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  1. I built a gaming system for just over £500 (including a few parts I didn't technically need yet) and I've got an FX-6300 (That's a 6 core if you didn't know :P) and also 8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM, with a GTX 660 which is more than capable for ultra settings on Bioshock especially. As long as he manages his budget well he should be able to get a decent system for that price, For instance, choose a quad core instead, maybe a slightly cheaper graphics card, it helps if he already has some parts he can use from an old system (such as HDD's, Keyboard/Mouse and Monitor) Edit: I spent £448.94 on all my main system components (Mobo, Ram, CPU, Graphics Card)(HDD's and peripherals I already had from previous system)I had to spend a little extra on converters and other cables but they're not super important
  2. I'm no expert in RAID (Don't even have my own HDD's set up in RAID) so I'm not entirely sure on how to fix your problem, what I suggest though is take a look in your Motherboard manual and look for a section about setting up RAID and see how your system is set up compared to what it says in the manual. Good luck!
  3. I can't remember if Linus mentions in the video but I believe all data is wiped when you set up the RAID Config so you'd have to re-install the OS once it's set-up
  4. This video should help you out buddy
  5. Oh don't get me wrong, simply playing amazing and getting called a cheater because of that gives a feeling 100x better than pissing people off by cheating. It's just like "Yeah bitch, get owned" I personally have come to prefer the challenge provided by playing properly, I still hate camping noobs and stuff and it gets annoying when there's a guy raping the fuck out of your base using an attack chopper but nothing feels better than shooting him right out of the sky with sheer skill alone! :D
  6. Can't seem to find you on Steam dude Add mine: Tehleach (Display picture should be Mario :D)
  7. I could use a few more PC buddies to play with, but I'm in the UK so the time difference could be an issue, going to add your Skype anyway, ( I too play BF3 )
  8. IF and when I decide to troll these days that's how I do it, I just do shit that bothers people, like standing in their way when they try to snipe or stealing their vehicles whilst they repair on BF3, But on the topic of cheating not being fun for anyone but yourself, that's the point, you find it hilarious running around super speed shooting people through walls and shit whilst they get angry and rage at you shouting all kinds of obscenities at you. I suppose it's one of those things you don't quite fully understand until you do it yourself, whether or not you choose to get that first hand experience or not is down to the individual but all in all every different person has their own reasons to cheat, whether it be they really do suck and need the help a hack provides or whether they just want to laugh at others as they get angry and shout. What pisses me off the most about hackers now though, is not so much the hacker themselves but the fools on the hackers team that don't kick the hacker. This is a somewhat difficult topic for me to express my feelings on properly though as like I said I have hacked before but now I absolutely hate it when a hacker comes in and ruins the game (That being said the only game I've seen a hacker in is Warrock, yet to see one in Battlefield or any of the other games I play)
  9. Here's mine, I thought I had a lot but some of you guys have more :P
  10. Just joined the team and started folding, would just like to have something clarified. Right now all I am doing is browsing the forum (So my GPU should be idle pretty much) however Afterburner is showing it to be 100% Load, which I suspect is because F@H is taking advantage of the fact I'm not currently using it. What I need clarifying is: If I were to load a game or something up now, would F@H use less GPU power because it would realise It was no longer "Idle" and the GPU was needed elsewhere?
  11. I don't think the problem with hackers is that they suck, I used to hack on a game called Warrock (this was a good 3 - 5 years back or something silly like that) And I had a legit account I played properly on and also an account I hacked on, On my legit account Is was pretty good, not the best but good enough to have fun without hacks. Why did I personally hack? Because it pissed people off and was just pure simple fun. I also knew a few other hackers that did so for the same reason, because it pissed other players off and was hilarious for them, maybe this is why others do it? Especially with the increasing amount of internet trolls. I don't know. Like I said though this was 3 - 5 years ago, I haven't hacked since and have no intentions to, My Battlefield, CS:GO, TF2 gameplay is all legit and I plan on keeping it that way.
  12. PM me your steam email address or account name so I can send an invite
  13. Hey guys, I've seen threads with Dota 2 invites being given out already but I'd like to put mine on offer too! I have 6 Dota 2 invites to give away to those who PM me, ALL ARMA 3 INVITES HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED, Sorry! I hope this sparks the interest of you guys. Will try to keep this post updated with the amount of invites available