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  1. I wish this thread wasn't dead
  2. Banned for only posting 42 times....
  3. Never mind guys, figured it out, after 6 hours I figured it out 15 minutes after asking for help hahaha If anyone is interested Dim entry As String = "'%" & txtbxMANU.Text & "%'"Newreport("SELECT * FROM [Instruments table] WHERE [Manufactuer] LIKE " & entry)
  4. I am trying to code a front-end for a SQL database in Visual Basic. I am having trouble writing a query that will take what is entered in a text box, and use it to search the database and return a list of all relevant items. Dim entry As String = txtbxMANU.TextNewreport("SELECT [Manufacturer] FROM [Instruments table] WHERE [Manufacturer] LIKE XXXXXX ") I wish to query the database for a manufacturer and produce a list of all items made by them. Any ideas on how I can do this? Is it simply a lack of knowledge of syntax or is there more to it? Cheers guys Mike
  5. I am by no means disagreeing with the enhancement to the child pornography laws, I agree with them totally. What I disagree with is the Daily Mail influenced decision to ban (and it is a ban, you have to opt in as opposed to opt out) legal material.
  6. You wouldn't, but the idiots in charge?
  7. Oh I intend on making it as uncomfortable for the person on the other end of the line as possible.
  8. That would actually be a really good trip :P Granted, but it would be a wish that helped out EA. I wish I could drink at work.