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  1. Source: www.chiphell.com/thread-1817327-1-2.html Now this would be awesome to have even more cores in laptops! It's nice that we finally got 4core back in general consumer laptops/notebooks due to AMD, and if this would continue it would even be more interesting as it will only benefit us, the consumers.. Now this also brings pressure on AMD with their mobile chips and if this ends up being true i hope AMD will answer this move and do something similar. What do you guys think? Intel has always brought their low power desktop parts to mobile. And 1 Laptop already uses AMD's 1700. So I was expecting these for a while now.
  2. How to go 10Gbit for ~$100

    Ya I now need something like that. What the differance between that and this https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgeswitch-16-xg/
  3. Twitch and Disney Partnering Up?

    Ruined Star Wars lol, the unrealistic expectations and hype from the fans set up ANY new movies to fail to meet them.
  4. Nintendo Switch emulator revealed

    Would it be ok to emulate current gen systems games you own?
  5. AMD Ryzen 2600 Eng Sample leak

    well the 2400g hit that, and the 2600x would be at 3.8/4.2 with a 200Mhz bump.
  6. AMD Ryzen 2600 Eng Sample leak

    what kind of clock bump do you want to see? also if it was a 200Mhz clock bump but you could OC it 400Mhz higher then last gen would that be ok?
  7. It is nice to see the Eng sample have a 200Mhz bump in clocks, I hope the final product has a bit more. We will see if the overclocking headroom remains the same or improves. Keep in mind the 2200G and 2400G have a 400Mhz high clock then the 1200 and 1400. https://wccftech.com/amd-2nd-generation-ryzen-5-2600-asus-crosshair-vii-hero-x470-leak/ https://videocardz.com/74829/amd-ryzen-5-2600-and-asus-rog-crosshair-vii-hero-spotted http://ranker.sisoftware.net/show_run.php?q=c2ffcee889e8d5e2d3ead9e0d1f785b888aecbae93a385f6cbf3&l=en
  8. well its $10 per GB not $13, and that is how its explained its $20 base + $10/GB (charged per MB, capped at $60) The credit from last months bill thing is ending with this, it is now what you pay each month. it use to be you get charge at what you set $20 + $30 (3GB) and rebated last months not used credits. (they no longer do this, officially stated by Google)
  9. How to go 10Gbit for ~$100

    You can get a cheap switch like a Lb4m for about $70, I have that in my 10Gb setup.
  10. GPU Price Skyrocket

    Do you even look at the exchange charts? that is a very select time slot, from Nov 2017 and farther BTC is still higher, it is just going through a spike and correction. it seems to be leveling off around 10,000-11,000 which as far as I know is higher then the 6,500 just before the big climb. https://www.bitstamp.net/market/tradeview/ https://blockchain.info/charts/market-price
  11. my point is that the data not used is a credit on the NEXT bill vs paying what you used that month, look at you bill you got 8.76 credits payed back from last months under usage. which means you payed 8.76 extra last month. If your plan was set to 1GB you wouldn't of payed that 8.76 last month.
  12. You have to opt out to not get throttled after 15GB. (but you pay then) The idea is you are not locked into a unlimited plan, so if you us 1-3 GB normally you pay that but lets say you go on vacation and stream movies on your phone during a bus ride or something now after 6GB you do not have to pay more to use more. Think of it like a courtesy safety blanket then a every month unlimited plan. why not set it to 1GB, and not have to worry about the month later credits. You don't get fees for going past.
  13. The thing is its not a Unlimited Plan, you don't pick it. it is Pay per use until you hit $60 of data used then it becomes unlimited, throttling happens at 15GB. (you can chose to not get throttled but pay $10/GB from 15GB and on.) Its more pay per use with a price cap. Fi is basically Pay Per Use, with data costing $10/GB (charged per MB), and now once you hit 6GB/$60 of data a pricing limit kicks in. With this every month you can use 1.4 GB and pay $34 per month or use 6GB+ and get charged $80 no matter how much you use.
  14. The one thing I have been hoping for from Project Fi is a unlimited data option, it is awesome they added that in as a cost savings measure. Now I am still in search for a WiFi hot spot or tablet to use the free data sim I can get. https://blog.google/products/project-fi/bill-protection/ https://fi.google.com/ How it works: Base line cost + Data used up price limit Examples $20 + 1.35GB ($13.5) = $33.5 that month $20 + 7.8GB (limited to $60) = $80 that month This is the Pricing on Group plans, EACH line get throttled at 15GB used PER line. (if Line 1 used 15GB line 2 does NOT get throttled until it hits 15GB too.) These are total MAX plan costs, these prices just get even better. https://venturebeat.com/2018/01/17/googles-project-fi-now-offers-unlimited-mobile-data-for-60-with-bill-protection/