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  1. I have a pair of M50S lying around somewhere. I only tolerated them (with daily use) for about 3-4 months or something like that. I agree with all the points you make in the OP, and I'd like to contribute a quick thing: Shure SRH440 with pads from the SRH840 (sold as Shure HPAEC840 and also fit the M50S) are a LOT better. Cheaper, more comfortable (I found M50S pads to be too small and as such rested on the edges of my ears and they got rock hard over those few months I owned them), a more balanced sound with better definition, a wider soundstage, and since M50S (old version) didn't have an easily swappable cable it was an easy choice to get the SRH440's.
  2. Last update. After testing all sorts of combinations of RAM sticks and slots, I've concluded that one of the sticks of RAM was faulty. I'm currently using the PC with just 1 stick of RAM and have contacted retailer for RMA, and they are sending me a brand new kit with no requirement to return the kit with the one faulty stick. This then naturally results in me getting 3 sticks of RAM so I'll get 12 GB with only cost being my time. Very frustrating that none of the error codes I ever got were actually related to RAM.
  3. Sorry for practicing necromancy on this thread, but after RMA'ing the motherboard, the retailer sent it back claiming there were no issues at all with it. I rebuilt the rig, and had the exact same issues as before right away. Freezing all the time, random black screens, a bluescreen every once in a while. My brother who lives in the same dorm as me has an almost identical rig, and I swapped around some memory from his rig with some luck, it seemed to run fine with his memory. I tried my memory again, one stick at first, was fine, then added the other and the issues came back. After a LOT of extra troubleshooting, I've arrived at the conclusion that one of my RAM sticks is faulty. I will be doing more troubleshooting around that just to be certain before I call the retailer to set up an RMA on the RAM sticks, but so far it looks like I've finally found the culprit. I will update this post when I have gone through that RMA process again.
  4. Gotcha. I will be speaking to the support department of the etailer I bought all the parts from.
  5. Seems I don't even need to be playing games for my PC to crash now, just bluescreened with "video scheduler internal error" while just watching a youtube video.
  6. Disconnected the DisplayPort and ran only HDMI, no difference at all, still freezes.
  7. I also just experienced, whilst trying the game RimWorld to see if that works any better than CS:GO, the game crashed, my main monitor (the Samsung C24FG73) video signal got cut, and I had to unplug and replug the DisplayPort for it to show up again. event viewer is littered with "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
  8. It's a Samsung C24FG73. I'm connected via DisplayPort and I have tried 2 different DisplayPort cables.
  9. I used DDU to remove the newest driver in safe mode, rebooted, downloaded and installed driver 385.41, started up CS:GO and 1 second after spawning, I get a BSOD with "video scheduler internal error".
  10. The other cards I have handy (as described in OP) seem to be dying, as with those the freezing happens a lot more often, and even BSOD some times. Those used to be overclocked but I reverted to factory settings, and my current setup is running completely stock too. Before I got this new card, I tried 4 different drivers, from March 2017 up until the newest one, had same error with all of them. I can try new card with old driver in just a sec.
  11. I should maybe also mention that after getting the new graphics card I did a completely clean reinstall.
  12. I did a complete format of BOTH drives and clean reinstall (multiple times). In the event log I see a BUNCH of errors with the following description: The description for Event ID 13 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event. The following information was included with the event: \Device\Video3 Graphics Exception: ESR 0x408030=0x80000003 the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table. I also see some "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." here and there along with the previously describer error.
  13. oh and I'm using Windows 10, should be fully updated as there are no updates when I search.
  14. Been having this issue for some days now. Recently built a brand spanking new system apart from case and SSD's. I pretty much only play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but the game will freeze randomly, and sometimes the entire system just stops completely, and sometimes it just restarts. I have reinstalled Windows several times, tried both of my SSD's, tried 3 different graphics cards, but the problem persists in one form or another. I had a similar issue right before christmas, but that was on a different motherboard, cpu, ram, graphics card, and power supply. Temps are A-Okay (my CPU barely goes over 50C, gfx card hovering around 60C (checked with Ryzen Master and HWMonitor). The specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler (Noctua NH-D15 is being delivered tomorrow as it was not in stock when I ordered) MSI X370 SLI Plus with newest BIOS from MSI's site Corsair Low Profile 8 GB DDR4 kit (2x4GB running stock speed at the moment but is rated for 3000 mhz) Gigabyte Aorus GTX1060 3GB card (but also happens at a much worse rate with a Zotac GTX970 AMP Extreme and an ASUS GTX660Ti DCUII, both of those have run overclocked in the past but I have reverted to stock speeds for troubleshooting purposes. Those cards also give me a bluescreen, error code "video scheduler internal error) SeaSonic Focus+ 550W 80+ Gold PSU (tried both hybrid fan mode and fully active) Samsung 830 SSD 256GB Crucial M4 SSD 256 GB in a Fractal Design Define C case (with a window, very pretty) Originally I was just gonna use the 970 I had, but for troubleshooting purposes I ordered this 1060 (would have gotten an RX580 so I could use FreeSync on my monitor but not in stock anywhere and costs almost twice as much as 1060's do right now) I have reinstalled and formatted BOTH SSD's multiple times, I have reseated graphics card and tried another PCI-e slot, and I am currently running FurMark stresstest to see what happens, it's been running for 11 minutes at time of typing this and no issues. I have also reinstalled the game a couple of times, and tried the game on both SSD's to no avail.
  15. G903 has the same sensor as the G403, G703, and maybe even G303 and G302, and G Pro so it has the same tracking. Practically all of Logitech's G series mice have "perfect" tracking nowadays, and it's becoming increasingly common that mice have close to perfect tracking. G903 also has what is supposedly the best wireless system, and wireless charging as well.
  16. The G403 is already one of the best tracking mice, so in terms of tracking accuracy, and there being no acceleration and deceleration, there won't be much of a difference.
  17. How come almost nobody has noticed the fact that the X2 card's PCI-e interface is too far away from the bracket? lul, very obviously fake. And why would an X2 card have the same SP's as a single?
  18. You must be thinking of the video about DPI and CPI. (this one) PPI has literally nothing to do with mouse sensitivity. It's just how many pixels there are per inch on a screen.
  19. Only thing I can really think of at all is mouse acceleration / deceleration in the games you play other than CS:GO. Just make sure the "enhance pointer precision" is unchecked. Also judging by the specs in your profile you are definitely getting >60fps in games so input lag shouldn't be a thing. I'd say the games just have bad mouse support. Changing mouse shouldn't help in theory as CS:GO works just fine.
  20. You have to be specific. I don't know what games you own.
  21. cool. What games specifically does it happen in?
  22. Do you have Vsync enabled in the games the mouse is weird in? Cus considering CS:GO is fine, your mouse should be fine. Vsync, if badly implemented can give you massive input lag. Sometimes in even worse games it's the other way around and you need to turn ON vsync. Try it out.
  23. Lauen

