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  1. 595's had a more prominent mid and high range. 598's have less highs and mids, also making the bass stand out a bit more, but they are still far away from something like a pair of M50's or even the HyperX Clouds in terms of bass. OP: I am sure a set of 598s (that you mentioned) will do you GREAT for gaming. They have a really open and wide soundstage, a very user-friendly, laid back sound with decent bass (no basshead headphone tho) However, keep in mind that they are open, so they do not isolate outside sound at all, and your sound (if you're blasting your ears to oblivion) will leak out to your surroundings. They are definitely better for gaming than those Monsters, as those are closed, giving you a narrower soundstage (worse positional audio) Also the 598s don't have a mic, so if you need that, look for a zalman clip on mic, or if you have the cash, Samson Meteor, C01U, Blue snowball (ice version is cheaper) or snowflake are good
  2. everything is user replacable if you can source the parts and use a soldering iron and / or hot glue gun
  3. in one way, yes. they all have hyperthreaded cores. 2 of them. http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/processors/corei3/sb/IntelCorei3ComparisonChart10.pdf
  4. the toms hardware slides posted in this thread earlier showed that power draw in torture tests were like.. one or two watts under rated TDP. EDIT: in this document, Intel have gotten details from AMD about it.. apparently. screencap:
  5. http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/cpu_mainboard/amd_s_zen_will_have_a_greater_than_40_ipc_improvement/1 Yeah this is what I found.
  6. I did realize that Intel uses torture testing for that, but source for AMDs TDP testing?
  7. http://hothardware.com/news/cern-engineer-leaks-amd-zen-architecture-details-claiming-40-percent-increase-in-ipc-up-to-32-cores Sure it's not AMD-confirmed, but I believe it. At least it's not WCCF. Off topic: I can't use multi-quote for some reason so bear with me.
  8. Alright I will agree, after reading a bit on a document Intel published on TDP. Strange how the 6600K is nearly 20 watts under rated TDP in a torture test though.
  9. You're the only person saying a 6 core + hyperthreading Zen will compete with a 4 core no hyperthreading i5. You're being quite negative about the future of AMD. It's in our best interest, all of us, that AMD actually does well with the Zen series. Don't dismiss them just yet. It's basically their last effort, let's all just hope they don't die. Don't assume they'll kick Intels ass either, just hope they don't die.
  10. Notice how the 6700K is above Intels rated TDP on maximum load, 6600K is under, and AMDs offerings are also under their rated TDP?
  11. Keep in mind that AMD and Intel rate their TDPs in a different way. Intel use a common use case, while AMD is more like.. 100% AIDA64 type thing.
  12. That's why I also mentioned " and they manage to keep clocks at a decent level,"
  13. IF we look at the numbers we have been presented with before (40% more IPC than Excavator), which means the IPC ends up about the Haswell area, and they manage to keep clocks at a decent level, that's a way too low price. a 6 core Zen cpu would outperform an i5, and mainstream i7s with hyperthreading in multithreaded applications, and would be 10-15% behind in single threaded applications, possibly bringing overall performance to about the same level. Should then be priced just a bit lower than a 6700K, in my opinion, and what seems a lot like his opinion as well.
  14. Not sure what you're not understanding. What he's saying is: AMD need to price it according to their performance relative to Intels CPUs. They can't really afford to undercut Intel as they don't have a whole lotta money, while Intel does.
  15. Yeah I did that when I saw that I couldn't just download the ISO. All is well now, Windows 10 has been installed. Thank you!
  16. Looks like the option to just download an ISO straight off MS' site is gone, but the Media Creation Tool thing is currently downloading it for the upgrade through that. Hopefully this one works. I would look you in the eye and thank you but looking at endermen isn't a good idea for noobs like me.
  17. I reinstalled Windows 7 yesterday (as it was the only option I had in terms of what I had lying around on a USB drive), and after some updating issues (which got solved with a Microsoft FixIt thing that I can link if necessary), and then hours of updating, I got the GWX app again. As I actually quite enjoyed using Windows 10 on both my laptop and desktop, I hit upgrade. Then something close to a minute passed, and all that happened was: GWX closed, and Windows Update opened. I've been googling almost all day trying to figure it out, but it seems like I'm the only one in the entire world with this issue. My laptop is an HP ProBook 4330S, 13.3" 1366x768, i3 2350M or something, 4 GB ram, Intel HD3000 gfx.. and I have my ASUS PA238Q connected via HDMI to have a proper screen while I wait for my desktop PC to arrive. I am running WIndows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Same ISO used for installing Windows 7 as last time I did it, and same used on my desktop PC as well, which also had no issues.
  18. It seems I have solved it by disabling power saving features such as the C6, AMD Cool n Quiet, and some protection thing that "keeps your system from having sudden issues". Seems stable right now. I'll watch a couple episodes of Hunter x Hunter, if nothing happens I'll mark this as solved in an hour.
  19. I just set my FX8320 to 4 GHz using multiplier in the BIOS on my MSI 970 Gaming board, just to get 4 GHz all the time, as I have good enough cooling. I already know that I can't overclock it as well as I could my old Sabertooth board but what's happening is weird. I set manual voltage to +0 just so auto voltage wouldn't fuck up my temps like it used to do, but during this stresstest I've hit a max of 62 C, which I never saw happen, but as of typing this, my temp hit 58 C, and then core speed dropped to 1.4 GHz on all cores, and voltage dropped to 0.8 volts or so. Prime95 is of course running, I'm not getting any errors. The drop goes on for like 10 seconds then goes back up to 1.248 volts and 4 Ghz and climbs up to 58.1 C then drops again... But now temps climbed to 57.9 and then it dropped. EDIT: forgot to mention that core usage stays at 100% all the time What is going on?
  20. My phone (Lumia 925) has build 10586.11 on it according to about info, and it has a bug of sorts, it started saying that I was out of data about two weeks ago, yet I had 3.5 GB left of my 5GB plan. It makes a noise and says I'm out of data even when I'm connected to wifi. Turning off mobile data completely stopped it, but when I turn it back on, it's back. The data usage app also only shows 2.27 GB used on cellular right now, now that I've actually used the 5 GB's I have.