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    Lauen reacted to Windspeed36 in Corsair PSUs are made by SeaSonic?   
    Seasonic make most of Corsair's mid and lower end PSU's. Flextronics are responsible for the AXi's and Chicony are responsible for the high power TX's.
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    Lauen got a reaction from Skyfire in Would a sound card benefit the Siberia V2?   
    I used a pair of Siberia v2's with integrated audio for a while (Realtek something on my notebook, and some VIA HD Audio on my desktop which was absolutely dreadful) and then I upgraded the desktop to a DX, audio got a lot clearer, a lot more dynamic sound as well, I could listen to anything and it'd sound better than the old integrated crap. Then, due to some strange microphone problems with the DX, I upgraded to the D2X, and things got even better. 
    and then I upgraded to a pair of Sennheiser PC360s, and now the Siberias sound weird, lol
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    Lauen reacted to SSOB in Ugliest case ever?   
    Prepare yourself ladies and gentlemen for the worst case ever:

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    Lauen reacted to beebskadoo in Any musicians here?   
    i was jk about the glockenspiel. But everything else was true. Need to get another bass though :/ 
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    Lauen got a reaction from beebskadoo in Any musicians here?   
    Bass is seriously underrated! 
    lol at first two
    I love banjo, though. definately one of the coolest sounding instruments, IMO. 
    I played the so-called Glockenspiel (but we called it klokkespill, as I am norwegian) and I managed to play "Old Mcdonald had a farm", I was super proud, I was like.. 8 :D
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    Lauen reacted to Lukiose in Next Generation AMD Graphics (Volcanic Islands/HD9000) Finally Coming. (Official)   
    What if......

    Was actually not for never settle, but a hint to us that their upcoming cards will 'destroy Nvidia?'  B)
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    Lauen reacted to MegaDave91 in Any musicians here?   
    Yes sir
    My name is also David, so I found it fitting :)
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    Lauen got a reaction from mgsstar in Changing Motherboard. Does AM3 cpu's work in AM3+ sockets?   
    I'd spend a little more, and get this actually. I had it myself, and the only bad thing I can say is that the onboard audio was not great, but I'm using a dedicated sound card now anyway. Actually, the motherboard still sitting on a shelf behind me.. 
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    Lauen got a reaction from Quinquangular in Help with overclocking - FIRST TIME! (GPU and CPU!)   
    just a little info: The XMP is a profile, stored for the RAM you're using, by the manufacterer, and once you turn it on, you're guaranteed to get good performance from it ;) 

    CPU overclock: Raise multiplier to the speed you want, I'd say about 4.5 is nice, and then you try to get it running on the lowest possible volt, for less power draw and less heat output. 

    GPU overclock: With Kepler and GPU Boost 2.0, Install Afterburner or Precision X, I prefer Afterburner btw, just set the max temperature to what seems good for you, I'd set it to 85, then it'll automatically boost up when graphics horsepower is needed. 

    (I'm not good at overclocking btw, this is the general idea I have picked up from forums) 
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    Lauen reacted to Xorbot in Antec Nineteen Hundred case   
    Of course I want that in numbers.  Just like I want Radeon HD 7970, not Radeon HD Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy.
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    Lauen got a reaction from MdX MaxX in EVGA shows m-ITX Hadron case, smaller than Prodigy-size   
    Where is the PSU placed in this? 
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    Lauen got a reaction from joelthezombie15 in Antec Nineteen Hundred case   
    They're gonna let you choose accents when you buy it, apparently
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    Lauen reacted to Genecidalic in I-5 Bridge Collapse   
    I saw I-5 and thought of intel so yeah.....
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    Lauen reacted to GamerDude in Ok, I just Did it!   
    No, I meant Crysis 3 Blood Dragon which is loads of fun.... ;)