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  1. I have the M50 (non X), which sounds pretty much exactly the same as the M50X, and the bass, compared to my Sennheiser PC360 (basically 518 with a mic on, and sounds almost exactly the same as 558) is overdone, it really gets up in your face and blasts you with bass, which is why it's a decent choice for OP. And just look at the raw frequency responses. It tells the whole story about which has more of what.
  2. no. the M50X has MORE bass than the HD558. Have you even used them? http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AudioTechnicaATHM50x.pdf http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD598.pdf (there wasn't 558 but 598 has pretty much the exact same curve) EDIT: mattonfire I think M50X are good for bass, but if they're available, try to get Beyerdynamic DT770's instead. Better in every aspect on earth.
  3. when I got my 920, I went for a walk, at 11 pm, september I think. I took a picture in full auto mode, and the result ended up brighter than what I saw.
  4. to me, the only cards that look good now are EVGA ACX cards, Zotac amp extreme and omega, and on the amd side, XFX cards have always looked great but I've not had a great experience with quality, the old triple slot DCUII was amazing, aaaaaaaaaaand some of the sapphire cards look alright. I'm not too hot on the super colorful gaming cards trend with dragons and whatever. I have the old DCUII on my 660Ti.
  5. that will probably be next year. just sit down and wait. or go do stuff while waiting, that's probably a better idea.
  6. well now you're playing CS like a real pro, low res and high fps
  7. when I got my first desktop machine, I got a really cheap thing for like 300 bucks. Athlon II x4 and a radeon 5450. I got a 6870 after two weeks. what a difference. and I agree with you 100%.
  8. #1 and start saving up for a dedicated graphics card. the iGPU in those new intel cpu's are getting sorta good now actually. http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/core-i5-6600k-processor-review-desktop-skylake,14.html
  9. Wrong section, but not particularly, no. HyperX Cloud are probably your very best bet in gaming headsets under $100. They're 79 on amazon right now.
  10. Compared to what you have now, yes. But compared to what the very top end costs, not really.
  11. This is actually why I don't like most receivers, it's so hard to get them to just play pure sound on all speakers. I've only tried like three different ones but they all had issues. Sticking to good old stereo amps for now.
  12. If I were you, I'd go for an R9 380, a very big upgrade, if you have the necessary power plugs in your computer, and space for it. They're 230 Euros. or an nvidia 960 which is a little cheaper and a little slower (not a lot), and only requires one power connector, while the 380 requires two.
  13. Also try to turn off that advanced equalizer, as that might actually be the culprit of the distortion you're talking about. maxing a software equalizer tends to lead to distortion.
  14. The 7.1 thing is just an EQ change. There is no actual 7.1. It just sounds different, and sorta weird to me. I'd just use normal stereo all the time. When I tried it, I didn't even get better positional audio when using the 7.1 thing, everything just sounded hollow and weird. also are you sure all audio options are max? in volume mixer and in game? and also right click audio, go to playback devices, right click the headset, properties, go to advanced if possible and disable everything. that might help if it's there.
  15. You could probably get away with 500W. Also why a Sensei laser? most laser sensors have a tiny bit of acceleration that can't be turned off.. I'd go for the Rival 100 instead, very similar shape, and perfect optical sensor.
  16. And no VGA adapters on the cable, straight into the DVI port on the monitor? and it's still only 60hz?
  17. well I see your graphics card is an AMD R7 250X. Is this it? You see those inputs? from left to right, VGA, HDMI, DVI. Use the DVI.
  18. according to another thread I saw, the screen should come with a DVI cable. It should look something like this: you need to use that to get 144hz.
  19. you need to use a different connector. DVI is the largest one, and I think that should work.
  20. Pretty sure D-sub (aka VGA) isn't capable of 1080p 144hz. try HDMI, Displayport or DVI. also: the "monitor.exe" file you talked about is monitor.html juding by the title of your notepad document that got opened.
  21. it will fit inside it but there won't be mounting holes for it. Also mind the cable length.
  22. 60C on AMD FX chips is just fine. my FX8320 runs 4.4 GHz at 1.284 volts and when doing prime95 for an hour I get avg 61 degrees with my be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2