   
    It's true, getting even a Fiio E10 and hooking it up to my laptop improved the audio quality by a real 2.9x. Woodwinds were palpably present in the second movement of Beethoven's "Erioica" Symphony (no. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 55).
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    Lauen got a reaction from totjup5 in DEAN HALL Has Left The Building   
    I think what you guys don't seem to understand is that DayZ Standalone is an entirely new game. the ArmA 2 mod was exactly that, a mod. It added some stuff on top of an old game, and there you had it. the Standalone on the other hand is a game built ground-up. sure, there was already an engine for it, but that's just the engine and developing kits. they've made new models for almost everything, they added new mechanics, the new inventory system, they added a brand new vehicle made from scratch, new weapons with excellent models, actual bullet drop and zeroing, diseases including prion diseases if you eat human meat, there's a good eating and drinking system, item degrading, item throwing, new ragdoll, and the list goes on.
    The game has only been in development for two years. that's not a lot in dev time, and there has happened a lot in that time. And it's not like it's a big development team either. I don't understand the hate towards Dean Hall, he made a good mod, which then other people modded further on, and then he got a team, got help from Bohemia, and made a brand new game. And if you start complaining more about bugs: it's still in alpha. Beta is coming sometime next year. and if you start complaining "how can they sell an unfinished game??": It's called early-access for a reason.
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    Lauen reacted to patrickjp93 in AMD x86 16-core Zen APU detailed   
    Many industry experts separate from AMD and Intel wholeheartedly disagree with you. iGPU are expected to take up 90+% of the die on our "CPUs" in the future while only 1% will be CPU cores, and the rest is cache, memory controllers, PCIe controllers, inter communication circuitry, and HBM/HMC.And be aware this is a chip going into the Heterogeneous computing space where performance/watt and performance/area are King. Why do you think Intel is putting iGPU on every Skylake SKU from E7 Xeons on down? Because the future in HPC is compute density, and for consumers both companies want to see Nvidia struggle. Naysaying about APUs in the long term is foolish and ignores a lot of reality, even if in the short term programmer adoption of heterogeneous acceleration is quite sluggish.
    Also, Intel will put more x86 cores on the consumer side when there's software that uses it. If you're a professional, you're relegated to the E series or Xeon E5 where the chips have actually been designed for such a purpose. Unlike AMD, Intel doesn't jump the gun and hurt its own future sales. Software doesn't use 4 cores yet, so why offer hex-core chips on the consumer end when that will mean in the future those "old" chips will become more powerful and dampen sales? Quit bitching at chip designers and start raging at software devs.