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  1. ya, so what are the suggestions? he is claiming they are ads but not all possible things that fall under a definition of a suggestion are not always ads. I never got these too, so how about proof. also candy crush has never installed it self to my PC, I run stock windows 10 pro
  2. no where does it say what these suggestions are, AFAIK suggestions are not ads.
  3. never had is install anything with out my consent with out changing settings.
  4. Never got stuff like from how to geek. The verge article is a Edge ad notification, not windows. and for the onedrive thing, your in quick access which is where onedrive is located, why wouldn't it inform users of the upgrade options.
  5. Never had windows install crapware on its own or have it serve ads, where are these claims coming from?
  6. Their was 20+ post in the repost thread that was locked.
  7. Looks like TS5 will be reviled at gamescon. So hyped for my Grandpa VoIP


  8. This is a repost of It would be nice if a patch comes along making things better for the 2990wx
  9. AMD ThreadRipper Gen 2 Reviews

    This article shows issues with Windows and the 2990wx, a windows patch can help it a lot. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=2990wx-linux-windows&num=1
  10. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    Here come the BIG sockets, say goodbye to ITX HEDT.
  11. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    will it have the bigger socket? and will all x599 use the big socket?
  12. Nvidia Turing Announced

  13. AMD ThreadRipper Gen 2 Reviews

    Ayyy, that 8391 score from lucky noob was long lived
  14. I have been using it for over 10 years, and I still do. Thanks going to sign up.