    Sound Mixer

    You would pretty much have to get a multiple output soundcard, map each program to one output each, feed that into a regular mixer, and then feed that signal back into your headphones / speakers post mix. It can theoretically be done but we're talking a lot of money in getting the hardware needed, plus Windows is really shit when it comes to using separate outputs. I know that some programs (media players mostly) allow you to choose what output to use but it's a huge hassle. There are also programs like Virtual Audio Cable that can split up the audio and map to separate outputs.
  24. Normally you'd change your DPI so everything in Windows would be the same when you change the resolution, but in CS:GO the resolution and sensitivity have no correlation. For CS: Keep your DPI the same and you'll play the same. If you decide to change your DPI in order to make Windows feel the same, you can use this equation to get the same sens in CS: DPI * ingame sens = actual DPI if your sens was 1. example: 800 DPI * 1.7 ingame = 1360. then if you change your sens to for example 600, just do this: 1360 / 600 and you'll get the sens you need ingame to get the same movement you had before. Also @CatXice why would you say "dpi is wrong its ppi" when those are two completely different things? DPI = Dots per inch which is how many times the sensor in the mouse counts 1 pixel change per inch of mouse movement and PPI is Pixels Per Inch which is just measuring how many pixels there are per inch on your screen. Those two are mostly unrelated. What you said about adjusting DPI is right though.
  25. Lauen

    Do i need an Amp?

    This was a fun read. OP: As long as your headphones get loud enough, there's no need to get an amp. The DT990s (yes even the 250 ohm) are fairly efficient / sensitive headphones and an amp won't make it sound any better unless your current setup is 15 year old onboard audio. Only reason you'd ever need an amp is to make stuff LOUDER. Which is what an amp does.