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  1. and due to the updating model it is the manufacture and carriers fault for them lagging behind on it, Glad I have a pixel.
  2. they just made it compatible with 6+ core CPU's (a few weeks ago)
  3. what was wrong with TF2 on Xbox? I liked it for the time I played it.
  4. That is the copper block he is talking about the aluminum block/kit for the fluid gaming line. which will cost less. I would expect the A240G will become 2 skus with one for AMD and one for Nvidia at the same price points now.
  5. A good QOS can do wonders, I have QOS on my upload only due to it being 13 Mbps (240 Mbps download) and it makes it so no one lags in games even if people stream or upload stuff.
  6. I have had it for a few days and it works well.
  7. its is for me to see what a person can see at 200' i need to be 20' away.
  8. just was this
  9. It will not be releases but announced. I would expect sales to go down on the older gens.
  10. I feel the new APU's will be what they should of been like. now that they will have some nice strong cores and even better GPU (the GPU was never bad its just old now) Can't wait to get the top desktop APU and redo my Mineral Oil PC, it currently has a 7870k and a fly in the oil.
  11. wait, I thought it does.
  12. idk, he was the person that voted that.
  13. ya, but I like the EVO so I am ok with that. I hope we see monoblocks soon, and others making their CPU blocks work with TR4
  14. The ports are fast ethernet which is 100Mbps, so that is your hard limit with using that router.