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The Benjamins

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About The Benjamins

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  • Birthday 1991-10-24

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    Benjamins #4986
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    Computers :^)
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    I am a person of the Peopling
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    Design & Drafting


  • CPU
    4770K 4.4 Ghz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    32 GB 2400 ADATA
  • GPU
    R9 470
  • Case
    Corsair C70
  • Storage
    two 512GB MX550 Raid0 + 16TB NAS
  • PSU
    850w XFX 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    34" 3440x1440; 27" 2560x1440; 9" 1536x2048 (in case window)
  • Cooling
    Custom Loop w/ 280mm Rad
  • Keyboard
    K65 RGB w/ White translucent keycaps
  • Mouse
    Razer naga 2015
  • Sound
    V-Moda M100
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. At least they are not Porsche and charge you to remove the radio and some Lbs of weight
  2. The Benjamins

    Intel to release 9990XE? Auction only part...

    when has Intel ever done that.
  3. The Benjamins

    Intel to release 9990XE? Auction only part...

    Intel XxX9999XxX ALL NEW 16c CPU with 4.0/5.0 Clocks Best GaMinG CPU!!
  4. The Benjamins

    Megathread: a noncomprehensive list of CES 2019

    The A1 Plus is new, it has addressable RGB and a 650w gold vs 600w bronze PSU. all 3 are not public on their site, I found them by manually guessing the URL.
  5. The Benjamins

    Megathread: a noncomprehensive list of CES 2019

    @VegetableStu https://www.techpowerup.com/251348/in-win-showcases-928-905-and-a1-plus-pc-cases-at-ces-2019 https://www.in-win.com/en/gaming-chassis/928/ https://www.in-win.com/en/gaming-chassis/905 https://www.in-win.com/en/gaming-chassis/a1-plus/
  6. LTT Ryzen 3700X, 3600X Cinebench Poll





    3700X ST Average 212.1

    3700X MT Average 2860.6

    3600X ST Average 198.4

    3600X MT Average 2069.6


    How close are we (if we get AMD C15 scores)

  7. Codenames are not meant for public ears, and they are generally random. Like head designer likes snakes l, so he picks a snake name.
  8. The Benjamins

    Intel chips without IGPUs listed

    Are theses cpus with out a GPU or just them disabled.
  9. The Benjamins

    CenturyLink Blocks Internet To Show Advertisement

    Their isn't really a "popular" ISP in the USA, due to you can only get one real option in most areas, even major cities. Its like being the most popular student in a 1 person school.
  10. I don't think you know what voluntary means. Resing now with 6 months of severance pay or get laid off in a few months with no severance. You are LUCKY to get the offer to leave early, and should take it unless you are 150% sure you will not get laid off. Note: numbers was made up as a example.
  11. I think the "vulgar content." is due to some of the dances. ( I have not played the game so I don't know for sure) but some dances can be seen as bad due to sexual nature of some dances
  12. We expect only a announcement at CES but their is no official information at this time.
  13. The Benjamins

    Ryzen 3000 series to be revealed Dec 18?

    the winner would now a fairly close cinebench score which would give us the information to validate the leaks. We would know a rough ST and MT score, allowing us to derive core count. how is that now new worthy?