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    NakedSponge got a reaction from Parkway Drive in [Build Log] From an Aussie   
    hey, i really like your build. It really annoys me how much us Aussies get charged for PC parts though and there really isn't that many options either. Anyways keep up the work.
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    NakedSponge reacted to GoodBytes in Computer Business   
    You can also specialize in building mini computers, like those:

    I am sure you can find people that want a unique computer, but doesn't need GPU power, or even very powerful CPU (Core i5?).
    Have such computer with high quality low speed fan for an ultra quiet experience, and a touch screen like the Dell S2340T monitor (IPS - 1080p) (http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&sku=320-9517&dgc=BA&cid=266740&lid=4859195&acd=12309183969360129)
    or better yet, one that can over your keyboard in some fashion, if you can find one.
    Add a nice backlight keyboard like the Logitech illuminated keyboard

    and matching color mouse (preferably wireless), and speakers. And you have a pretty slick computer to sale.
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    NakedSponge got a reaction from bootleggerzero in ** CLOSED ** HUGE Computex Giveaway Sponsored by WD and Steiger Dynamics   
    linus, there are just too many giveaways here XD
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    NakedSponge got a reaction from godsarmy in Corsair 350d liquid (finished) 11-3-13 added pics, reorginized   
    interesting tubing runs you got there...
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    NakedSponge got a reaction from jeffrey_rodriguez in Project "Cheappy"   
    looks good. I'm a bit confused as to why you would use a CPU with a good iGPU and then put in a dedicated graphics card. Anyways, still a good build and nice work on the AIO water cooling mod.