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    4770K 4.4 Ghz
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    32 GB 2400 ADATA
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    R9 470
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    Corsair C70
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    two 512GB MX550 Raid0 + 16TB NAS
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    850w XFX 80+ Gold
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    34" 3440x1440; 27" 2560x1440; 9" 1536x2048 (in case window)
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    Custom Loop w/ 280mm Rad
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    K65 RGB w/ White translucent keycaps
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    Razer naga 2015
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    V-Moda M100
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Android Messages for Web Starting to Roll Out

    Not really, Google is working on being a thing called Chat that has a lot of the features of other messaging APPs besides encryption due to legal reasons. Chat is a SMS backend standard. (RCS) https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/19/17252486/google-android-messages-chat-rcs-anil-sabharwal-imessage-texting
  2. Android Messages for Web Starting to Roll Out

    They need to hurry up and bring this to all Project Fi users sooner, I am still using Hangout as my SMS app.
  3. Do you meab this useless thing i was already talking about? http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-18/the-biggest-cryptocurrencies-are-having-a-really-bad-year/9869314?pfmredir=sm They had no real info. Just a few points of data that backed their story.
  4. AMD tells 8086K Winners to trade in CPU for TR 1950X

    Ok, and? AMD is not forcing you, would you rather them not do this at all? All they want is to 1 up Intel and say here give us the $420 CPU for a $900 CPU.
  5. AMD tells 8086K Winners to trade in CPU for TR 1950X

    You don't enter a giveaway expecting it to fully meet your needs.
  6. AMD tells 8086K Winners to trade in CPU for TR 1950X

    AFAIK, now. their is a PIN and BIOs issue that stop a Epyc to work in a x399 board so I would think its the same the other way around
  7. AMD tells 8086K Winners to trade in CPU for TR 1950X

    It would be Nice If they drilled a hole into them and made them into key chains to send back to them.
  8. Fair enough, It just annoys me when people/articles make it look like its nose diving. yes its on a slight downward trend for the past few months, but nothing major.
  9. Who told you that? It is just a decentralized currency, obviously the people that hold most of it can control and manipulate it. but if you look at BTC trend, it only been on the upward trend. it has spikes and corrections when the media goes crazy and a big hype train starts running down the tracks. but Over all it has yet to stop its growth, and it is NO WHERE NEAR the size it needs to be to even be close to the top 10 currencies. Even if 1 BTC was $100,000 USD the market cap would still be less then USD.
  10. If you think this is a issue, NEVER invest in stocks, they all do this.
  11. So far with cryptocurrencies they have also grown over time, BTC to be specific has been on a upwarded trend the whole time, despite the spike and corrections that have not slowed it growth which really has only accelerated it. nothing, if you look at the chart the article has it shows the "new" coins had high returns. This article is super miss leading with click bait titles, with no real info provided.
  12. 10 years lol, go look at it again, It had a 1 year spike with values of around the same before and after. it didn't even need to recover. Also the title is very miss leading, just look at the growth it had over 2 years, yes it had a spike and correction but over all it is FAR higher then it was 1.5 years before. Its been on a slight decline for the past few months but nothing to be alarmed about. Call me when after a correction it is less then before, because in the history of BTC it has never done that. https://blockchain.info/charts/market-price?timespan=2years
  13. This is the worst article ever. No graphs of price over time, no price information at all. We just have to trust them at their word. lol
  14. 8 core version of 8700k is coming this Fall!

    In LTT video it was on a custom loop and it was around 4.2 Ghz, that would of been more reasonable to show.
  15. As a adult, It was a nice video and useful.