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  1. I agree with you on planes and ships but sadly we can't do anything about it. We're just people, and even though most countries are democratic, we probably won't be able to make a change.
  2. What do you mean "factories"? Only factories I can think of are the ones that just produce stuff, like cars, electronics and such. If you're talking about things like an oil burning power plant, those are on the way out. Many countries use cleaner sources of power too. Japan has a bit of nuclear power, and I think Germany has wind and hydro power. EDIT: Germany only has 11% renewable energy in their country as per 2008. Might be a lot more now, but who knows. EDIT again: Japan is still going strong on oil burning. Planes: There aren't as many of them as there are cars. If you really want to go after the big greenhouse gas sources, go for cows. But hey, they aren't machines, you can't just reduce their output with a new design.
  3. Funny part about that is that the EGR on the engine in my 2002 Peugeot 406 (2.0 HDi) is notorious for buildup of soot in the valves. They are fully aware of it though, which is why they've made the rocker arms so that they break instead of the valve itself breaking or the valve knocking a hole in the piston.
  4. Most mobile carriers limit speeds to 10-20 mb/s on 4G here in Norway, plus no unlimited data. if I had unlimited data, I would use my phone as a router because the actual internet here right now is only mobile broadband on 4G (gets 40 mb/s as advertised with full 4G coverage) but there is a 20 GB datacap.
  5. Yes it does but I find having EQ on the aux line is easier than fiddling around with it on every device I choose to connect to it. I keep EQ mostly flat anyway.
  6. A pair of Phonar Micro 2, amp is Sony Super Legato Linear TA-FE300R, AUX goes through a Fischer EQ-273, and I also have a Yamaha CDC-655 5-CD player. Rarely use the CD player though. EDIT: Sort of want Jamo 628 though, but in my current living arrangements I have no place for floorspeakers.
  7. I wish I had some better cooling to see what I could do with my 8320, running 4.4 Ghz at 1.284 volts right now with a be quiet! dark rock pro 2 and I get about 62-63 degrees with Prime95.
  8. If they were broken, there would be audible distortion in any use after it happened.
  9. that's probably the worst reason I've ever heard. I'm using a windows phone, and I do like it but I am considering getting an android phone (Zenfone 2) and rooting it and getting stock android, mostly due to the apps on windows phone being few and underdeveloped compared to android and iOS. the OS is great but the apps are very limited.
  10. nah they have an FS700 but I don't know if that uses a different lens mount. Anyway, the GH4 is mostly used for macro and general B-roll, so do you even want the same lens?
  11. I do believe that in the video describing it, they said it was sufficient.
  12. All you guys talking about B cams for LMG must not know that they have a GH4 for B-roll.
  13. Well that explains why my 20 gb datacap is ruined. thanks MS. to those who wonder, the 20 gb datacap is the best option for internet I have where I live. it's mobile broadband on weak 4G coverage. EDIT: There are three computers with auto updates enabled here, which is why my datacap is ruined.
  14. Yeah, looks like it's about 40 mm. my PC360's, identical to HD518 / 558 with a mic on the side. EDIT: used the ruler on the bottom of my screen (ASUS ProArt series) for a quick measurement and it does seem to be about 40 mm
  15. gullwing doors? I see no such thing here? EDIT: nevermind I saw the Tesla page for it, wow
  16. For average Joe it is a fine IEM. I myself love my Soundmagic PL50, but average Joe probably wants more bass.
  17. I'd get IEM's instead of headphones, and who doesn't like the SE215?
  18. Hyper X Cloud II is the best sounding headset apart from Sennheiser and Audio-Technica's offers.
  19. Wonder what sort of cars you've been driving, that makes you think clutches are heavy... The reason buses and trucks have powerclutches is because their clutches are a lot more heavy duty, and they need it, I assume. I've driven a couple tractors, both new and old, and their clutches haven't really been that different from most cars I've driven. Only car I can really complain about is my moms Suzuki Baleno (aka Suzuki Esteem or Suzuki Cultus Crescent) which grips right in the middle but has a lot of play before and after the grippy bit. I've never driven a car that has a heavy enough clutch for me to actually be bothered by it. Sure I haven't exactly driven big cars, but I've tried my fair share of different cars.