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  1. I don't think you HAVE to use it, I think it's just that the first slot will be the one with the least latency. Just try it and see what happens, I am 100% sure that it'll be fine.
  2. Looks like the third one from top is x16 so you'll be good to go. You'll probably notice an FPS drop in games if there is something wrong but I think it'll be just fine. EDIT: also your board is sexy as fuck, I wish they had those at the webstore I used when I bought my Sabertooth R2.0
  3. Looks like you have the wrong sidepanel on there, the R4 came with a ventilated motherboard sidepanel or a windowed, and that one is none of those. Anyway, I had the same problem, I measured the case and found it to be crooked, and I just bendt it straight again. EDIT: Just realized that the OP did say that they swapped them over, derp.
  4. but... "more popular with gamers than any individual OS X operating system version—and all Linux operating systems combined.", it says in the article. All Linux OS' combined, it says. And the total percentage of Linux is 0.89, according to the picture in the article.
  5. Title, yes, but not content. First paragraph in the article still states that Windows 10 has more users than OSX and Linux.
  6. Uuuuhhhh... no. Windows 10 has a total of 2.3% (64 and 32 bit), while Mac and Linux total 4.12%. EDIT: "almost on par" it's 29% away..
  7. Yeah, graphics card overclocking has very little to do with the motherboard, as long as it functions properly, contrary to cpu overclocking where a good motherboard will allow you to overclock further. This is mostly because technically a graphics card is very similar to a motherboard with a cpu in it and a cooler attached, it has its own power delivery circuits / components, RAM (VRAM), the GPU itself and such.
  8. I haven't tried them but I tried Custom One Pro's and they are very very very very comfortable! and the only real difference is that the DT770 comes with velour pads which are also good. so yes.
  9. are you implying logitech is a good audio company? I mean they do own ultimate ears but they just bought that company and as far as I know they sorta went down the drain after that. bought the double cab version of that for a friend just for fun but man that thing was disappointing. I didn't really expect much but I hoped it had more gain than it did.
  10. I heard somewhere about issues with the touchscreen and the phone getting really hot though?
  11. I might actually look into getting one now as the value is insane!
  12. I'm not very hot on the whole Sennheiser sound, as I do believe I have stated earlier in this thread. I tried the X1's last summer, not impressed with them really, they sound boring to me, and sure the X2's have a great review there but he says nothing about the mid range standing out, which is exactly what I want.
  13. UPDATE: torn between HE400i, AKG K712 / 701 / 702. I can't decide which of those I want the most as they all just tickle my fancy. Biggest issue for me with the HE400i is that they don't sell them in Norway and I would have to get them off Amazon UK or something.
  14. low rpm != silence, air turbulence and engine noise are the major contributing factors that come to mind (at least for me). As everyone else have said, noctua, be quiet, noiseblocker, fractal design, all have great fans that produce low noise. I myself use be quiet silent wings 2 in the 14mm format, all running off PWM on my motherboard, on a "silent" setting in the bios. it makes very very little sound.
  15. I think it'll do just fine. but if you can, chuck in some pads from the 840 headphones too, the product number for them is HPAEC840. I highly recommend doing that. I wrote a review which quickly describes the difference between the pads, right here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/120203-shure-srh440-also-840-pads-review/
  16. Reminds me of the cable for the AD500X in this review: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/70517-comparison-pioneer-se-a1000-vs-audio-technica-ath-ad500x/ dunno if he ever fixed it but when I have cables that are being weird I just bend them the other way and / or put the cable in a clamp to hold it in a certain position.
  17. I've seen you and Emo, don't pretend like you're SFW
  18. That sneaky Dacia Sandero line got me good. +1 OP. I'm still using Skype 6.21 because I absolutely despise the look of 7 and later versions.
  19. Ohms don't matter that much, it's all about that efficiency, as proven here by creatip123: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/290749-the-impedance-ballad-image-heavy/ I am fully aware of the fact that expensive doesn't always mean better, and that there are shops that carry headphones, but my problem is that I live out in the middle of the woods in Norway, the closest shop that carries headphones at all is a shitty electronics store, and all they carry is Bose, Skullcandy, low-end Sennheiser and Beats. so naturally I don't go there to try out headphones. On my profile you can see the headphones I own. My daily driver is a Shure SRH440. I am fully aware of all that you are saying, as I used to frequent this subforum all the time but I got fed up with people that think they know better than you, and when you give them facts that support your "side" of the case, they start throwing in opinions and other subjective matters in a purely objective case. aaaanyway, just give me some names of some headphones you can say have great mids and details.
  20. oh I don't care if they have no bass, as long as it's audible at all. I am by no means a bass-head, I'm all about the mids.
  21. I'm actually not too hot on the Sennheiser sound, and according to ShearMe the Pioneer SE-A1000 is very similar sounding to the HD650, I do believe him and honestly the sound is sorta boring to me. the soundstage is excellent though. I don't want the treble cannons and the dark Senns, but the rest are quite interesting. I'm sorta biased towards Shure since I love my SRH440's. I have been eye-ing them, as I've heard planars, much like BA drivers have excellent details. Don't like Sennheiser much, and kek soundcard
  22. Back in October or something last year I bought a pair of Soundmagic PL50 IEM's (review in signature), which sorta blew me away with their excellent detailed mids. I'm not buying the headphones right now, but rather when I can accumulate the cash needed. so my requirements are: - Highly detailed mids - over ear headphones - I'd like a detachable cable but that's not necessary - Budget: I prefer under $500 but if I like them I can go higher, I'd just need to save up for longer. I don't know what else to specify, just ask if you want more info. EDIT: doesn't matter if they're closed or open
  23. How does it sound worse? does it kill bass, lower volume? Explain please.