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  1. How did the long HDMI project come along

  2. so most CPU have a high of 80c, so for starters you liquid will never exceed TJMax (most CPUs are around 90c) but to efficiently keep the CPU cool to a ideal 60-70c the liquid temp needs to be a good amount below that. When the liquid temp gets above 35-40c the CPU is no longer being cooled that well. basically the cooler the liquid the more efficiently the blocks can cool the parts, but the cooler the liquid the worse the RADs preform. that is why people use so many RADs. PC have a smaller thermal envelope, a cars coolant temp can go up to 110c on average which means the radiators are more efficient and the blocks can run at higher temps then CPU's
  3. WCCF Tech Automatic PC Part List Maker

    It seems to look for specific product families with in price tiers as in if it has 200 for CPU look pick the 1600, or 300 for gpu pick 580. I updated and listed all the GPU's it recommends (that I got at most price points)
  4. WCCF Tech has release a tool which will part out a system for you, it gives you a few options to tune what you are looking for then it will give you a parts list with Amazon and Newegg prices with buy now buttons. The advanced options is Overclocking and RGB check boxes. So Far this seem to be fairly decent of a auto configurator. UPDATE: The advance options seem to make it get stuck for me. UPDATE 2: It seems that it picks GPU's from a list for a price category, I only see 560, 1060 3GB, 580, Vega56, 1080, 1080 ti being listed http://wccftech.com/build-my-pc/ Here is a list of the 1200 build.
  5. Car radiator operate at a higher efficacy due to the liquid being cooled is hotter. the bigger the liquid to ambient delta the more efficient any radiator is at cooling the liquid. PC loops will have a average of 10-15c delta when cars could have 50+c delta (as you stated) so for a PC loop it might drop liquid temp by 2c from inlet to outlet on a rad which is lets say 200w, when a car radiator can drop the liquid temp by 10c (for example) which would be 1000w. it doesn't mean the radiator is better but its cooling condition is easier. http://www.xtremerigs.net/2015/02/11/radiator-round-2015/1/
  6. What, this would be a good feature for people managing their calorie in take and burn. with this you would know if getting the burger is OK if you walked to pick it up. (for example) EDIT: the article stated other app already track fitness so it is not need, but this feature doesn't track it provides a estimation of calorie burn. I also don't get how this is seen as targeting woman. Couldn't google make it off by default, and have it user activatable.
  7. My opinions on VR in it's current state, should YOU buy into it?

    What is the 2D and 3D movie experience like?
  8. League flirts with Pay to Progress by allowing you to unlock champions but most people only will master a handful so its not a big deal.
  9. As long as playable content is not behind a play wall and their is not Pay to Win, Pay to Progress aspect I am fine with it. basically I am only fine with League of legends skins or CSGO skins type stuff.
  10. it could be a ASIC or is far more efficient at image processing then the main chip. so it could be doing the HDR+ faster and with less power.
  11. Look at the cable channels, mmmm https://www.nzxt.com/categories/cases
  12. Parallel Loop Theory

    It was a obviously stupid idea to troll, I get that it works but give no advantages but increases draw backs.
  13. Introducing the Surface Book 2

    MOST Surface buyers do not know what the difference of integrated vs dedicated graphics, let alone that Intel HD Graphics is integrated.
  14. Parallel Loop Theory

    Ok how about this. Res to 3 way T Leg 1 has pump to CPU back to res Leg 2 has pump to GPU back to res Leg 3 has pump to RAD back to res
  15. Newegg page, it is $400 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157786 If they can do a TR4 mITX board I will swear by AsRock forever.